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International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Essay Speech

International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Essay Speech Quotes Status History 

International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Essay

Poverty is a menace that swings between extreme and imperceptible. The continuous struggle seen on faces of struggling hungry children and crying mothers, seen in form of dead bodies hanging from tree branches – they all testify the screaming need for eradicating poverty from its roots. The question is – will we, as humanity as a whole, ever succeed in that goal?

1.      NameInternational Poverty Day
2.      Origin/ First Celebrated ByParis  And France
3.      First Celebration Date1987
4.      Present Celebration Area International
5.      Aim People Awareness Towards Hunger, Poverty
6.      Celebration Day TypeFix Day
7.      International Poverty Day  Celebration Dates
8.      17th Of October Annually Fix Date

International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Essay

Poverty is a pressing social struggle. Individuals and often entire cities are seen in the clutches of poverty. It exists but its existence is not mandatory. Thousands and millions of people globally are poverty-stricken. Especially in developing nations, the problem is at its peak. No wonder, United Nations has made eradication of poverty as one of its core objectives in the Millennium Development Goals.

Fortunately, the awareness among people is rising. More and more steps are being taken towards eradication of this social menace. Today, we understand the complexity of poverty far better than a few decades earlier. This has become possible because of increased sympathy, increased cultural awareness and increased connections, allowing international organizations to put plans in motion that was once not possible. Good thing about this is that those who are poverty-stricken are also included in the planning and implementation, making the process a whole lot more effective at the grass root levels.

The International Poverty Day for Its Eradication is one such measure. This day is observed on 17th of October every year. This is the day when the poor from far and wide get an opportunityto have their voices heard. They get an opportunity to express their needs.

Background of the International Poverty Day for Its Eradication

The exact date of beginning for the International Poverty Day for Its Eradication can be easily traced back in history. That day was October 17, 1987. It was a historic date when Paris’ Trocadero witnessed thousands and thousands of people pouring in just to honor those people who became the victims of hunger, violence and extreme poverty. Why Paris? Because Trocadero was the place where in 1948 the world witnessed the signing of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Those thousands of people who gathered there on that day, publicly stated that poverty is nothing but violation of basic human rights. They stated the very need of coming together in order to respect these rights of every human being.

The commemorative stone that had the inscriptions of the convictions were unveiled on this particular day. Ever since then on October 17 every year, thousands and thousands of people from across all social origins, beliefs and backgrounds have gathered at the same place in order to express their accord towards the poverty-stricken people and also to stand by their commitment. The exact replicas of that historic commemorative stone have been placed at many places around the world. One of those replicas can be found at UN Headquarters garden.

On December 22, 1992 a resolution was passed in which UN General Assembly declared the 17th day of October as International Poverty Day for Its Eradication.

That day forward, 17th October became the day when all nations across the globe, undertake appropriate activities, relevant to their own context, to eradicated destitution and poverty. Non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations were invited through the resolution to organize activities at national level within the bounds of the existing resources to fight and eradicate poverty.

Thus, 17th October became a day when the struggling poor people get an opportunity to speak up and be heard. That day gives a moment when the world recognizes that the poor people are the ones who stand on the frontline fighting poverty on a day-to-day basis. On that day, the poor people directly participate and thereby reflect that they willing to use whatever expertise they have to fight and uproot poverty which causes endless sufferings.

Importance of Year 2015 for International Poverty Day for Its Eradication

In 2000 the UN had set a goal of halving world’s extreme poverty within year 2015. That goal was achieved. The 2015 observance of the International Poverty Day for Its Eradication became an important once because, it was the year when UN, as a part of its goal of attaining sustainable development by 2030 declared that by 2030, it will try to eradicate poverty from across the world in its all known forms.

2016 is yet another step towards that goal where the UN and the world wants to ensure that everyone is capable of exercising their human rights completely. It became a strategy to include the poor in decisions that directly impact their lives because the UN realizes that the only way to achieving sustainable development is to include every voice – whether it is of the privileged few or of the poverty-stricken millions.

The question is, what is sustainable development? By definition, it simply means a future which is engineered to protect and respect human rights irrespective of cultural diversity that encompasses the entire world. The goal is to reduce economic inequalities worldwide and to promote social inclusion. The aim to find methods of economic growth without the destruction of undervalued labor and available natural resources. In summary, the objective is to achieve a fair and far greener society. Does that mean more technology-driven growth? Does that mean increased investment? Of course they are important but should not be the only pillars for what is called sustainable development. It also includes engineering social relationships through mutual respect. Those relationships can be among communities as well as nations. It requires dissemination of knowledge more effectively at all levels.

The question is, will UN succeed? What are the factors that UN uses for measuring success of its set goals? Will not the privileged few keep the power and focus on economic inequality to amass vast amounts of wealth even though that means violation of human rights? Sadly, that is the true story. And the indicators used by UN as a measure of success are more often skewed and incomplete. Only time will tell whether UN’s dream of sustainable development and eradication of poverty in all its dimensions and forms actually became a reality or not. Irrespective of what really is going to happen, the International Poverty Day for Its Eradication is still important. What do you think?


International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Speech

International Poverty day for its eradication Speech

Poverty! Well, this is a really small word, but with this word, you are going to find an immense number of issues and for that you would not need any Google or internet connectivity. Look around yourself! The whole world just wants one and only one thing to avoid and that is just POVERTY! And why is that? What’s there in this just a small word that has brought the whole world into its knees? Let me tell you what it is. It is a symbol, a sign of weakness, powerless and dominated. This single word has closed innumerable doors for millions of people around the world and has cost billions of lives right through the course of time.

That being said, the sole purpose of this day, popularly known as “Poverty Eradication Day”, is to find the exact solution to this word which has emerged to be a major global concern. This day today, brings us the opportunity to stand united and treat each and every human being as equal. To overcome the poverty all the year round especially for those who are driven by it. This day marks as the promise, that we as human beings will make use of the only factor to judge other individuals and that is humanity.

The Poverty eradication day allows a huge number of human beings to share their experiences and take some actions to fight against poverty, be it individually or collectively. Poverty is not only an issue of a particular place. There are places in this world that marks high poverty and poorest communities and a substantial part of the population lives very close to the poverty lines. As individuals, on this day we need to focus on the causes of poverty to eradicate it from the root. Not only for those, but for the sake of humanity, so that any shock, a natural disaster, or any economic or health related event is not able to push them further into poverty. Women, children, non registered migrants and the near poor in disadvantaged areas are at greater risk into deeper poverty lines.


International Poverty Day for Its Eradication Status Quotes

Quotes & Slogan For International Poverty Day for Its Eradication  

“It does not take anything to stay in poverty, but it really takes everything to break free from it.”

“The world has finally learnt that not only economic growth can close the gap between the rich and poor”.

“You don’t need to feed the poverty anymore, it time to feed the poor”.

“Our highest deeds come only by helping the people who are at the lowest level”.

“You want to eradicate poverty? Make sure everyone eats the same thing at the same time”.

“Yes, everyone is poor or rich on one way or the other, so you do not need to worry about where you belong, we are both rich and poor at some things at some time”.

“The rich actually don’t know when they are going to die, but the poor don’t know when they are going to live”.

“As long as poverty is prevalent in this world, this can never be a safe place to live in”.


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