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International World Cancer Awareness Day Essay Speech

International World Cancer Awareness Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogans History Story Origin Celebration Date Ideas

International World Cancer Awareness Day Essay


There is no one in this world who does not know about the fatal disease called Cancer. It is one of such diseases that spread faster than anything in this universe. Unfortunately after so many research and so many tests there is no fixed medicine has been invented that can prevent cancer. But fortunately there have been many medicines invented that can reduce the risk of it and also it will slower down the speed of the disease. In recent times the researchers and scientists from all over the world have done more than millions of researches on the same and invented many medications that will reduce the speed of spreading cancer in anyone’s body. To let people know about the disease, effects and treatment of cancer, the World Cancer Awareness Day has started.

World Cancer Awareness Day is an international fixed day to celebrate the cancer awareness. The day is celebrated worldwide to make people aware of the disease, its effects, how to prevent it, what are the treatments available and also about the recent research and everything related to cancer.


The World Cancer Awareness Day was originated from the Union for International Cancer Control. The organisation was established in the year 1933. With the vision and mission of controlling cancer from the world the organisation has partnered with medical fraternity, ministry of health, business world, patients’ groups and other sectors worldwide.


In the year 2008, a declaration by the Union for International Cancer Control was established. The declaration was about the awareness of the disease as many of the masses still don’t have any idea about it. In this declaration the union has said that every year on 4th February the entire world will celebrate the day with cancer controlling movements, awareness and treatments. The main objective of this declaration is to provide as much as information about cancer to the world. So that people can be more conscious about the disease and can opt for proper treatment if affected.


The day is not only celebrated to bring about the awareness among people but also it targets the affected people to encourage them. As people know that cancer spreads over time and kills the system completely that patients can’t survive after a point of time. So it is important to encourage them and make them love their life again. A lot of movements and initiatives have taken since 2008 to make them smile and lively. One such initiative is No-hair-selfie.

Name  World Cancer Awareness Day
Origin Union For International Cancer Control
First Celebration Date 4th February 2008
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind OfSocial Issue
Date TypeFix

Worlds Cancer Awareness day celebration dates

4th February 2016
4th February 2017
4th February 2018
4th February 2019
4th February 2020

How it is celebrated

  • Every year the organisation comes up with a message on the day. The message generally is based on something that encourages the affected people. This year they come up with a message written on the palms of the people saying ‘I can’ or ‘We can’.
  • No-hair-selfie is another way of celebrating the day. As we know in cancer people lose their hair, so other people get bald and take selfie to support the cancer patients worldwide.

New Celebration ideas

  • The organisation comes up with new ideas every year. As mentioned the no-hair-selfie or the messages. To make it more interesting people can arrange entertainment programs with social messages worldwide.
  • Another way of celebrating the day worldwide is arranging some events through social media. So that people don’t need to travel from one place to another. They can participate in the event from their home or office.

Purpose of the Celebration

  • The main purpose of the day is to bring awareness among the people who are not aware of the disease. Also to let people know about the treatments, prevention, research about cancer and coping up with the disease.
  • To encourage and support the cancer affected patients so that they can live their life energetically. By supporting them and standing by them we can bring courage in them to fight back the disease.

Impact on Society

  • The impact on the society is definitely a positive one. People get more conscious about the disease. Almost every developing country has the proper access to cancer prevention medications. People are heading for treatments as well.
  • The mental stability of the patients has immensely increased since few years. Unlike earlier times patients have become much stronger as now they know they can fight back the disease.

Response of Society

  • Society has taken the initiative in a very positive way. From developed to developing and even in under developed countries, people celebrate the day. They arrange medical camps to treat patients from remote areas.
  • Medical institutions and health ministry of several nations leave no stone unturned to encourage the doctors and medical researchers to work more on the development of the medication. To support them throughout authorities have started many programs over time.

Pros and Cons

People get more information about cancerCelebrating the day can demoralise the patient as she knows she’s going to die.
Prevention and treatment of cancerDeveloping countries might not get involved in the programs due to financial illness
Knowing the latest research on itLatest medication can be expensive for many people
Making the world aware about the medicationNot all hospitals have proper access to medications


The world cancer awareness day is celebrated to encourage the patients to live more. It is true that still there is no fixed medication has invented to stop the disease. But the medical officers across the world have relentlessly working on it to slow down cancer and they’re getting successful as well. We being the rational people should support the movements and initiatives taken by the UICC and stand by the millions of patients who are fighting the disease across the world.


Speech On World Cancer Awareness Day

Cancer is one such disease that takes the life away from the patient even before his death. We get terrified if we even hear about someone affected by cancer. Then what will happen to us if the unfortunate disease attacks us someday. We know that cancer is one such disease that spreads over time, for some it spreads slowly, for some faster than fast, but it spreads and kills.

The doctors and medical officers across the globe work round the clock to invent medicines for cancer. They are getting successful though, but still unable to find one such medicine that prevents the disease completely. The world cancer awareness day is one of those initiatives that is taken to control cancer. The UICC was formed to control the disease. They have partnered with health ministry, medical officers, scientists and patients’ groups from all over the world and become one of the largest organisations that prevent cancer. Over 900 partners are attached with UICC today.

On the day of world cancer awareness, people join the movements to bring happiness into patients’ life, encourage them to live and also make people know about the latest treatments and prevention of the disease.

We often take our selfie and upload it on social media. Then why not on 4th February, we opt for many hair styles at times, then why no go bald. We can do that. We should do that for those millions of patients including infants and kids who are suffering from cancer worldwide. We all should celebrate the day by praying and supporting the patients and even the doctors whose efforts are making things possible today.  Society has already accepted the initiatives broadly; we all should do it too.


Quotes & Slogans On International World Cancer Awareness Day


Cancer is not curable, but a piece of encouragement definitely can make a lot difference to a dying person’s life.


It is always better to prevent than cure. If we can stop cancer from affecting us, we will be able to win the battle.


Cancer will kill me. Time is getting shorter but every day when I wake up with a smile I feel I won the battle and snatched another day from the God.


People will never know how strong they are, until they are left with no option than being strongest.


You can survive even after losing the battle but losing hope for a moment will knock you down for ever even when there is a chance of win.


If God grants me one wish I would probably want cancer to be only the zodiac sign one day nothing else.


Cancer can take away your breath, but not the life you are living, not the love you are pondering, not the soul you adore, not the happiness you are witnessing.


Smile everyday to increase your lifespan. Physicians will give you medicine and you will give life you yourself.


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