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Importance Of Organ Donation Essay

Importance Of Organ Donation Essay
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 By the method of organ donation, an individual donates his or her healthy organ parts to another person who requires organ transplantation. It is a very generous act and if done in the right way it can save thousands of lives. This would definitely depend on donor and their family whether they are agreeing on the donation or not. In other words it can be said to be a process of procurement or retrieving an organ from a dead or alive person who would be known as a Donor. 

Importance Of Organ Donation 

There are several ways of donation and they are mentioned as follows:

  1. Donation after brain death or DBD:In case a person is diagnosed dead due to severe brain injury and resulting from this, the person might lose his or her ability to breathe, it might call for donation of the required organs. This situation comes up when the person has been kept alive with ventilator support system and in this way oxygen is circulated with the help of blood.
  2. Donation after circulatory death or DCD:A person might be determined as dead due to circulatory problems. The person has lost functioning of heart and lungs after the heart attack. It can also be required to go for organ transplantation in case the person is taken out of the life-supporting system from a critical care environment.
  3. Living donation:Through medical operation, you can still plan to donate your organ. In some cases, it can be a small part of your liver, lungs or the hip or the amniotic membrane.

Which are the organs that can be donated?

There are different organs such a sliver, kidneys, tissues such as corneas and bone marrow that can be transplanted. Following this transplantation, the patient can be expected to survive for many years and sometimes decades. The type of organ that can be donated depends on the donor whether the person is alive or dead. Only few organs and tissue can be donated by a living donor and it includes a kidney, part of pancreas, part of liver. Other than this, transplants in case of dead donors can include some other parts as well such as pancreas, liver, kidney, tissues etc.

How the donation does take place?

  1. First, the donor would undergo certain medical tests and evaluation to ensure that the person is compatible with the person on the other end.
  2. The compatibility medical test would be confirmed by a doctor and after this the donation can take place.
  3. The donor’s organ would be taken out surgically and would be stored in special chemical mixed solutions until the donation takes place.
  4. The body of the donor is surgically closed after the organ has been taken out.
  5. Following this, if needed the donor have to stay under medical treatment and observation for some time.

Importance of organ donation

The decision of donating organ can be easy for some, whereas it can be hard for others. Donor sometime fear that doctors may not be careful enough to handle with the transplantation. It might also result in some psychological problem in the donor and think about his death when he is supposed to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, when planning to undergo organ transplantation, it is important to consult a good doctor who would help the donor throughout the transplantation procedure.

Awareness of organ donation

India is suffering from acute shortage of organs and due to this numerous patients are not able to survive. Owing to this, it is important for individuals to realize the importance of organ donation and help in creating awareness of the same. The more potential are the donors, the more chances of livelihood for the people. By this way, organ donation organization would help facilitate transplantation of organs easily. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of India citizen are aware of organ donation and the importance of how they could help after deaths.

Further, it been estimated that more than millions of people suffering from different diseases die due to organ failure. Among these numbers, only 3,500 transplants can be performed successfully every year. On a daily basis, 15 patients die due to shortage of organs. In this way, the demand for organs is increasing day by day.

How to encourage people to donate organ?

It has been estimated that many people are dying every year in United States on account of shortage of organs. During 1997, the United States Department of Health and Human Services surveyed 56,716 people waiting for hearts, pancreas, and kidney. The list of people who are in need of organs increase every year and therefore, steps should be taken to curb the situation. However, it has been decided that the donor or the family of the donor would be compensated for donating organs. Therefore, in order to spread a feeling of trust among the family of the donor, it has been decided to reward the generosity of the donor and their family.

The final words

Therefore, as already mentioned, in case of living donors, they can only transplant a limited list of organs or tissue. The primary purpose of ORGAN India organization is to create awareness and help in using easy transplantations because more number of organs can be harvested from the body of a dead person. Thus, let someone enjoy the moment of seeing through your eyes. So, Organ transplantation is rightly considered of the greatest achievements of medical science that can help a dying person and get back his life.


  • Nothing can be better than helping someone live after your death when you donate your organs.
  • Do not let other person die due to lack of donor and support donation across our nation.
  • Recycle organs once you are done using it.
  • After you pass, make arrangements to pass your organs so that the patient’s life goes on.
  • Although it hurts, give it and you would be rewarded in heaven.

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