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Jan 312019

Gender Equality Essay Speech and Quotes

Gender equality indicates the condition when men and women are able to enjoy equal rights in every opportunity that they avail. In every sphere of life including economic participation both men and women needs are equally valued. Other than considering men and women as equal, gender equality offers equal rights to men and women including equal treatment in a wide range of roles. Owing to some societal flaws and social constructions prevailing for a long time, women are often discriminated in the decision making part. They are also restricted from using different social and economic resources. Thus, by the introduction of gender equality, the discrimination would be abolished, and all will be considered equal.

Gender equality

 Factors resulting in gender gap existing in the society

  • Patriarchal society – Women are considered as the second citizens when it comes to decision making in the labor force, political cases, and economic engagements. In addition, women participation is comparatively low and unequal treatment prevailing both women laws and policies. This has only resulted in a greater impact on gender inequality when women are deprived of their rights.
  • Family structure – When it comes to family structure, a girl child is considered a burden. Pertaining to this, it is seen that girl child is killed in the mother’s womb. This is ultimately affecting the gender ratio in the country and leading to problems of economic inequality.
  • Nation-based variations – Several measures have been introduced such as protection of girl child and empowerment of girls in the education and health sectors. This will further help to improve women’s participation in every sector.
  • Women sensitive policies – Many women sensitive policies have been introduced like proper family planning, providing adequate maternity information to women. In addition, policies have been made to give maternity leave to women. One of the major policies that have helped women is to fight against domestic violence and abuse in different sectors. Policies are framed in such a way that it will help women to look career opportunities in education and health sectors to abolish the problems of inequality.

Equality does not mean being identical

There is a certain meaningful difference between men and women in every sphere of life, and this cannot be regarded as the basis of gender inequality in society. However, equality should point towards equal rights for men and women in different spheres of life. In this relation, women should not be discriminated on grounds like religion, race, age and other factors. It further indicates that a person should be judged depending on their merit and they should not be viewed as superior or inferior. To have proper equality among gender, it is important to eliminate the prejudice that is prevailing in our society. People try to get away from the problems that they have against some person for the fact that they are female. However, it should be understood by all equal right may not be enough as inequality roots in people’s mind. Our prejudices should be changed and need to fix it in order to maintain equality among men and women in society.

What are the ways to get gender equality in society?

Since gender issues are among the major concerns, different movements have taken place in this relation. Women are making groups together and fighting for equal rights and abolition of problems like girl abuse in the society. In addition to this, there is a need to make places for women representatives in the political sphere. But according to estimations, Europe is the second largest when it comes to women representative in the political sphere. Some other steps are elaborated in the following part of the article.

Prevent cases of child marriage

Girl child and sexual harassment should be taken care of, and instead, girls should be encouraged to complete their education and pursue their career. In this relation, education should be made gender sensitive so that women could have increased access to educational sectors. They should be treated as equal compared to boys. Though progresses are slow in the educational sector, positive stereotypes should be introduced.

Facilities should be made available to women

A reason for which we are lagging behind in achieving equality for women in that women’s decision is not voiced in every sphere. Both in national and global decision making spheres, women and girls should be included. In addition, they should be allowed to use a mobile phone that indicates girl empowerment. By using mobile phones, they will be able to use technology better and deal with challenges easily. Similar to this, it is also important to empower the mothers so that they are able to guide their daughters better. They should also allow their girl child to go to school and get a proper education and choose the career of their choice.

Also, girls should be encouraged to take part in non-vocational training sessions that will help them to break taboos. By the involvement in non-vocational training, girls will be able to make certain changes in age-old concepts.

Working together

The ratio of girls in the secondary schools have fallen from 82 to 83 girls compared to every 100 boys to 63 to 67 girls compared to 100 boys calculated at the tertiary level. This shows the level of progress in number girls enrolling in the schools compared to boys. There has been a growth in gender equality compared to the previous times. To address the difference in the gap, girls should take a prominent position in bringing certain changes in the society.

Gender equality quotes

  • People have started to raise their daughters like their sons, and this will help to eliminate the line of difference between men and women.
  • Culture has nothing to do with people. In order to make culture, women should be given full humanity in society.
  • Women are neither less nor more when compared to men. Instead, they are equally stronger, wiser, intelligent and creative compared to men.
  • To maintain equality in society, both men and women should feel to be sensitive, strong.

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