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Dec 152018

Khelo India Youth Games 2019
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The India Youth Games scheme has been launched by the central government that will help to bring out the hidden sports talent of the country. India has lacked behind in achieving success in sports such as hockey and cricket. Though there is no shortage of talent in the country, due to the absence of adequate training sessions, the athletes are unable to perform their best.

Khelo India Youth Games

Name Play India Youth Games 2019
Launched by PM Narendra Modi
Conducted ByMinistry of Youth Affairs 
Participants Students from school, college, and university
Schedule of competition Start Date 9th January 2019

Last Date 20th January 2019

Online registration for the game will be handled by the Central government
Khelo India portal kheloindia.gov.in
Age Categories allowed in the game program Under 17 and under 21 candidates
The program has been launched To take sports talent to a new level
The main objective of the scheme To provide facilities for the players in the rural areas

Khelo India Motto

  • The main purpose of launching Khelo India Youth Games 2019 is to help players with advanced gaming facilities that are living in rural areas.
  • With the help of this gaming program, the central government will be able to bring young talents of the country and take them to a new level.
  • Also, the Olympics are trying to improve the condition and ranking of Indian sports.
  • Since the hidden talent of the country fails to get the required training for the sports, with the help of this program, they get a chance to showcase their talents properly.  
  • The extended scope by the central government has made it possible to bring out hidden talents of the country and provide them with the best training.

Khelo India Benefits 

  • By the introduction of the game scheme, women candidates will be able to take part in the games from an early age. Thus, the program is planning to help girls establish their identity in the sports field from their childhood.
  • Top-notch training will be provided to the athletes, and the Ministry of sports has selected 20 universities to carry out the training and educate the athletes relating to the sports. The sports training will also be given government players to enhance their performance level. 
  • The candidates will get a chance to choose their career in sports and avail the latest facilities offered by the sports scheme in the country. The scheme will be of immense help for the youngsters to choose the right career.
  • Indian Sports Ministry will start this game scheme in village areas and try to spread it throughout the country using the ministry of technology. Therefore, they will be able to bring out the hidden talents from every corner of the country.

Registration 2019

  • To register under India Youth Games, the candidate has to visit the online website and click on the correct registration link.
  • After this, the candidate will be directed to a new page where they can register for Play India Youth Games.
  • Candidates can choose from four categories, and they are athletes, managers, coaches, and technical officers.
  • When applying for the Indian team for the first time, the candidate has to fill up the whole application for registration. For existing candidates, the login ID will be necessary to access the account.
  • Then the candidate has to click on the submit button to complete the registration process.

Game list Under Khelo India

  1. Chess – This game will be played in Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. This game is played by two players. There will be different teams, and in each of the teams, the players will be competing with each other.
  2. Badminton –This sport is played with the help of rackets when a shuttlecock is hit across a net. There are two forms of the game, and it is doubles and singles. In singles, only one player plays in each side and in doubles there are two players playing on each side.
  3. Blind Judo – This game helps to improve the physical, mental and overall wellbeing of Judo athletes. It is also seen that the visually impaired candidates are able to enhance independence through the game.
  4. Wheelchair basketball – This is a type of basketball game played by people with physical disabilities. Since they are disqualified from playing an able-bodied sport, this is a good option for them.   
  5. Table Tennis – This game is also known by the name Ping-Pong. In it, two or four players hit a ball. It is played across a table with the help of small rackets.
  6. Para powerlifting – Paralympic powerlifting is a kind of a sport suitable for athletes with disabilities. This is also included in the list of the games selected under Khelo India Youth Games.
  7. Para-athletics – The rule of this game is the same as that for the able-bodied athletes. It is often played for the purpose of fair competition.  
  8. Wheelchair Fencing – It is a version of fencing for the athletes who are disabled. Moreover, this game is governed by the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation.
  9. Shooting Para-sport – The other name for this game is Paralympic shooting, and it is a category of shooting sport for the disabilities.
  10. Para-Swimming – This is the adaptation of swimming sport for athletes with disabilities. It is contested not only at the Summer Paralympic Games, but competitions are conducted throughout the world.


However, the athletes are able to achieve success in the World Championship, Asian Games and Youth Olympics. Though the game scheme has been started in 2017, the central government is planning to extend the schemes and therefore, the athletes are expecting to experience a new framework of sports in the country.

Quotes on Khelo India

  • India has to grow in the field of science, sports persons along with growth in the economy level. In this way, sports will play a vital role in every youth’s life.
  • Practicing the sports of one’s choice will help in personal development. By having the right training, it will help the person to achieve success in the desired field.
  • Apart from winning medals and prizes under the Khelo India program, it will inspire the young mass to play more.

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