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Halloween Day Essay Speech Quotes & Status

Halloween Day Essay Speech Quotes & Status History Story & New Celebration Ideas Date 

Halloween Day Essay


The most renowned and famous international festival of all time, the Halloween Day is a globally celebrated on the 31st of October every year. The Day is celebrated for the dead, saints and martyrs of the world. It is popularly known as Halloween Evening which takes place on the eve of the Christian Feast that occurs on the November 1st, every year.The Halloween Party is celebrated at a large scale in some of the major parts of the world. Though some of the eastern countries such as Asian countries don’t celebrate the day, but still the day is been celebrated internationally. In Halloween party, as it is a celebration of the dead people, people throw parties that have horror themes, kids watch horror movies and bonfires, tricks and magic and lot more events take place during Halloween Evening.

Halloween Day Essay'

Origin Of Halloween

It is believed that the Halloween is strictly Christian Originated. Nearly 2000 years back in ancient times there was a festival called Celtic Harvest Festival Samhain had taken a place on the 1st day of the month of November. The event was considered as the Christian New Year and also it was said that the day was considered as the end of summer season and cold winter had been started.

On 31st October, the night before the New Year was celebrated as the evening of the martyrs and saints. From that time the day is been celebrated in the land where currently United Kingdom, Southern France and Ireland is situated.

History Of Halloween Day

Halloween was originated from the Roman Festive Celtic Harvest Festival 2000 years ago. In 43 AD, Roman Empire started two festivals that took place during the end of the month October. One of them was to honor the Roman goddess of trees and fruits called Pamona. The symbol that Pamona possessed was an Apple. This could be the reason why the bobbing of apple takes place in every Halloween celebration in each country.

Later Pope Boniface and Pope Gregory had extended the celebration to dedicate the martyrs and the saints. Much later, when the Christian influence started spreading all over the Celtic lands the Halloween celebration also started taking new directions. People started dressing like Saints, Devils and Angels, parades took place, bobbing apples, bonfires, horror movies and much more events took place and it still remains the same in all the countries that celebrate Halloween.

Originated in2000 years ago
First celebrated byRomans
Celebrated forDead, Saint, Martyrs
Originated fromChristian

Story Behind Halloween Day

Halloween is the most loved celebration in the western countries after Christmas. Not only kids but people from all ages come and join for the celebration of Halloween. Bobbing apples, lighting bonfires, watching horror movies, dress like devils, angels and saints and much more fun make the celebration more attractive.

1.        NameHalloween Day
2.        OriginChristian
3.        First Celebration DateOctober 31st , 2000 years ago
4.        Celebration TypeInternational
5.        Kind OfFestive
6.        Date TypeFix
7.        Halloween day celebration dates
8.        31st October 2016
9.        31st October 2017
10.    31st October 2018
11.    31st October 2019
12.    31st October 2020

How it is celebrated?

  • Halloween day is apt for the kids. To celebrate the evening in full swing they buy new cloths every year and they dress like angels or devils. Also they visit the house parties where friends and family join them to celebrate the day.
  • Another way to celebrate the evening is to play various games like trick and treating, bobbing apples, carving pumpkins and so on. Carving pumpkins is the most common thing in Halloween evening to celebrate the event.
  • Another way to celebrate the evening is lighting the bonfires and dance around it. Lighting bonfires is yet another common way to celebrate the Halloween party where elders can enjoy by roaming or dancing around the bonfire.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Halloween is kind of a theme based celebration where people know the basics of the occasion. On the basis of the concept of the day, people can try out some new ideas to celebrate it like drama shows or flash mobs.
  • Try out new cloths. It comes only once in every year and everyone dresses like either devil with black cloths or angel with white ones. Why not something new? Why not something fusion? Wearing a common man’s attire and showing the evil and the angel in the same attire would be the unique one.

Purpose / Need / Importance of the Celebration

  • The celebration takes place to depict the importance of the dead, saint and the martyrs. The purpose of the Halloween started back in the ancient times to depict the end of summer and the beginning of cold winter that destroys everything.
  • On the other day was also celebrated to show the end of a year and beginning of the New Year on the 1st day of the month November. The aim of the celebration is to welcome the new.
  • Also it was mentioned that the celebration took place to honor the Roman goddess of fruits and trees Pamona. For the goddess Pamona who symbolized Apple, people still participate in the apple juggling events during the Halloween Party.

Impact on Society

  • Halloween Day is celebrated as a festival in all the countries and society has taken it so gladly. In western countries like USA and also in UK, the Halloween day is one of the biggest events after the Christmas.
  • It can be said that the impact on the society of this celebration is very positive. From kids to the elders, from friends to family, almost everyone celebrates the day with full enjoyment.

Response of the Society

As mentioned that the society has taken the celebration completely in joyful mood. The celebration today does not restrict to the saint or martyrs celebration or the Roman Goddess honors, but it does become one of the biggest events that make the entire society have fun and create big bang events all over the places.

Pros and Cons

There are many fun momentsKids can get scared by the horror themes
Kids can play tricks and treatingKids who are unable to understand the tricks can be affected by the devil activities
Juggling apples can be a fun actEvery year apple bobbing leads to destruction of many fruits
Dress like devils and angels can be funny actScary acts can adversely affect the kids
Lighting bonfires are a big part of the celebrationThis can lead to accident if not be careful about certain things
The pumpkin carving is also a funny part of the many eventsit also leads to the ruining of Pumpkin fruit every year in bulk amount
Mostly the celebration takes place in a large way which allows everyone to enjoy the events to the fullestThe large way of celebration snatches many bucks which can be a problem for many
Most of the western countries celebrate the dayChristians who don’t celebrate the day can oppose the celebration as still there is confusion about the origin of the day.


The Halloween day is no doubt originated from the Christian religion, the Christian community celebrates the day in certain numbers of countries across the world. On the last day of the month of October, i.e., 31st October the day is been celebrated every year. On this day kids and folks dress like devils, angels and some dress like saints. The fruits like apples are juggled, pumpkins are carved and new dresses are brought for the kids and family. Friends and folks join the party, light the bonfires and have much more fun with dance, horror movies, and horror themed parties and so on.


Halloween Day Speech

Speech On Halloween Day 

No doubt Christmas is the biggest celebration for every Christian in the world. We all get ready, buy new cloths, meet friends, get gifts and have loads of fun during Christmas. But apart from Christmas there is another big event that takes place in some of the countries is Halloween Day. Though many of the leading countries don’t celebrate the day as much as Americans do, but still the day has deep impact on the kids as well as the adults.

It is a fix dated festival that takes place every year. On 31st October every year we celebrate Halloween Day with all our friends and family. It is the day when we forget everything and enjoy to the fullest. Talking about the enjoyment we must not forget about the tricks and treating for Halloween which is one of the most enjoyable events for the evening. The game is for all. For the kids Halloween is one such event when they get new cloths, gifts, candy and lot more to cherish for. Pumpkin carving is another thing that kids enjoy on Halloween.

The Halloween Day is one such occasion that lets everyone go gaga over the dancing, dressing, apple bobbing, watching horror movies, reading horror stories, horror-themed parties and everything that is related to devil as well as angels. Though the day is been celebrated for the dead, but now it has become one of the brightest occasions of all time. For the rest of the life we must keep everything aside and celebrate the day to the fullest.


Halloween Day Quotes And Status

Quots & Status On Halloween Day


I have celebrated the Halloween all my life it is the biggest turning point in Pagan Calendar for me always.


I don’t consider myself as Halloween kind of the guy because every day is a Halloween for me.


When you Act it is like you are putting your Halloween mask on.


The Halloween is the celebration that adults don’t snatch from the kids, but kid in adults enjoys it to the fullest.


My grandmother always pretends on Halloween that she doesn’t recognize me.


Halloween is the only celebration when you can be creative.


We all have a kid inside us who is still a trick-or-treat searching for a bright front porch.


I am simple in romance, I am like ‘movie and dinner’ types, I love food and you can surprise me with new dishes but I am truly a kid at Halloween.


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