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Hindi Divas Celebration Essay 2019

Hindi Divas Celebration Essay [Importance, History] Speech Quotes [हिन्दी दिवस]

On the 14th of September, Hindi Divas is celebrated since 1949. The initiation of the Hindi Divas took place from the Devanagari script written in Hindi and it has been adopted by the Constituent Assembly. From then, Hindi is considered as the national language of the country. The journey has not been that easy as it sounds like most of the famous personalities like Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupt, and Beohar Rajendra Simha including others debated for the acceptance of the issue. After long controversies, the outcome ultimately showed its results on the 50th birthday of Beohar Rajendra Simha. There are a total of 22 languages in India and out of these only Hindi and English are used by Union government of India. Considering the present situation, Hindi language is spoken by more than 250 million people who consider it as their regional language. In addition to this, it is also the fourth language in the world. The decision of considering Hindi as the national language has been ratified by the Indian constitution which came into being on the 26th of January 1950.

Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas14th of September, 1949


Approval date26th January, 1950
Number of people speaking the languagenearly 250 million
Initial use of languageDevanagari script
Hindi speaker as first language425 million
Hindi speaker as second language120 million

Importance of Hindi in independent India

  • After some years of Independence, the government of India felt a need to enhance the cultural importance; linguistic and bringing together the religious groups in this vast country.
  • Therefore, the government thought to have a unique flavor for the unification of the mass.
  • Since the country did not have any national language, Hindi was decided as one such that would be spoken throughout the country.
  • Hindi was first chosen as national language in northern India as it was considered to be the safe place to start with the implementation of the language.

How Hindi Divas is celebrated?

Among all the countries, Hindi Divas is celebrated mostly in Delhi with great enthusiasm. On that day, people get engaged in a lot of activities and it is celebrated with great joy throughout the city. The celebration goes on like any other festival and it helps in enhancing the importance and increased usage of the national language in throughout the country. The main aim of the celebration is to commemorate the day. In addition to this, the PHD Chamber of commerce in New Delhi celebrates Hindi Diwas Samaroh on 14th of September. On the Hindi Divas celebration, several other functions also take place and one of them is known as Hindi Hain Hum. In addition to this, other functions are also organized on the same day. Similarly, President Pranab Mukherjee was part of the celebration in the year 2016. Thus, it can be expected that the present President of the country would take part in the upcoming Hindi Divas celebration.

What is the main reason behind Hindi Divas?

The main purpose to celebrate and identify a single day as Hindi Divas is that it would make people use the language and think about its importance. On that day, all the offices where people mostly communicate in English are requested to speak in Hindi and honor the day. Often it has been found, that the existence of Hindi is threatened by the use of English as a colloquial language. People in various institutions are requested to speak in Hindi on Hindi Divas. Therefore, it is required to plan for better development of the national language throughout the country toward a new dimension. It would help to prevent the extinction of the language and help to maintain its cultural richness throughout the country.

Also, on Hindi Diwas, several awards are given by the Indian President to individuals who have contributed greatly in the field of Hindi language. It also includes several poets who have composed famous poems in Hindi and these are good evidence to know about their love for the language. It also includes individuals who belonged to Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. Along with this, other ministry, departments and nationalized banks are rewarded Official Language Award on Hindi Divas.Besides, on the Hindi Divas, two awards have been renamed. It is the Rajiv Gandhi National Knowledge-Science Fundamental Book Writing Award that has been changed to RajbhashaGauravPuraskar award.

How can the language be developed?

For the improvement of Hindi language, Hindi Development Forum is working toward the development of the same. Though, Hindi is in the third position among the list of the most spoken language, it has been declared as the official language dating back to 1949. But unfortunately, even after so many years of Independence, the development of Hindi language has not been achieved perfectly. Thus, the forum has been set up for the development of the same and it also aims to make Hindi literature more interesting. It would help people honor Hindi at a global level. In addition, educational campaigns have also been developed to upgrade the literacy growth in the city. The Hindi Development Forum is also working toward increasing public awakening with the help of print and electronic media for community education, sanitation, social service, spiritual health, and increased environmental care.


However, the celebration of Hindi language has influenced the use of the language throughout the city. In this way, other language should also be used in different spheres of life. In this regard, President Pranab Mukherjee is also of the opinion that by celebrating the language, the significance of the same has improved manifold in the past few years. In addition to this, Hindi has been introduced as one of the important languages in most of the reputed educational centers in various countries. This would help people to maintain cultural and historical aspect of Indian culture. The spread of the language should be encouraged more in the coming years as well.

Quotes on the importance of Hindi Divas

  1. Rajendra Prasad said that for the progress of any country, it should be proud of its literature and language and encourage people throughout the country to use the same.
  2. Rajendra Prasad is further of the opinion that Hindi has always been accepted throughout the year and for the existence of the same, no other language has been neglected. It is often because Hindi is not of foreign origin.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi said that a nation is cannot proceed without the existence of a national language.
  4. According to KamlapatiTripathi, Hindi language is considered to be the soul of our rich culture.
  5. SumitraNandan Pant said that by the help of the Hindi language, it becomes easiest expression of the nation.

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