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International Men’s Day Essay Speech Quotes & Slogans

International Men’s Day Essay (Origin History Date Of Celebration) Speech Quotes & Slogans

International Men’s Day Essay

  1. Introduction Of International Men’s Day
  2. Origin and History of International Men’s Day
  3. Importance of a man in society
  4. Impact & Response of Society by the celebration Of International Men’s Day
  5. How International Men’s Day Celebrated?
  6. New Celebration Ideas For International Men’s Day
  7. Conclusion


International Men’s Day is an annual event held throughout much of the world as an event that focuses on mens’ and boys’ health initiatives. It also focuses heavily on emphasizing the value of proper male role models in the lives of boys and girls alike. The event also focuses on improving gender relations between men and women.

The celebration is held on November 19 of every year. This is held as a means of honoring the work that men put in when it comes to helping other men and women alike while also supporting children. This especially focuses on understanding the many health issues that men all around the world experience and what can be done to resolve these concerns.

International Men’s Day Essay (Origin History Date Of Celebration) Speech Quotes & Slogans

Origin & History Of International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day has been held annually around much of the world since 1993. The holiday was established as a means of looking into the health needs of men. This was particularly established in response to how the Soviet Union held an International Women’s Day but not an equivalent for men, thus exploiting a massive flaw within the country’s communist law.

There were issues over a need to establish a day for men just like there was for women. It would not be until 1993 when the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies at the University of Missouri at Kansas City held the first ever event. This event was held to encourage people to take a closer look at men and how well they function.

Name of Day International Men’s Day
Target Audience Men around the world
Origin/ First Celebrated By University of Missouri at Kansas City
First Celebration Date1993 
Type Of celebration Social awareness day
Aim (in one line) To improve male relations
Celebration Frequency Annually
Celebration Date Type Fixed
World Mental Health Day Celebration Dates
2016November 19 
2018 “”
2019 “”
2020 “”

Importance of a Man in Society

  • Men are important for all sorts of important functions on a daily basis. Men are needed to help with operating machines, lifting large items and taking care of a variety of manual jobs.
  • A man needs to be there for his children. He must show his children how to live strong and healthy lives and what they can do to make them better and more efficient.
  • Men especially work hard to allow every member of their families to feel free and healthy. This often entails getting enough money to make it easier for all members of the family to feel healthy. This includes a need to help people learn how to control their lives and be in control.

Impact & Response of Society by the celebration Of International Men’s Day


  • People are learning more about the issues that men often have with regards to their bodies. This entails not only understanding concerns about reproduction but also about prostate health and various cancers that men are susceptible to.
  • Boys are especially receptive to the event as it helps them learn more about the skills they need to become healthy and strong adult men. It also places a strong emphasis on how a father and son’s relationship can make a difference in a child’s development.
  • The gaps between men and women are also closed up quite well thanks to people honoring this day. This comes as men and women alike work together to find ways to ensure that the men in their lives will receive the proper health and support that they need to continue being productive and essential to the lives of all people regardless of gender.


  • There are concerns over how many men might be more privileged than women. This comes as men often earn more money. This is concerning in cases where men are earning more than women for the same amount of work in the same particular industries or fields.
  • There are not as many specific health issues that men have when compared with what women have. In particular, women are more likely to die from various cancers that occur among women. This creates a sense of unfairness in terms of how the event is held.
  • There are especially concerns over how the holiday doesn’t teach men about the value of women in their relationships and how to avoid being abusive or hostile. The holiday could use an opportunity to be supportive of equal rights within a relationship.

How is International Men’s Day Celebrated ?

  • Men are encouraged to work hard to prevent violence against men and women alike. This comes as men are more likely to cause many violent crimes.
  • Sexual health studies are promoted while men are encouraged to look into unique and useful ways for them to improve their bodies. This includes understanding what dietary solutions may work to help men with keeping themselves from being ill.
  • There are also event that focus on helping to get men to be positive role models to their kids. Part of this entails understanding what can be done to help with making it easier for children to appreciate the men in their life and to not fear men in the future for any reason.

New Celebration Ideas For International Men’s Day

  • It helps to teach men about what they can do to support those who are harmed in any form of violence. This is especially to help men impacted by gang violence to learn how to end the vicious cycle of gang activity.
  • Men can also learn how to talk with women and girls in order to help them feel confident about themselves and to make them feel equal. This is to allow women and girls to trust men and give them respect.
  • People may also participate in classes dedicated to how to identify different types of physical problems that one might experience. This is done to assist in helping men learn more about their bodies and how they can be easier to manage.


International Men’s Day is an important day for men to consider in that it encourages men all around the world to improve their lives and to understand the issues that are prominent in their daily routines. The day helps men learn more about what they can do to be better people and can especially make a difference in the lives of men and women alike. This is especially important when it comes to helping children learn to trust men and be supportive of them.


Speech On International Men’s Day

Men from all over the world always work hard to do what they can when it comes to supporting their families and societies. However, there are many aspects of life that men should consider just as well. These are key parts of life that deserve to be considered carefully in terms of what people can expect.

Men need to understand their values and how important they are to women and children alike. Men need to take a look at points relating to how they influence them and what can be done to make it easier for them to live better lives without harming other people. Men should understand these points as a means of improving their lives and knowing how to talk with women and children the right way.

Men must also know what they can do with regards to their health. There are many problems that men often experience in their lives ranging from sexual dysfunction to prostate issues. These concerns can be difficult for many men and in some cases deadly.

There is also a real need for men to explore points relating to how they are earning money and how they can help those who are closest to them. This is especially the case for men who have families to care for and need to handle all sorts of critical functions to make living easier for all members of their families.

It is a necessity for all men to think carefully about what they can do when it comes to staying healthy. All men must be prepared for what can come about in their lives and the many issues that may develop so they can be ready. This can certainly make a real difference when it comes to how well society is to be run as it will make a real difference.


Quotes & Slogans On International Men’s Day

A man who treats other people fairly will certainly be respected by all in society.


Men must take good care of the women in their lives so they can truly be seen as people who have class.


Men should show proper emotions if they are to be taken seriously.


A man who takes care of children the right way will raise kids who are happy and positive.


It takes a man who is honest to lead a good world.


Men don’t love women who are beautiful but rather women who make the lives of their men beautiful.


A man needs a good woman who can help him get the most out of his life and show that he is stronger than he thinks he is.


A great man is someone who will work hard to get jobs done the right way without being harder to handle than necessary.


Men are never to be ashamed of whoever they are as shame is a clear sign of weakness and an inability to perform well.


No man is complete unless he has other people on his side who will help and support his every move.


A real man cares more about a person’s heart than anything else.


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