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What is Cambridge Analytica And Facebook Scandal

What is Cambridge Analytica And Facebook Scandal

  • As per the sources, both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook (Social Media) are being accused of using the personal data of users for their benefit. The sources have also stated that the accusation has been denied completely by both companies.
  • Chanel News 4 (British Media) had earlier on 19th March 2018 released a short clip involving Alexander Nix (Cambridge Analytica –CEO). The News channel released a film in which Alexander Nix was caught making statements related to his firm making use of misinformation, bribes and sex workers with an aim to help political candidates win global votes for their firm.
  • As per the reports, the important user data was used by the companies to forward messages at the time of running political campaigns that was organized by Cambridge Analytica for victory at the time of Trump’s election campaign.

The under cover operation carried out had managed to draw the attention of the global population towards Cambridge Analytica on account of statements made by companies senior executives related to running fake news, using entrapment techniques and data manipulation.

facebook cambridge analytica data scandal

In the midst of the above mentioned string operation carried out, Facebook is also in the middle of the dispute on account of using personal data at the time of election campaigns. There have been allegations made if the data was actually used at the time of election campaigns in 2016 in US to affect the election results for Presidential elections and Brexit vote.

The allegations have been denied by both companies.

Highlights of the string operation

  • There was a brief telecast run by the Britain’s Channel four News related to suggestions made by Alexander Nix. He had stated the companies making use of misinformation, bribes and sex workers to help electing candidates win more number of votes on the global platform.
  • There were also allegations made by the Cambridge Analytica about the whole report being framed by the News channel. Apart from this he also stated that the firm had no such intentions to carry out any such activities by using harvested data for their benefit.
  • As defensive statement, the news channel members stated that the wealthy Sri Lankan representative was framed by the News agency as an entrapment tactics after series of official meetings carried out earlier.

How was this disclosed earlier?

  • Following the broadcast of the film by Channel Four News, an article was officially published by The Observer- UK News magazine and The New York Times. In the press release it was highlighted how the Facebook profiles of millions of its trusted users was actually being used by the company and shared with the Cambridge Analytica.
  • Global Science Research company had also launched a new app termed as “thisisyourdigitallife”. The app was officially launched in 2014 as per Aleksandr Kogan in which the company had paid some amount of money to the users for undergoing a simple psychological assessment. The entire data was officially maintained by the app and was shared by the profile friends of each user. This was clearly mentioned in the reports published.
  • As per the reports over 50 million users from the Facebook accounts were targeted whose data was collected and later on was sold to the Cambridge Analytica. The firm had made use of the entire database at the time of crafting a software so the results of the elections could be manipulated. The allegations were disclosed by Christopher Wylie.
  • In the later stages, Cambridge Analytica had made use of the purchased data to deliver online pro-Trump material by developing Users Psychographic profiles.
  • As per the Cambridge Analytica, there was no such act carried out by the company at the time of election campaign and so no data was used for creating user profiles.

Facebook’s  response to the situation

  • Facebook has already agreed that it had legally obtained all the user database from Cambridge Analytica and that the allegations made by Kogan were all fake, as made on the social media.
  • It was also stated that the Social media had actually banned the app in 2015 and had ordered the firm to get rid of the data collected. As per recent reports the firm had never physically destroyed the data and the suggestions were only made by Cambridge Analytica related to deleting the data permanently, which was never followed.
  • He also stated that as the companies rights it will take all possible steps for protecting the user sensitive data from being misused. The company had also stated that the senior executives are working round the clock to ensure that all preventive steps are being taken for collecting facts.
  • Till date no such statements have officially been made by Sheryl Sandberg (COO) and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) related to the allegations made.

Importance of this story and aftermaths

  • This story is important in case the data was ever misused as it is not legal for anyone to use sensitive users data for generating results for election campaigns.
  • As per the statements made, the main role of Cambridge Analytica is not yet clear on account of denials made by the company in local News Papers. So far on the basis of research it has only been clear that Cambridge Analytica as responsible for carrying out the election campaign for Trump in 2016.
  • As per further statements made it is obvious that the statements have yet to be made by Mark Zucherberg related to sensitive user data. An investigation will also be carried out by investigating team as stated by European Parliament official head.
  • As per follow ups, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix have already been suspended till further notice by the investigating team. As per the investigating team, it shall carry out investigation seriously and look into the matter before disclosing its report officially.

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