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International Coffee Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogans

International Coffee Day Essay (Importance History Origin Date Of Celebration) Speech Quotes Slogans

International Coffee Day Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Origin Of  International Coffee Day
  3. History Of International Coffee Day
  4. Importance Of Coffee
  5. Celebration Type And Dates
  6. Why is it celebrated ?
  7. How it is celebrated?
  8. New Celebration Ideas 
  9. Pros & Cons
  10. Conclusion


International Coffee Day is a popular day that promotes coffee as a beverage for all. The date is held on October 1 every year although it is also honored on other days throughout the country. These include September 29 in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden and South Africa.

International Coffee Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogans Importance History Origin Date

Origin Of International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day was created by the International Coffee Organization as a day to promote fair trade coffee all around the world. It also shines a light on coffee growers from all over the world and the actions they take each day to make it easier for coffees to be made and ready for all. This is an especially appealing day for those who are fans of coffee who use it every day for a variety of demands.

History Of International Coffee Day

This holiday was established by the International Coffee Organization in 2015 as a part of Expo 2015 in Milan. This is the origin of the modern day version of International Coffee Day. It is not fully clear as to how the holiday started up outside of this though. A similar day was introduced in Japan in 1983 while many organizations in the United States attempted to create their own version of the holiday in the 2000s.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum stabled the International Coffee Day name in 2009 as a part of the New Orleans Coffee Festival. The event was promoted as an occasion to celebrate the world of coffee and the many products people can find today. Eventually this was picked up by the International Coffee Organization to create a brand new day to celebrate coffee with.

International Coffee Day was created to honor the coffee beverage and to raise awareness for the functions handled by coffee growers from all corners of the world. The event particularly promotes how advancements in the world of coffee have come along over the years.

Importance of Coffee

Coffee is very important to everyday life for a variety of reasons:

  • It allows people to get together and enjoy sharing coffee with one another. People can socialize over coffee at any time of the day.
  • It helps people to be alert and to feel active during the day. Coffee helps people with feeling refreshed and ready to work without creating more fatigue than necessary.
  • This may also help with providing people with improved blood circulation. It helps to start metabolic processes in the body when used properly.
  • Coffee can especially be important for allowing people to start regular routines in the day. Many people are often more capable of finishing their work if they can actually get the coffee they need. This is especially great for those who have particular routines that cannot be easily deviated from.

Coffee’s Day Celebration Date and Type

NameInternational Coffee Day
OriginInternational Coffee Organization decree
First Celebration Date2015
Celebration AreaWorldwide
AimTo promote coffee as a drink and to honor the people around the world who brew it; it is also to add awareness to concepts involving coffee
Celebration Day TypeAnnual event honoring the drink
Date Celebrated Each YearOctober 1 (September 29 in some countries)

Why International Coffee Day Is Celebrated

  • The day is celebrated to take a closer look at the newest innovations in the world of coffee. This includes an appealing look at new harvesting, roasting and brewing technologies.
  • It helps get people to become more interested in coffee. This particularly comes through the socialization aspects that come with enjoying it.
  • This promotes coffee shops and retailers all around the world. It helps people learn more about these places.
  • Coffee famers are also supported on the day. This event helps get people to be aware of coffee growers around the world and how important they are to the coffee industry and the international economy.

How Coffee Day Is Celebrated

  • Many people will enjoy drinking coffee at coffee shops with various other people on this day. This is a popular day for people to communicate with each other, a point that is especially important in today’s digital world where people are so disconnected from each other.
  • Various businesses will offer free or discounted cups of coffee on this day. These are offered as a means of celebrating coffee while also promoting the many new types of coffees people can find these days.
  • Businesses typically establish networking days focused around this holiday. These allow people from many businesses to get in touch with each other, exchange information and create new contacts for future occasions.
  • People also visit various coffee farms on this day to learn more about how the process of making coffee works and how it is also harvested. These coffee farms often offer tours to help people learn about the many great things that are done at these farms and how beans are roasted and packaged.

New Ideas For Celebration

  • People can always consider buying whole coffee beans for use at their homes. It is often easier to get a fresher cup of coffee when one uses straight coffee beans that can be ground up and prepared in one’s home.
  • Anyone can try out different types of coffee flavors on this day. People may be encouraged to try out new flavors that they have not been all that familiar with in particular.
  • Coffee growers can ship their products out to new destinations and retailers as a means of showcasing their products. This is especially important when people are looking to promote new products.
  • Coffee lovers can always visit different cafes that they have never been to before. This is to get a taste of the many coffee options that are out there in the world.

Pros and Cons

Coffee is designed to help get people to be alert and ready to take on the day. This especially helps with those who get up early in the morning.Some people may be overly sensitive to caffeine. This is important as caffeine is naturally found in many coffee products.
Coffee is made with antioxidants that help improve how well the body clears out toxins. This in turn improves the body’s energy stores over time.It can be rather hard to find free trade coffee these days. This especially comes amid so many corporate agreements that force coffee growers into contracts they might not be all that comfortable with.
The body’s natural metabolic processes will improve when coffee is consumed. This in turn keeps the body from storing more fat than necessary.Coffee can cost quite a bit of money depending on what the market says. The costs can be even worse at typical coffee shops.
Coffee is an extraordinarily diverse product. It can be found in many forms and prepared in a variety of strengths.Some of the benefits of coffee could be negated if it is prepared with added dairy or sugar products. These often cause coffee to become fattening.


The excitement of coffee is certainly something that all people in the world can get behind. Coffee is important to our daily lives in that we need it to keep this world running. International Coffee Day is a day in the year to honor all that those make coffee and the people all around who work their hardest to make it all the more appealing. This is especially a great time in the year for those who want a great coffee product that they know will help them get ready to face the day.


Speech On International Coffee Day

Coffee is an essential part of every day. We all need coffee in order to get through our days. It is as though we don’t know what we would do without coffee.

However, there is much more to coffee than just the packages you see at supermarkets and the places that you can get served coffee at. Coffee is a product that is carefully grown throughout the world.

It is up to the farmers who make coffee to grow enough beans for all sorts of purposes. Coffee growers always work around the world to prepare great coffee beans that can be used for all sorts of purposes. The growers from all parts of the world are responsible for ensuring that coffee is prepared right and is ready for all to enjoy.

Meanwhile, coffee farmers are also responsible for roasting these beans properly and getting them out to different places all around the world. This is to make the coffee ready for proper consumption.

After this, the people who work at coffee shops all around the world will work their hardest each day to brew the coffee that they receive. This is to help them get it served out to people all around the world before heading to work.

Of course, you might buy your own coffee grounds at a local store and brew it yourself. You will not get this without the work of all those who have helped to grow the coffee beans and make them ready whether they have been ground up or not.

Be sure to think about where your coffee came from when you are getting this ready in the morning. It will certainly inspire you to think more about how well coffee is made and how it can be to your advantage each and every day.


Quotes & Slogans On International Coffee Day

Coffee makes for a great bond between friends.


Coffee always makes life better as it gets people ready for the day.


Coffee is just as important to your daily routine as anything else you might have in a typical day.


Take a bit of time each day for some coffee and you’ll feel happier about yourself.


Coffee is a great foundation to today’s world.


Coffee is just as diverse and beautiful as anything else in the world.


Coffee should always be shared among friends as it brings them all together.


Once you try a bit of coffee, you will feel happier with your life and more confident in yourself.


The only thing better in this world than a cup of coffee is a second cup of coffee.


It only takes a cup of coffee to help you relax and feel comfortable with yourself.


Coffee can be dark, light, sweet, bitter or anything else but it will always be enjoyable no matter what you take in.


You don’t have to be a morning person to enjoy coffee but it certainly helps.


No one in the world is truly happy without their daily coffee.


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