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Sep 182018

Jasleen Matharu Biography (Anup Jalota’s Girlfriend) [Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Caste] Career [Songs, Movies] Bigg Boss 12 

Jasleen Matharu is a famous multi-talented artist who is well-known for her contribution both in music and dance. She has made an excellent contribution to the music industry from an early age along with trying out different genres of dance. She appeared in the reality show Bigg Boss with her boyfriend who is a famous singer Anup Jalota, and this added some spice to the show.

Jasleen Matharu Biography

Birth Details of Jasleen Matharu

Born on 4th April in the year 1990 in Mumbai, she belongs to the Sikhism religion, and she is an Aries. As of now, she is 28 years old, and she started to learn western and classical music at an early age of 11. She has been born and brought to Mumbai. 

Family Details

Since her childhood, she grew up in an environment of the home where different forms of art have been significantly encouraged. Jasleen looks up to her father Kesar Matharu as her main source of inspiration. Her father has given her ample guidance and encouragement that has helped her to achieve success in life. Other than this, her father is a famous director, and her brother Kanwaljeet Singh Matharu is also a famous producer and actor.

Education And Personal Details

She loves the green colour, and Dior Poison Girl is the perfume that uses the most. Some of her favourite quotes are barking dog bites rarely. She is further of the words that from the weakness of attitude often results in the weakness of one’s character. She also said that birds of the same feathers seem to flock always together. She has specialized in most of the dancing genres and started to act in the movies from an early stage.

Look of Jasleen Matharu

Since she is a fitness freak, she visits the gym on a regular basis, and she is 5’7″ in height and 55 kilos in weight. Her sculptured body measures in the proportion of 34-26-34, and she looks beautiful in her black eyes and hair.


After starting with her music lesson from the tender age of 11, at 16, she went on to win the title of the best female singer at the inter-college competition. In addition, she has been part of the Mika Singh’s troupe for more than three years and performed all over the country in many musical programmes. Due to her excellent family background, she became a famous classical dancer in various genres such as Bharatanatyam, hip-hop, and salsa, belly-dancing. In addition, she has also performed in many Bollywood jhatkas items. In addition to this, it is also known that she is also a brown belt in kickboxing that she has been practicing it for more than 7 years. 


Jasleen’s debut film is ‘Love Day Love Day’ in which she was both a performer and the background singer. Dj Sheizwood has helped her in the music, and the video has been directed by the famous director Kesar Matharu. In all her upcoming films, she wishes to work with a natural appeal of acting and singing. Other than this, she has also appeared in the film, ‘The Dirty Relation.’ She has been part of live music performances numerous times with top-rated singers like Mika Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Amjad Khan and others.

Interesting Facts

  • Jasleen Matharu does not smoke or drink.
  • She is a great fan of Deepak Kalal who has become famous for all his videos pertaining to controversies in Kashmir valley. She also created a video for being her fan.
  • Following this, when Deepak Kalal came to know about the contribution of his fan, he in return also started to make videos in proposing style for marriage. He also received a rejection for the proposal and then she posted a conversation with him on social media platforms.

Likes and Dislikes of Jasleen Matharu

She likes to go to the gym every dayShe does not like smoking.
She is very fond of catsShe does not indulge in drinking
She loves to sing and dance 
She is a great fan of the comedian Deepak Kalal. 

 Controversy stories

  • Bigg Boss entry – After the Jasleen Matharu made an appearance in Bigg Boss with her partner Anup Jalota, it resulted in plenty of jokes and memes and became the centre of controversy in the social media. Both of them showcase a romantic relationship despite the age difference between them. This has become a favourite topic of most of the trolls in social media.
  • Jasleen Matharu father got shocked – Her father got shocked after he came to know about the shocking news of his daughter with the famous singer. But her father also added that she had done nothing wrong. Her father is further of the words that even if the entire family is in complete shock, still they do not want to comment anything on their relationship until and unless they meet her in person.
  • Is the relationship of Jasleen real? – The relationship has become the centre of discussion in the social media platforms, and people are doubting whether their relationship is real or they are trying to establish themselves as the centre of controversies in the house of the reality show.


As of now, it is known that she is going around in a live-in relationship with a famous Hindi singer Anup Jalota who is almost 37 years older than her. Currently, they are living together in Mumbai, and from there she entered Bigg Boss 12 in 2018 with her boyfriend. After Bigg Boss 12 started, it came to be known that Jasleen and Singer Anup Jalota have been dating each since long and therefore, they have hit the entry in this famous reality show together. After the 65th birthday of the famous singer, some of their pictures went viral on social media and people came to know about the chemistry between the couple. Though, the famous singer stated that most of the news was nothing more than rumours and it has been further reassured as rumors by Jasleen. She further explained that they have been dating each other for the past three and a half years and none of their family members is aware of their relationship. 

Therefore, this Indian singer and actress have become the centre of discussion in the famous reality show on television. In addition, her relationship with the famous devotional singer Anup Jalota is also becoming a topic of trolls and memes on social media. Therefore, as you go through the details of her biography, you would be able to know about her talent and her excellent contribution both in the field of dance of various genres and singing as well.

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