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International Animation Day Essay Speech Quotes Status

International Animation Day Essay Speech Quotes Status History Story Celebration Date Ideas

International Animation Day Essay


Every year on the 28th of October to commemorate the first day animation was telecasted the International Animation Day is celebration. It is the same day in 1892 when the first public display of the animated cartoons was made. On this day the animation enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world watch animated movies and clips to celebrate this day.

1.        Name International Animation Day
2.        OriginAssociation Internationale du Film d’ Animation
3.        First Celebration Date 2002
4.        Celebration TypeInternational
5.Kind OfIMP Day
    6.Celebration Date October 28th

International Animation Day Essay

Origin Of International Animation Day

Charles-Emile Reynaud was the first person to create the projected image of cartoons in animated form. Even though his first public performance was outmoded by cinematograph, they entered into the history of visual entertainments. On the International Day of Animation, people are encouraged to watch an animation film or series, like the Disney Mickey Mouse cartoons, to celebrate the day.

History Of International Animation Day

Reynaud created the first animation device called the Praxinoscope in 1877. Soon after he projected his first animated film called the Pauvre Pierrot. He then showcased it at the Musee Grevin in Paris. This was the day when animation as a mode of entertainment was born. This was also the first time when the film perforations were used. Basically animation is the process of creating moving images by producing static images. This concept is being applied to this date, but that is no longer the method that is being used. There were far less sophisticated instruments in the bygone era. Today the technology is developing at a faster pace which is why animation industry is being able to make use of a lot many resources to enhance the quality.

Story behind International Animation Day

Animation day celebrates the joyful world of animation that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Animation has been used in ad films, short films and to create series. The once Praxinoscope has obviously developed over time. Today there are more modern renditions of animation that use CGI to produce the images. An event such as the International Animation Day serves as an excellent opportunity to put the animated films in the limelight. This is the day when many people prefer to watch animated series only.

Things you didn’t know about Animation

Things about animationDetails
Optical Theatre


Optical theatre was a machine that was used as mirrors and projectors to create images. This technique was used by Reynaud himself.


First cartoon showcase


Reynaud used to act as the projectionist himself and showcase 3 cartoons during his shows back in the 1800s. Each cartoon was 15 minute long and needless to say it was a hit among the masses. Traditionally these projections used to be of hand drawn pictures only.
First animated film everThe Humorous Phases of Funny Faces was the first animated movie ever. It was created by none other than J. Stuart Blackton in the year 1906. 

How is it celebrated?

  • It is celebrated by watching any animated film of the yesteryears. Films that represent various eras of animation are mainly watched.
  • The various themes, styles and creation methods are mainly enjoyed on this day. It is a journey of looking back on how far we’ve come in the world of animation.

New Celebration Ideas

  • People can celebrate animation day by making use of some software to get them animated digitally. This could make animation really popular.
  • People can explore the different arts and comics that have been animated. There are literally dozens of them that people don’t yet know about. Those could be easily explored by the animation lovers.
  • Schools can host some animation movie day. Kids can be introduced to animation movies appropriate for their age.

Purpose of the celebration

  • People can actually learn how much animation affects our minds and lives. Some of the best series and comics we watched growing up are animated. This is an opportunity to celebrate that.
  • People could get accustomed to the rise of technology in animation. This could make the new generation interested in animation.
  • People could learn about the ones that bring to us these good animated series.

Impact on Society

  • Animation day can make people aware of the craft that has been bringing smiles to many. There is a need for people to become aware of the different things related to animation – to become more conscious of it.
  • People can learn to make their own animated movies. This can in turn help the society into expressing itself better.

Response of Society

Society has become more and more aware of the everyday use of animation in their lives. People have also come to know about the different types of the animation movies and series that are available to us. Animation is a combination of science and art and this is what people have mainly learnt about this system. Since traditionally animation movies were made with hand drawn pictures they require some form of artistic impulse. Today technology has advanced and people are learning about its scientific nature too.

Animated movies will be understood more into the society.The charm of animated movies will be lost because of the exposure behind its workings.
Animation will be recognized as a popular means of entertainment.It can take up a lot of file size or disk space. It can also become slow to download.
Animation can become a very interactive way to teach children.It can easily distract people from focusing on the main point being addressed.
People can learn a new method of expressing themselves via art.Animation can be expensive and extremely time consuming to produce.
It can be easily understood even by people with low literacy or who don’t speak English language.Specialist software and skills are needed to create an animated art.
International Animation Day can make people learn about the bygone era of animationIt could be annoying because of all the movements and the repetitive gestures.
Animation can convey a lot with just a little sound and movement.The message can sometimes become messy or misunderstood.
It can convey any message in a light hearted, fun fashion.It needs to use fairly basic graphics or it can become an information overload.


International Animation Day has been developed with the sole purpose of making it a known method of entertainment – and to celebrate the spirit of animation. It is not just useful for one purpose but for many. The very day itself can make people realize the bigger impact of animation. It is educational and extremely enriching for both the young and adult minds alike. It is a celebration of the amalgamation of science and art. Animation is quite a good platform to convey a message but it can easily become quite expensive. Also, there are a lot of technical details that need to be taken care of while handling the animation.


Speech On International Animation Day

These days animation is everywhere. Most of us have grown under the influence of it. Right from the Sunday morning looney toons to the sugary bowl of cereal that had an animated animal, we have been influenced a whole lot by animation throughout our lives. Perhaps we don’t realize the effect of it.

It only goes to show how powerful the medium is. Celebration of International animation Day makes it easier to look into the vital role that animation has been playing in our daily life for so long.

Animation also brings out the really fun side of one’s personality. Suppose if you were to become an animation artist, you would need to have a really great sense of humor. The light hearted messages are incomplete without that touch of humor. Animations make us realize that the world around us is not as dark as we make it out to be.

Perhaps this is the reason that animated films and series are so popular with the kids. There is a hope instilled in them that the world is not as serious that we make it out to be. This is also a reason that these movies are made for the adults too.

The comic books and the fantasy world are more commonly depicted in the animated series. This is because the animation is one place that will give you something more than the reality that you are expecting to see on television. Even the animated movies take us to a different realm altogether. Such kind of innocence and sense of humor is yet to be replicated by the mainstream non animated movies.

Quotes & Status On International Animation Day

What I love the most animation is that it is a team work and whatever we produce is purely imagination.


To be successful in the animation industry, you will have to lose yourself into the character. This is how great animations are created.


Animation is but a medium of telling stories in a fun way through the visual medium, to people of all ages and kinds.


Technology doesn’t create animation any more than a pencil creates the writing. It is the artist that creates the animation.


The entire art of animation is all about creating the illusory life. You simply cannot create it if you don’t live in it.


Animation is not the art of caricatures that move around but the art of the movements that are made into pictures.


In the world of animation, fantasy is your best friend.


Animation is unlike any other art. It is the utopian desire expressed in a comical way. It is a language of caricature that illustrates itself through simple movements.


Animation can hardly be called a genre. It is but a technique.


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