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International Migrants Day Theme Quotes

International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is a day dedicated to the plight of migrant workers around the world. The event focuses on the human rights and protections for migrants.International Migrants Day is held annually on December 18. It is recognized by all member states of the United Nations.

The day recognizes the work that migrants complete throughout the world and how they are vital to many everyday activities. The work of migrants is essential for how it keeps the world’s economy moving forward. It is through this event that the concerns that these important people have can be met and recognized in many ways.

Origin in International Migrants Day

Migrants have traveled around many parts of the world over the years and have completed many jobs for various types of groups. These include many skilled labor jobs. But while they are often in demand, migrants are frequently subjected to serious problems relating to harsh living conditions, cheap pay rates and abuses from their employers.

There are also concerns that migrants are frequently being displaced from their homes. As migrants often have hardly any income, it becomes harder for them to afford the homes that they certainly require.

In addition, numerous migrants are forced into this lifestyle due to conflicts in their home countries. Drug trades and violence, abusive governments and other hostile entities often keep migrants from having healthy and consistent lives. These issues lead many of them into the lives that they are in right now.

These issues led to development of International Migrants Day. The goal of the event is to focus on the ongoing concerns that many migrants have and how those problems are harming their lives. There is also a desire to help migrants with finding ways to improve upon their lives.

History and Story

International Migrants Day was formed in 2000 by the United Nations. It was inspired by the International Day of Solidarity with Migrants, a movement started a few years earlier by multiple Asian migrant groups.

December 18 was chosen as the day when this recognition is honored. This is the anniversary of the 1990 production of a UN initiative for protecting the rights of migrant workers and their families.

The holiday was developed as the migrant movement continues to grow and become more vital and recognized around the world. Migrants are becoming more important throughout the world. As they contribute to society, it is critical for the public to understand the value they bring to the world.

Why Is It Celebrated?

International Migrants Day celebrates the contributions migrants make to society:

  • It honors the triumph of the human spirit. Many migrants around the world travel to overcome the adversities that they experience.
  • It celebrates how migrants work to provide people with the resources and services others need. These include services that power the global economy.
  • The event also encourages dialogue between countries and governments over how migrants can be supported. The goal is to help migrants have better lives and to receive the treatment they deserve.
  • The diversity of migrants is celebrated on this day. This comes as nearly 3 percent of the world’s population is migrants. These include large concentrations of migrants in the United States, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

The value of migrants has become especially critical too much of the world as more employers depend on migrants to complete various critical jobs. International Migrants Day focuses on the need to take care of such migrants and to improve upon how their living conditions can work in many forms.

How It Is Celebrated?

There are numerous ways how International Migrants Day is celebrated:

  • Meetings and discussions between UN member nations are held to figure out how to improve upon the lives of migrants. Part of this includes understanding how to support the general welfare of migrants around the world.
  • The work that migrants complete on a daily basis is promoted by the UN to help the public understand why they are important figures in today’s society. The group’s recent A Day Without Migrants campaign showed how important their work is to the world and how many daily functions rely upon the services that migrants offer.
  • The concerns about migrants and how they are often displaced are promoted by the UN as a means of helping to find ways to improve upon those migrants’ lives. This comes as many migrants are often subjected to abuses and restrictions in what they can do and where they can go.
  • Discussions on what migrants do in society and how people can be more accommodating to them are often held. Such discussions are supported by governments and other large entities. Such considerations are used to help make it easier for migrants to be recognized.

The actions held on International Migrants Day vary by each country. Such actions are especially important in countries around the world where migrants are more common in.

Theme For 2017

The main theme for 2017 entails understanding how migrants can be protected around the world. This includes looking into how migrants can be secured even in today’s political climate where populist movements have been growing in prominence. The coming year is expected to be a challenging one as many migrants are forced into situations that are becoming harder to live in due to various forms of political pressure. The support that is being offered on International Migrants Day is expected to help migrants with getting the support they need for improving upon their lives.


The concerns and worries that migrants are often subjected to on a regular basis are threatening and harmful in many ways. It is vital for migrants to receive the protection that they require. International Migrants Day is an event designed to help highlight the concerns that migrants live through on a regular basis and to find solutions for improving upon the lives of migrants so they will not be at risk of further harm.


“No person in the world must ever be left behind by progress.”

“All migrants are born with the same human rights as all other people in the world. They must receive the respect and support that they deserve.”

“Migrants are deserving of access to the resources and services that are available to help them get more out of their lives.”

“No person in the world should have to go through issues like food insecurity and common abuses. But these are problems that many migrants live through each day. It is vital that these migrants receive the support and help they deserve for having stronger and healthier lives.”

“Safety is important for all migrants as they need to be capable of getting to and from different parts of the world without being at risk of harm. Migrants must be allowed the fully protection from the government and anyone else who cares and has concerns for their wellbeing.”

“It is through the support of migrants that our country receives the proper help and assistance it needs with moving forward and being stronger. We need migrants to ensure that our world can go along and be a stronger place for all to live in.”


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