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King Bamni History Biography [Wife, Son, Death] 

King Bamni History Biography [Wife, Son, Death] [how did king bamni died and Who killed him]

King Bamni was a King of Paurava Dynasty. He was the father of King Porus who was known as the bravest King of India. Not many historical facts have published about Porus or King Bamni in Indian history. Many of the facts about the King Porus and his life were found in Greek History.

King Bamni

1NameKing Bamni
2Kingdom Paurav Rashtra
3WifeAnusuya And Kadika
4SonPurushottam [Pauras] and Kanishka
5Brother Shivdatta
7Who killed Him?Niketar [King Alexander’s Army Man]

King Bamni – Early Life

King Bamni was the successor of Puru Dynasty, originated from Punjab region in India. He was popularly known for his son Porus who had fought Greek King Alexander the Great in 326 BC. There is no record in Greek History or Indian History about King Bamni. In a recent time, a television drama called Porus, aired on Indian channel Sony TV has shown early life of King Bamni.

Many Historians say that King Bamni was a Chandravanshi King, whereas some of the historians stated that he belonged to Yaduvansh. King Bharat, after whose name India was named as Bharatvarsh, was Bamni’s ancestor according to the History of Porus. He was the ruler of Punjab region that was located near the banks of Jhelum River.

According to the drama, King Bamni had an older brother namely Shivdutt. Despite being the elder brother, Bamni got the chance to rule the Puru Empire. According to some historical fact, Bamni wasn’t as aggressive as his brother Shivdutt. Shivdutt, unlike his brother Bamni, had immense hatred towards the Taxila (or known as Takshashila) empire.

Though this story of two brothers was shown in the periodic drama few days back, however there was no record of such information in history.

Bamni – Marriage with Anusuya

Two empires Takshashila and Paurava were the worst enemies of each other at the time of Bamni’s reign. King of Taxila, Ambhi and Shivdutt from Paurava had extreme bitterness between them. However King Bamni wanted to calm the situation down between the two Dynasties. To maintain political peace between the two empires, King Bamni got married to the Princess of Taxila, Anusuya.

According to the history and the fact shown in the TV drama, the decision was made so that two dynasties don’t fight with each other and political stability got maintained between the two Kingdoms. Unfortunately he was failed to do so. It had been said that Shivdutt and Ambhit, after Anusuya and Bamni’s marriage, didn’t leave a stone unturned to attack each other.

Porus – Son of King Bamni & Princess Anusuya

King Porus was a popular figure in Greek and Indian History. Though nothing about his parents were mentioned anywhere, but it was said that King Bamni and Princess Anusuya were the parents of King Porus.

As said that the two Kingdoms, Taxila and Puru were extreme enemies, many historians believe that the information regarding Porus’ parents is wrong or myth. Looking at the situation between Takshashila and Paurava, many had stated that Anusuya wasn’t Porus’ mother but someone else.

On the contrary many historians believe this information to be true as King Bamni was married to Princess Anusuya, despite having bitter relationship with Taxila.

Bamni – Second Wife

Queen Kadika’s name was also found in the history of Bamni. Again, there was no solid evidence in support of this fact that King Bamni had two wives. If to follow the daily drama airing on Indian Television, King Bamni was married to Queen Kadika after marrying Princess Anusuya. No other information regarding the dynasty of Queen Kadika was found.

King Bamni and Queen Kadika had a son namely Prince Kanishk. He was the elder brother of King Porus. King Porus came to the power as the ruler of Paurava Dynasty during 340 BC. It was said that King Bamni was in power until that time. No more information was found in history about his death or defeat.

King Bamani Death And Who killed him.

King Bamni reached out to King Dhananand with a specific request. He wanted to win the support of King Dhananand and gain military assistance. With their joined efforts, King Bamni wanted to overpower Sikandar. King Bamni was a Kshatriya, and King Dhananand never looked eye to eye with kings of that caste. So, he grabbed the opportunity, and imprisoned the king. Then he sent a message, stating that he would execute the king, if his demands were not met. In the meantime, Pauras, the king of Paurva kingdom, who was also the son of King Bamni, came to his father’s rescue. After this event, all rules joined hands to put up a huge fight against Sikandar (Alexander.) When things become difficult, Sikandar was quick to strike a deal King Dhananand. After this, all other rulers decided to withdraw support from the Paurvas.

This ultimately paved the path for the faceoff between the armies of Paurva kingdom and Alexander. Alexander’s army fought without honoring the rules of warfare. Many of Pauras’s close associated were killed in the fight. At the end of it, Nikator struck the final blow that killed King Bamni. The king was not armed when Nikator struck him. This was a major violation of the rules of battle. However, this did not stop Nikator from hitting the king.

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  1. as far as I guess after reading about porus and alexander the great , Porus win the war of hydaspes otherwise alexander can come intire india… what is the reason alexander go back home after hydaspes war

  2. Alexander never won the battle that fought bw him and porus.. history showed it wrong to make alexander – the great. Porus won that battle and after that alexander got scared of d valour of indian king nd he went back and after a short time he died finally..

    • Because he was impressed by porus’s valour he didn’t do much ,so stop frustrating you moron ,you don’t know much so stop such disbeliefs ,even History has evidence that Alexander won

      • In that era the provinces were very well integrated, sort of layers of security tough to penetrate inside the nation. Also Alexander was scared of the Nanda Dynasty which was much stronger in leaps and bounds and looking at the valour and intelligence of Porus decided to withdrew his troops as his commanders got a very bitter taste to confront Porus and adviced Alexander to return back

  3. Tunveer Siyam Kabir

    History in India about Porus and Alexander is wrong . In fact Porus won the war and is shown in a movie “Alexander 2004” in which Colin Farrell played as Alexander.

  4. Actually king puru defeated alexander in the war of hydaspes so alexander left the battlefield and fled away.if alxander would win the war,he would kill puru.before that alexander did not excuse his own father and brother, and killed them for the throne.

  5. Even some historians and scholars in the world have failed to write the causes of Alexander the Great as they only ended that his death was Poisoned;Killed by his army etc.
    What I learned, is that, when Whitemen wanted to destroy the real history of India, China and Africa in few to mention,
    They only favoured to their own but in reality even in the wwII they were badly defeated till they decide to use atomic bombs and Poison.
    Poor whitemen and their history b`se they also lack creativity.

  6. If porous won the war against Alexander why did Chanakaya choose Chandragupta to be a king of magadh.why didn’t he choose porous for the emperor of magadh.

  7. All are lyres alexander won the battle
    He dint kill porus as he was impressed by his valour

  8. Nice ,

    Who was the son of porous

    • alexander was a sick and cunning.
      calling himself a God.
      he did kill Porus ,he thought could buy him like other king
      now you look into GURU Sahib life

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