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Jitu Rai Shooter Biography [State Caste Coach Awards]

Jitu Rai Shooter Biography

Jitu Rai, a shooter from Indian Origin, is a name that is identified for his outstanding performance in the Pistol Shooting event for CWG (Common Wealth Games) 2018. Jitu Rai is a native from Nepal but has been associated with Indian Gorkha group. Formally from Nepal, presently Jitu Rai has been representing India for CWG-2018.

He is one of the shooters who managed to score high points in Air Pistol Shooting event for 10 and 50 meters. In 2016 he was also honored by the Indian Government with Khel Ratna award.

Jitu Rai Biography, Awards, Achievement And Personal Information In Hindi [ State Caste] Gold Medal In CWG 2018

Jitu Rai BIO

NameJitu Rai
Date of Birth26th August 1987
Age30 years – Running
NationalityPresently – Indian

Former – Nepalese

Place of BirthNepal – Sankhuwasabha
Physical stats
Height5’ 4”
Weight64 Kgs
Profession information
RankAir Pistol – 10 meters – 3rd rank

Pistol – 50 meters – 4th rank

Career information
World ChampionshipsGranada – 2014 – 50 m pistol
World Cup recordsNew Delhi – 2017- 10 m pistol

Maribor-2014-10 m air pistol

Munich- 2014-10 m air pistol

Maribor – 2014 – 50 m pistol

Changwon – 2015 – 10 m air pistol

CWGsGlasgow – 2014 – 50 m pistol

Gold Coast – 2018 – 10 m air pistol

Asian GamesIncheon – 2014 – 50 m pistol

Incheon – 2014- 10 m air pistol

ChampionshipsBrisbane – 2017 – 10 m air pistol

Brisbane – 2017 – 50 m pistol


Early Life

Jitu Rai had spent his early childhood at Nepal – Sankhuwa Sabha District. He was one amongst four other brothers in his family. He was born and bought up in Nepal but later in 2006 migrated to India and joined the Indian Army. Presently he has been given as Indian Citizen status. Not much details about his family members are updated online yet.

Profession Information

In 2006 Jitu Rai migrated in India from Nepal. He began his career by joining the Indian Army. Presently he is also designated at the post of Suebedar and serves his duty for 11 Gorkha Rifles company. Currently he holds his job position at Lucknow camp.

Career Information

  • In 2010-11 Jitu Rai was first selected by Army shooting squad but did not manage to perform well as per expectations. He had to continue with his training back at the camp.
  • In 2014 Jitu Rai mad made an attempt to win in his Silver medal at the 10 m air pistol shooting event at Munich – ISSF World cup.
  • In Maribor Jitu Rai also managed to win over two Silver medals when participating in the 50 m pistol shooting event. He also managed to win a Single Gold medal in the World cup for 10 m pistol shooting event.
  • He was also the only Indian to win two Medals for the country in World cup shooting event. Apart from this, Rai was also placed at the 1st position for 10 m air pistol shooting event. He also achieved 4th position in 50 m shooting event in 2014 – July.
  • For CWGs (Common Wealth Games) 2014 Rai also managed to qualify for the 50 m shooting event and creating his record with 562 Points. In finals he was also awarded with Gold for 194.1 points.
  • For 2014 Asian Games in South Korea Rai managed to win Gold for 50 m event and Bronze for 10 m shooting event. In 2016 at ISSF World Cup Rai also won a Silver medal.
  • For 2018 CWGs at Gold Coast – Australia, Rai managed to win Gold medal for the country at 10 m air pistol shooting event.


Jitu Rai has already proved that he has a very bright future representing the country for Shooting events since 2010 till present 2018 CWGs.


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