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Jul 172018

Independence Day [15 August – Swatantrata Diwas] Essay History Importance Quotes

Independence Day of any country represents the day of their eternal freedom from the rule of another country. This means that the people of the country are now free to perform any activity of their choice without any restrictions imposed by the government.With independence, the people of the country also get the freedom to speak, express their ideas and move within any part of their home land. For India, achieving Independence was a difficult task, as the country had to over throw the British rule that was followed for over one hundred years. The independence of the country also means independence from British rule and the rights to host the national flag of the country.

Independence Day

Description Table – Indian Independence Day

Day Celebrated AsIndependence Day
Observed ByPeople of the Country – India
Festival TypeNational Festival
ImportanceCommemorates the Countries Independence Day Celebration
Events and ProgrammesNational Flag hosting, National Parades, Light works and fire works, playing Patriotic songs, Reciting National Anthem, Speeches by President and Prime Minister of the Country
Date15th Of August – Every Year
Next Date15th August 2018


History and Story

In the earlier times, India was officially under the British rule. The country gained its Independence from the British early on 15th of August 1947. There were also a number of leaders who had fought against the British rule and helped India attain Independence. One such great leader was Mahatma Gandhi, who fought the British rule with Non-Violence movement. By the time India was under the British rule, People of the country had to face a lot of Humiliations and threats from the British supporting government. Many Indians were also forced to work as slaves under the rule.

Over 150 Years of British rule, the Indians were forced to be slaves within their own home land with restrictions to work, study or even participate in local national events. They were also forced and imposed to pay heavy tax amounts by the government within the country.

Apart from this, the People of the nation were also forced to pay a heavy sum as land tax to the local land lords who were facilitated by the British rule. There were a  number of Indian leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, who were against laying down their dignity in front of the British rule. These leaders opposed the rule of the White government and organized movements like Satya Grah and other forms of revolutions. These were the consequences that forced Britishers to give up their rule within the country.

Celebration Ideas – Independence day

The main aim behind celebrating Independence day is that on this particular day our country had managed to over throw the British rule and achieve independence. Till date we as Indians all around the world celebrate this day with its full pride and prejudice.

  • The normal day celebration begins with the Flag hosting ceremony in various schools, colleges, government departments, presidents office and prime ministers office.
  • People of the nation also gather within their small patriotic groups and organize flag hosting events. The day begins by reciting the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana”.
  • People of the country pay their respect to the national flag as they stand in no gesture position in front of the flag at the time of hosting with their hands duly folded to respect its integrity.
  • Besides flag hosting and national anthem, people also celebrate this very day by reciting and listening to patriotic songs. Most people are so patriotic that they never miss a chance to celebrate this day with their family members and kids at the school or community functions.
  • The government of the country also participates in the national festival celebration by organizing a number of patriotic programs and event celebrations. The government also aims every year to honor people of the country by different awards, medals and prizes.
  • The government also rewards the people who have lost their lives for the nation and offers some set amount as compensation of honor to the family members. Apart from this, on this day the government also announces a number of schemes and other benefits for the poor and needy people of the country.
  • On this day people of the nation also take time to mourn for the leaders and freedom fighters who had lost their lives on the path of achieving independence for the country and its people.

Big movements

During the fight for Independence, Indian leaders had organized a number of small and big movements within the country to express their non-corporation against the British rule. This was done solely with an aim to oppose the British rule system and achieve independence. Some such movements include:-

1          1857 Rebellion movement – This movement was organized against East India Company when Mangal Pandey shot dead Lt. Henry Baugh at a Ground. Later on he was Joint by others including Tatia Topi and Maharani Laxmibai against freedom movement.

2          National Congress Formation – The Indian national congress was formed in 1885 March by members of Theosophical society. The party was formed with an aim to oppose the British rule and empire by Dadabhai Naoroji and Dinshaw Wacha and other members.

3          Bengal Partition – In July 1905, Bengal was partitioned by Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India. The partition divided the Muslim and Hindus into two communities with an aim to divide and rule Indians. The population of the country opposed this movement.

4          Jallianwala Bagh – This was one movement that changed the entire face of Indian History and new rebels like Bhagat singh were forced to join the Fight for freedom.

5          Salt March – This was a movement lead by Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 were 388 Km march was organized from Ahmedabad to Dandi to protest the British rule.

6          Quit India Movement– This movement was organized in 1942 by Mahatma Gandhi with an aim to tell British government to leave the country and its people. This movement was also termed as August Kranti or Bharat Chodo Aandolan.


It is obvious that India had attained its Independence after a long struggle done by Popular leaders and freedom fighters. The independence was attained at the cost of thousands of lives of innocent Indian people who fought against the British rule. We as People of the country should in fact respect the Independence we have attained after long struggle.

Independence day quotes

1          Indian managed to dominate and conquer China for past 20 Centuries even without sending any soldier inside the china border. – Shih

2          Long time ago a tryst was made by the people of the country and today after midnight hour we as a nation shall be celebrating our independence and freedom. – J. L. Nehru.

3          If I die serving the nation, every ounce of blood in my body will help the nation flourish to its fullest and make it much more strong. – Indira Gandhi.

4          One cannot be forced to be a slave of another human being. One can have my body but not my soul. So it is me who will be the winner at the end. – Mahatma Gandhi.

 5         India is the only country that worships Two million Gods. It truly is the Millionaire as compared to other nations. – Mark Twain.

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