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Sep 212019

Face-Coin Libra Cryptocurrency

This century is witnessing several changes that are happening around every day and economic change is another thing that is happening. It is said the payment method will become much cheaper and easier and to make the payment one does not need any bank or credit card companies. The change is happening in China itself, and that is the interesting part of the coin and in case of the United States of America. Until now the money transaction is made through the mobile phones. According to the survey of 2018, showed that the cashless payment brought 41.l5 trillion dollars and the money was transacted through Alipay, and other e-wallets.

Facts about Libra

According the famous social media Facebook, Libra is a global currency that will bolster the financial infrastructure. Facebook has created Libra and it will be promoted by Facebook created encrypted technology that is also used by the bit coin. Therefore you can call Libra a cryptocurrency that will be joining the league of cryptocurrency payment method. The Facebook said that there are 1.7 billion people who cannot access to the bank account and this is the reason they came up with the idea of launching cryptocurrency in the market.

The launch of Libra

The planning and concept of Libra came in the fore front on 19th June, 2019. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the crypto currency is coming to the market. The crypto currency Libra will be supervised by the Libra Association. They are trying to launch the crypto currency in 2020. The Facebook is hoping that the launch of cryptocurrency will bolster the financial system and a financial system that will not be controlled by the conventional brokers of Wall Street. As the Libra coins has all the qualities to become the independent and effective currency in the world so it will be accepted in many countries.

The features of Libra

  • Libra will be run by a non-profit organization and that will be beneficial for the people who cannot access bank or other financi9al organization.
  • It will make the payment easier that is being said by the CEO of Facebook.
  • As the Libra will be operated by the non-profit organization, the social media giant will run a digital wallet called Calibra.
  • The objective behind the crypto currency is that it will help the people who are not from the first world country will get the access to the money.

With planning of Libra, it is believed that, as soon as the cryptocurrency launches in the market, the people around the world will accept it. The social media like Facebook that is the creator of that cryptocurrency, will try to build the network to promote the trust among the people.The cryptocurrency will also take care of the privacy of the customers. It is said that the Libra will be connected with Calibra and people who want to use Libra, they need to download Calibra. In order to, use the cryptocurrency one needs to have a smartphone.

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