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International students’ Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogans

International students’ Day Essay (Origin History Story Date Of Celebration) Speech Quotes Slogans

International students’ day Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Origin of International students’ day
  3. History of International students’ day
  4. Story Behind International students’ day
  5. How is International student’s day celebrated?
  6. Importance of celebration
  7. Impact on society
  8. Response of Society (Pros & Cons)
  9. Conclusion


The international students’ day marks a symbol and celebration of different cultures, diversity and co-operation among students. This day has become an occasion for the universities all over the world to engage their masses of international students and do well for the local community. The day is celebrated on 17th November.

International students’ day Essay (Origin History Story Date Of Celebration) Speech Quotes Slogan

Origin Of International students’ day

Speaking of the origin of International Student’s Day, the day of 17th November is known as one of the saddest days, in 1939 when the Nazis executed 9 student leaders in the Prague University. 1200 students were sent to the concentration camps and every Czech Universities were totally closed. This day was first marked as the student’s day by the International Student’s Council of London.

History Of International students’ day

Apart from this revolution, the students also participated in the Military Junta in Greece, in 1989 the students in Prague and Bratislava started the Velvet revolution. This day was marked as the day that created a lot of activities organized by the member unions of ESU. For the students of the Czech Republic, this day really has a special significance for the students of the Czech Republic and a lot of events are celebrated for marking this day. This day was the beginning of the famous Velvet revolution.

Story behind International students’ day

On the day of 16th November, in 1989, the students held a discussion regarding the student movement in 1989. The 1989 was the fiftieth anniversary of the International students’ day and this gave the students a chance to voice their opinions. And this was against the too much oppression of the communist parties. The incident began with a peaceful gathering, but it turned into a violent one by the evening. A huge number of people were brutally beaten by the riot police, the red berets and many other members of the law enforcement agencies. More than 1500 individuals took place on that gathering. The death of fellow students due to police brutality led into different course of events. A huge number of theater artists, and students agreed to go on strike and this resulted in Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia.

1.        Name  International Students’ Day
2.        Origin Initiated by International Students Council after the Nazis executed 9 students.
3.        First Celebration Date 17th November 1941
 4Target Audience Students
5Celebration AreaWorld Wide
6.        Kind Event
7   Celebration Frequency Annual
 8Celebration Date TypeFixed
9International students’ Day Celebration Dates 
10201617th November
11 201717th November
12201817th November
13201917th November
13202017th November

How is International student’s day celebrated?

  • In the year 2009, the seventieth anniversary of the students’ international day was celebrated and on this day ESU and OBESSU organized a number of initiatives.
  • It was then followed by an assembly that discussed the roles of students Unions that we have at present. This also led to the initiative of the European Student Rights Charter.
  • The conference that took place had more than 100 students from different student unions and more than 30 European countries and also some international delegations.

New way of celebrating student’s day internationally

  • There were several campaigns that were organized by the students of different countries. For instance in Spain, a three blocks campaign was arranged and that was coordinated by the students of national unions.
  • Each block targeted a specific block of education stakeholders. The Union of students that organized the three block demonstration campaign was known as CREUP.
  • On the other hand, SKONUS was the student’s union group that organized a complete internet forum with a lot of Serbian students who wished to take part publicly for sharing their problems with their faculties. The students’ representatives answered a lot of their questions and offered ways for solving their issues.

Importance of celebration

  • Students! Known to be the very backbones of the society are neglected a lot of times considering they are just kids. But sometimes we fail to understand that it is they, who are going to offer a better country and better world. And this is why, it is really essential to encourage them by celebrating the international student’s day.
  • They learn what they see. A good student needs to know who they are as students and what can they do. They need to know what previous students did. The international student’s day brings together the students all over the world with a sole motive of uplifting the society they live in.
  • Education and examination is just the part that enhances the learning and knowing process of the students. But that is not AT ALL everything for a student. One has to be successful in other different aspects too, and that is what the symbol International student’s day is.

Impact on society

  • It is the students who have always been on the forefront for any movement or change. In any country, regarding any crisis, the students have taken the opportunity for demonstrating their opinions and International student’s day offers just exactly that.
  • They are not the ones who fear to question the present regime’s values and beliefs. But it cannot be denied that, unfortunately these actions and activities took place only when there was a crisis or an unbearable suppression for human rights.
  • A lot of times it has happened that students are completely ignored. They need to make their voices heard. We believe that students have an obligation, even if not for themselves, but for those who are going to follow them. And this International students day is how students can show the society and the coming the generations that will follow.

Response of Society

With the International Students day, people are more aware about the rights and duties of any student.


Without proper guidance, this can turn out to be a complete political celebration.


It works as an excellent platform for the students as people are more open to listen to the students views.


A certain limitation is necessary to make them learn about the extent of the celebration.
It forms a fusion of students of different cultures to act as one body of students.




The student’s day has been inspiring all the students over the world in their quest for a true democratic education and a democratic society. This is not just any other day to be celebrated, but it is a symbol of struggle that students all over the world had to face. Starting from education to higher career opportunities, students have to face racism, cultural differences and immense hurdles to make them established. This International Students Day offers the students an opportunity to voice out their demands.


Speech On International Students’ Day

In the world that we are living in, it has really become necessary to develop the strong networks for generating awareness, build the natural understanding and solidarity. And the reason is a huge number of students and individuals, who are learning from different mediums, are fleeing their countries due o bad economic conditions, conflicts, and political situations just because they want to fulfill their lives seeking better conditions at someplace else.

At this international student’s day, we call on the governments all over the world to make sure that every student has the right to study, irrespective of their culture, caste, religion, socio-economic and sexual background. And this needs to be done with focus towards the migrants and the refugees. Being the citizens of the world, we students have the dream that one day we are going to be a proud and educated and well established citizen of the country that we live in. And his can be only be attained by proper learning and education during the student’s life. As humans, it is the responsible for every government to offer chances of education who seek for it.

Today we claim for an adequate and universal measure for ensuring the dignity, fulfillment and equal opportunity for every member of the student community. In the recent economic recession all over the world, the governments have cut the public spending and especially on education in the name of public interest protection. Today we call on for stopping this trend and properly finance the education, with serious concern to human rights and the citizenship education if we are looking forward for promoting a culture of peace.


Quotes & Slogans On International Students’ Day

 “Best thing of a student is, their attitude, they are never afraid to ask questions and they never know too much so that they don’t feel the need to learn something new”.


“Every time a student walks past the building of the school, college or University, it makes them realize, that he/she does have that mind and the soul within them”.


 “A student cannot get success by just doing what is only ‘needed’ for him or her. Excellence is what is needed which determines greatness”


 “It is hard to convince a student that he/she is going to face problems more difficult than algebra and geometry.”


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