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King Prithvi Vallabh Biography History Book Serial Cast

King Prithvi Vallabha Biography History Book Serial Cast

The rich history of India has mesmerizing stories about the royal families. Some rulers were famous, while others were infamous. Some worked for the betterment of the subjects, while other rulers concentrated on war and power. But some rulers, though they were around for a small duration, managed to acquire fame that is fresh in the minds of the people till now. One such king, who was able to win not only the hearts of his subjects, but was able to strike a right chord with the residents of the enemy states, was the king of Malwa, Prithvi Vallabh.

About the Paramara family

Several dynasties were present and ruled over several parts of the nation. One such popular dynasty was the Paramara dynasty. Prithvi Vallabha’s father Siyaka was the ruler who established the Paramara kingdom in Malwa region. Before this, the entire area was under the rule of Rashtrakuta kings. Siyaka waged a war against King Khottiga, and succeeded in defeating him. After Siyaka, the rule of Malwa passed into the hands of King Prithvi Vallabha.

Early life of Prithvi Vallabha

Prithvi Vallabha was not his real name. The meaning of this name is “earth’s beloved.” According to historical records, his real name was Vakpati Munja. His father’s name was Siyaka, and he established the Paramara kingdom in Malwa. As his father was a famous kind, Prithvi was also given titles as Sri-Vallabha and Amoghavarsha, which highlighted his father’s fame. Munja made sure that the kingdom and its people flourished under his rule. In some books, it was written that Siyaka adopted Munja as he did not have an offspring. Later he has another son who was named Sindhuraj. While in other historical texts, it was mentioned that they were related by blood.

About his rule

Prithvi Vallabh was a kind and compassionate ruler. He always wanted to do good for the people of his kingdom. He did not maintain any distance from the common people, and often talked with them to acquire knowledge about their lives and problems. Though he was unbeatable on the battle field, he tried to stay away from conflict. He was kind towards the enemies and defeated rulers as well. Though his enemies feared him, they also respected him.

Love for art and culture

Apart from being a compassionate and able administrator, he was also known for his passion towards art and culture. He also had interest in architecture and poetry. He himself wrote poetry and verses. He kept several poets and musicians at his court, and offered them support in every manner. Shobana Dhanika and Padma Gupta were famous gems in his court. He also believed in philosophy, and used philosophical solutions to mend issues.

Prithvi Vallabha’s successor

After Prithvi Vallabh was captured and killed, the responsibility of ruling over Malwa was placed on the shoulders of Raja Bhoja. He was Prithvi Vallabha’s nephew, and the king loved him more than anyone else. Raja Bhoja acquired necessary training in administrative matters and warfare from his uncle. Ptrithvi was preparing his nephew in a way so that he could rule the kingdom as an able king. Once it was clear that Prithvi Vallabha was not going to return, Raja Bhoja was declared as the new ruler of Malwa.

His war with Tailap

Tailap ruled the Chalukya dynasty, and wanted to take revenge on Prithvi Vallabha. He wanted to instigate the peaceful king, and wanted to engage in direct conflict. Tailap consistently attacked the bordering areas. Finally, Prithvi Vallabha decided that it was time to take matters in his own hands. Rudraditya was one of Prithvi’s trusted ministers, and he suggested that the king should not cross the Godavari rive. But he did not listen to the warnings, and joined the war against Tailap. But he was unable to win this war, and was captured. Tailap imprisoned the king and took him to his own kingdom, where he was finally executed.

Prithvi Vallabha’s personal life

All available records about the king highlight that he was unable to get married, and start his own family. But he too experienced the joy of love. He had strong feelings for the Chalukyan princess and Tailap’s sister, Mrinalvati. Though the princess helped her brother to defeat and capture the king, even she could not resist herself from falling in love with the king, once she realized that the king was compassionate, loving, and wise. The princess was very brave, beautiful, and took the oath to take revenge on the Paramara dynasty. Though the princess tried to oppress the king with torture and humiliation, he stood strong in face of adversity. The calmness in his personality was what attracted the princess towards him. But they were not able to stay together as the plan to rescue Munja was foiled, as Bhillama came to sense that something was not right, and Mrinalvati’s honesty towards her brother compelled her to report it.

Prithvi Vallabha’s last days

Once the Chalukya king came to know about the plan of rescuing Prithvi Vallabha, he took measures to make sure that the King can never go out. He tortured the king, did not offer provide him and food or water, and forced the king to beg in front of common people of Chalukya. Tailap did not stop at this, as he gave the orders to execute Prithvi Vallabh grotesque.

Book on Prithvi Vallabha

The very first book that gave detailed accounts of the life of the beloved king was penned down by Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi. The name of the book was Prithvi Vallabh, and it was published in 1966. The original book was written in Gujarati language, but has been published in Hindi, to cater to the demands of people. The book has several sections, each highlighting one phase of the king’s life. The book tells us that though he lived for a brief period, he has won the hearts of his people, and also those living in his enemy Kingdom.

Television series of Prithvi Vallabha

After the book and a movie, latest efforts are on to immortalize the life of this benevolent king on small screen. A new serial that depicts the life and events of Prithvi Vallabh’s life was aired on Sony Entertainment Television. The name of the new serial is “Prithvi Vallabh: Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi.” The character of Prithvi Vallabh is played by Ashish Sharma, and Mrinalvati is played by Sonarika Bhadoria. Since the first trailer was released on the small screen, people have been waiting for this series to come on television. If reports are to be believed, this serial has a huge fan following, and enjoys high TRP ratings.


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