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Girl Child Day India Essay Quotes Speech Theme

National Girl Child Day in India Essay Quotes Speech

National Girl Child Day in India is celebrated to encourage the daughters of the nation. As the crime and negligence against girl children in our society is increasing, this day was declared few years back to celebrate the achievements of girls in the country.

National Girl Child Day in India Essay Quotes Speech


Celebration Day

Every year on 24th of January the nation celebrates National Girl Child Day. On this day the entire nation celebrates by following certain theme.

First Declared By

In the year 2009, the Woman and Child Development Department of India has announced about celebrating the day for the girl child in the nation. 24th January is the same day when former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi has taken swears as Prime Minister of the nation. She was the first woman who had achieved such designation in the country. In the year 2009, the central government has declared the day to celebrate the achievement of the women power in the nation.

History of first celebration

24th January 2009 was the first year celebration of National Girl Child Day. In that year the main agenda was to celebrate the achievement of the woman power in the nation. Along with that various campaigns have organised by the central government across the state.

Most important campaign was organised against female foeticide. A large part of the nation still kill girl foetus as they wish to have male child. Many a clinics in urban and semi-urban areas opt for sex detection of the foetus and with parents’ consent they undergo abortion.

Scenario in rural areas is even worse. Even when they don’t get to know whether it is a girl child or boy, they kill the infant within a day or two after she is born. To remove such inhuman practices in the nation, the campaigns have started on First National Girl Child Day.

Apart from foeticide, domestic violence and malnutrition were also added to the agenda of celebrating the day. Along with praising the achievers in the nation, the authority also promotes the awareness of saving a girl child.

How it is celebrated

  • To celebrate the day bunch of events and campaigns are being organised across the nation. Every year the celebration follows a certain theme. Following that theme events are being organised in diverse states on that day.
  • Through these events the authority spreads the awareness of saving girl child. To reach more people, authorities publish advertisements on Television, news papers and also on radio channels.
  • To advertise more authorities and organisations distribute leaflets, set up kiosk near busy locations or areas in cities and districts. Also by sending crowd texting to common people, the authority grabs more attention from people.
  • Apart from that, many a states arrange campaigns where free education is given to the people about girls’ hygiene and health. They need proper sanitization and washrooms to use. Many more things regarding nutrition, health and pregnancy have been taught in these campaigns.

Need of celebrating the day

In India, female literacy rate is less than 55%, 33% of the female young population in India is suffering from malnutrition. According to Census data sex ratio is 933 in India. While rural data shows 946, urban shows 900. To increase the sex ratio in the nation it is important to save girl child.

Alongside due to early marriage and unhygienic standard of life, many girls suffer from anaemia, early age pregnancy, miscarriage and many other diseases that are difficult to cure.

Apart from health issue, most of the girl children are not allowed to continue with their studies and schools. It is been said by the society that girls are made for kitchen so they don’t need to go to school. To change the mentality various steps to be taken.

Celebrating National Girl Child Day is one of the many moves that have taken to spread awareness about the importance of girl child in our society and nation.


Since the National Girl Child Day has been started it is following different themes in different years. First year it was ‘Save the Girl Child’ theme that was considered. In 2017, that is last year it was ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ theme for the National Girl Child Day.


Though women are reaching sky high and achieving so much of success in their lives, still many parts of the nation are favouring boys over girl child in the family. It is high time that people must change their mind and give equal importance to the girls in society.

Quotes On Girl Child Day

  1. A female has all rights to her body, even when she is in the womb, she has right to live.
  2. Under her makeup and her neat hairdo, there is a sign that says ‘Handle with care’. Because a girl is whole by all the means but not a toy by any means.
  3. All the guys need their mother, their sister and a wife… If you kill the girls who would your son gets married to?
  4. Let your daughters grow, be with them as their friend, don’t be the foe and kill them before showing them the world.


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