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Facebook Day Date History Foundation Essay Speech

Facebook Day Date History Foundation Essay Speech

Facebook day is said to be the birthday of one of the most popular social media sites called Facebook. The founder of the site Mark Zuckerberg addresses the day as Friends’ Day as well. Every year since the site started Facebook celebrates Happy Facebook Day on its birthday.

Facebook Day Date

Facebook Day date comes on 4th February every year. Facebook Inc celebrates the day with its users every year on the site. Facebook Inc posts videos and themes to celebrate the day with its 1.5 million users.

Foundation Day

4th February 2004 was the foundation day of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of this social media platform. He was a student when he started this social media site. Facebook was started by Mark and his roommates and restricted to the students of Harvard University only. With an active and a valid email ID any student can open an account in Facebook.

Afterwards few more colleges that can use facebook have added to the list. Within a year it was expanded to 21 universities. Today it has a family of more than 1.5 million users and still counting.

History of Facebook Day

  • Creation: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social site has started writing the codes for the same since a long time. Then a college student, Mark wanted to make a platform where friends from far can connect easily. Hence world’s one of the largest social media platform, Facebook has developed.
  • Features: With each passing year, Facebook changes its features/designs/theme on its birthday. Every year some users get happy with the change, some don’t. On the occasion of 10th year anniversary in 2014, Facebook tried diverse features and layouts.
  • Friends’ Day: On the occasion of 12th anniversary of Facebook Day, the company declared a day called Friends’ Day. As the platform started with the agenda to connect friends, they call it a Friends’ Day.
  • Video: On this occasion Facebook Inc started a customised video for all the users of the site. Whoever logged in on that day to the app or website, have seen their customised video on Friends’ Day where they pile up some of the best pictures and moments shared by the user on Facebook.
  • Memory/On This Day: Facebook started On This Day feature in the year 2015. Just after the Facebook Day, the company launched this feature. Every user gets to cherish the throw back moment with this feature. Once you log in, you will see the post from previous years posted on that very date. You can share your memory with your friends on your timeline.

Facebook is one of the most common social networking sites in the world today. Still there is a large part of the world that finds Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat more complicated than Facebook. Hence Facebook has successfully grabbed more than half of the world as its users at this moment.

On Facebook’s birthday the company celebrates Facebook Day as well as Friends’ Day (since 2016). Every year Facebook changes/adds a new feature on the occasion of Facebook Day for its users.

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