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Kamlesh Nagarkoti Biography Age Height Bowling

Kamlesh Nagarkoti Biography Age Height Bowling Batting Speed IPL Auction

Kamlesh Nagarkoti is a Young Cricketer from the Team India (U-19). The young 18 year Cricketer has been much in talks for his Bowling in the recent match against Bangladesh for 2018 U-19 World Cup match at England, Chesterfield.

The young Bowler from Rajasthan was also recorded for bowling as fast as 149 – 149 Km/Hr consistently during his overs. With his bowling speed he managed to change the entire pace of the match. During his deliveries he also managed bowl at the lightening speed of 147 Km/Hr, making his world ranking amongst top fast paced bowlers in the world.

It is also obvious that with his bowling he managed to bring glory to the Indian Team in ICC U-19 series to the world ranking for 2018 World Cup series.

Personal Life and Education

  • The 18 year old Cricketer was born in Rajasthan Barmer District, which is also his home town. Kamlesh Nagarkoti is Hindu by birth. He is believed to be single yet and has managed to complete his 12th Grade schooling education.
  • His date of Birth is 28th December 1999 and is around 19 years of age who is Capricorn by birth sign. He holds his Indian Nationality by birth. His hobbies are related to travelling around the world during his career.

Family Information

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti the19 year old Indian Cricketer belongs to the middle class Rajput family from Rajasthan Barmer District. His Fathers Name is Lakhan Singh Nagarkoti who is a retired Captian.
  • His father has been servicing in the Indian Army and the family holds it reputation to it. Kamlesh Nagarkoti belongs to Hindu religion and is single by Martial status. His mother was a middle class house wife and not much of details about his other family members are known.

Style (Bating and Bowling)

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti is better known for his Right arm fast bowling style. He is a fast paced bowler from the Indian Under 19 Team. Till date, Kamlesh has managed to score runs at an average rate of 38.66 in 6 matches played so far.
  • He also holds his record for maintaining a strike rate of 82.26 with over 116 runs and a single 50’s. Apart from this he also scored 11 – 4’s and 1 -6 in the past matches.
  • His bowling career has always been at peak with over 9 wickets at hand he averages for 20.77 run rate to the opponent team. In past 6 matches he allowed a total of 187 runs in over 229 balls with strike rate equivalent to 25.4.

Debut Match

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti was ranked as most promising Bowlers in present time after his performance in the recent ICC U-19 World cup. Just after 2 overs, Kamlesh Nagarkoti had made it very clear about his aims to help his team make the big win against Australia.
  • With the opening ball Kamlesh managed to deliver fast pace at 144 Km/Hr against Max Bryant and over 146 Km/Hr to next player Jason Sangha.
  • During his second innings at 35th over Kamlesh managed to bowl at lighting speed of 145 Km/Hr and took Austin Waugh’s Wicket. Later on in the sixth over he clean bowled Will Sutherland. With this he bagged in 100 run victory for the Indian Team.

Career Status

  • Teams Played – Kamlesh Nagarkoti has so far been involved with Rajasthan National Team as Under 19 player. Apart from his he has also played for Rajasthan U-16 Team and recently as Indian U-19 Team at the International level.
  • Main Role –Till date Kamlesh Nagarkoti is better known as an Indian Team Bowler but also holds his debut for play as batsman for the team India. He plays the match as Right Hand Bat’s man and holds the same for his Bowling career.
  • Average – For his Batting and Fielding average in both National and International matches he has managed to average a rate of 38.66 out of six matches played so far. His Bowling average is also equal to 20.77 out of 6 matches with 6 innings.


  • Bowling – For his bowling techniques, Kamlesh is better known after his recent performance in International World Cup series for U-19. He Holds his record for consistent fast bowling at 149 Km/Hr pace.
  • Trophy – He also made his best debut when playing the Vijay Hazare Trophy match in Chennai against Team Mumbai in 2017 ODI. He was the only player unbeaten at 21 runs.
  • Outstanding performance – He is a player who holds his career in Bowling and batting style along with Fielding for the team presently at U-19 level.

Kamlesh Nagarkoti rewarded with 25 Lakh INR by Rajasthan 

The pace sensation of India, Kamlesh Nagarkoti has been rewarded with 25 lakh INR by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. The pace bowler bowled brilliantly in the recently concluded under-19 world cup and was a key figure of India who went on to become champions of the tournament. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan was quick to acknowledge the contributions of the young fast bowler. The pace bowler has also been picked for the IPL 2018 season by Kolkata Knight Riders and he was also given a grand welcome upon his return to the Rajasthan state.


With his performance it is obvious that kamlesh Nagarkoti holds a very bright Future with Team India for both Domestic and International matches. Being still at U-19 form we can expect to see some of his best performances in coming matches.


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