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Dynasty History In India Essay Debate Speech

Dynasty History In India Essay Debate Speech And Quotes 

When the political, administrative, or economic power remains in the hands of a particular family, and passes down from one generation to another, without allowing people of other bloodlines into the system, it creates a dynasty. You will find several examples of such royal as well as political dynasties in the world. India has been dominated by such royal families since ancient times. Now the royals have been replaced by the supremacy of some political families.

Dynasty History Debate Speech Quotes

History of Dynasties

India has been a nation of kings and princely classes. Several similar royal families had shaped and reshaped the fate of the people over many centuries. As soon as a kingdom was established in any part of the nation, it started a dynasty. According to ancient historical records, the very first dynasty that was established in the nation was ruled by Ikshwakkak. Ancient India flourished under the kings of the Sun Dynasty. The seat of their power was located on the banks of River Saryu. Another prominent king of this dynasty was Bhagirath. According to ancient religious books, he prayed to Goddess Ganga and persuaded her to come down on earth, for the betterment of mankind. Then there was Lord Rama who took the dynasty to new levels, and India truly entered its golden times, during his reign.

Over time, the nation came under the rule of several kings. When you take a look at the Mughal age, you will see the formation and progress of another dynasty. The Mughal dynasty was started by the Emperor Babur, which ended with the fall of Aurangzeb. In between, there were four other prominent Mughal emperors, all of whom belonged to the same bloodline.

Present Dynasty in politics

We have seen that political families wield a lot of power and in time the predecessors pass on the baton in the hands of the next generation. Both American and India are democratic nations, but there are several examples, which will show that political dynasties have played a major role in shaping the future of the country. It seems that these families are on no mood to let go of the power.

The Gandhi family is the first example in this context. Once the British left, no one had any doubts that Jawaharlal Nehru was going to get the post of the first Prime Minister of India. With his term began the journey of the “First Family of Indian Politics.” In time, Nehru made sure that the power to run the nation passed into the hands of this daughter Indira Gandhi. After her assassination, her son Rajiv Gandhi became the PM. The Congress came back to limelight with the entry of Sonia Gandhi. Some factions believe that the current General Secretary of the congress party, Rahul Gandhi is not competent enough to become the face of the nation in coming years. It cannot be denied that if he were not a direct decedent of the Gandhi family, his journey in the Indian Political arena would have been short. Family backing has played an important role in his career as a politician. Apart from direct relatives, the political dynasties make sure that the power remains in their hands, and thus, they provide their relatives with lucrative posts as well.

The family that made headlines in the political arena of Uttar Pradesh was the Yadav family. Mulayam Singh Yadav was the founder of the Samajwadi Party. He was able to stay in the seat of CM during the years 1989 to 1991, then 1993 to 1995, and then from 2003 to 2007. After him, the responsibility of running the state passed in the hands of his son Akhilesh Yadav.

Another party that has the dynastic rule is the Rashtriya Janata Dal. The president of this party is Lalu Prasad Yadav. He was in charge of running the political and administrative affairs in Bihar for many years. When it was time for him to step down, he made sure that the power stays in the family, by making his wife, Rabri Devi the CM of Bihar. Till now, his family members are associated with the Bihar political scenario, waiting for an opportune moment to take back power.

The Patnaik dynasty has a deep influence on the political field and the minds of the people in Orissa for around five generations. Biju Patnaik or Bijayananda Patnaik was in charge of running the political scenario of Orissa for two distinct terms. After him, his son, Naveen Patnaik was able to win the hearts and votes of the commoners, and is the CM of Orissa till this day.

Present Dynasties in Indian Film Industry

There are several examples of nepotism in the Indian Film Industry as well. Unlike politics, the families can only assist their successors to a certain extent. In case the person lacks acting skills, the common people will not purchase tickets to see them on the silver screen. Several examples will prove that dynasties in the film industry have pushed their family members in the same profession. It becomes easy for the star kids or relatives to get chances in Bollywood. For others, without any filmy background, it becomes too difficult to bag a small role in the movies. Some try for their entire lives, and then return home empty handed. Several star kids and relatives got opportunities, but were unable to utilize it as they lacked the talents. If the same opportunity was given to a common person with lots of potential, then we could have witnessed the rise of another superstar.  

The Indian Film Industry is run by the Khans. Being born in a reputed Bollywood family can offer the primary boost that each new comer needs. Salman Khan gets his gorgeous looks and amazing acting talents from this father Salim Khan. Salim Khan also started his journey in Bollywood as an actor, and then chose the path of a scriptwriter that brought money and fame for him. But Salmans brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan were unable to make their mark. But they got ample chances, which would not have been possible if they did not belong to this family.

Amir Khan is famous worldwide. He hails from another reputed filmy dynasty. Tahir Hussain was a noted director and producer, and he pushed young Amir Khan to work as a child actor in “Yaadon Ki Baaraat.” But his brother, Faisal Khan was a total flop. Recently, Imran Khan who is Amir’s nephew, also got his break in the industry due to Amir, but failed to impresss the audiences.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra are noted for their body of work in the Indian Film Industry. But their daughter Esha Deol also failed in Bollywood. Another glaring example is Abhishek Bachchan, son of the celebrated Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. Eve he lacked the talents and Bollywood rejected him, only after giving him too many chances.

Examples of dynasties in sports

Like the film industry, the Indian sports industry is also ridden with the evils of nepotism. But here too, the person needs actual talent to carve their niche in the field. Due to the backing of their families, several athletes, with average or even below-average talents got enormous chance to play for the nation. But they failed to make a mark in the final test. For a common person, the journey would have been very difficult. Rohan Gavaskar got several chances to play for the nation. His selection in the national team happened because of this influential father, Sunil Gavaskar. On the contrary, both Vece Paes and his son Leander Paes, are well-established in their sports careers.

Advantages of Dynasty

  1. An established platform – While others need to fight in order to get establishment in their professional arena, individuals who hail from a reputed dynasty do not need to deal with initial struggle. They get everything handed down to them.
  2. No need to compete for the post – Individuals who get favoritism from the family circle, need not worry about any competition. They are certain that they will get the powerful post when the time is right. The lack of competition makes it difficult to judge their potential.
  3. Development of family – When a certain family continues to wield power for long, they try to ensure the betterment of the family first. If this happens in case of politics, then the fate of the nation and the commoners will be in jeopardy.
  4. Assistance from family in case of unfortunate events – When power comes in the hands of an unfit candidate; he/she becomes incapable of facing certain situations. As such candidates have the backing and help from the family; they can avert a critical situation with collective assistance. It hampers their skill developments.
  5. Learning the skills for a young age – According to ancient rules, each candidate who is to take over his/her predecessor’s post gets training from early childhood. As training starts for early days, the person has enough chances of learning the tricks of the trade.

Disadvantages of Dynasty

  1. Placement of an incompetent person – A person, destined to acquire a powerful position, just becomes of dynastic rule or nepotism, is often not the fittest candidate for the post. There is no scale that can measure the abilities of the person.
  2. Lack of overall development – It is true when one dynasty rules over a nation for long. Their personal interests cloud their judgments, and the nation and commoners have to suffer for this.
  3. Taking the post for granted – When the power is passed down the line, the person who is next in line takes it for granted. It is clear that the post belongs to the particular candidate, and thus, he/she can afford to relax and turn a blind eye to formal training.


When the dynasties started misusing their powers, the commoners felt that they needed some solution to curb the growth and oppression of these powerful families. These led to several revolutions, all over the world. Once the people usurped the kings, they adopted democratic governments. Here, preference was given to the betterment of the nation and commoners, over a particular reign.

Quotes On Dynasties in India

  1. The importance of the dynasties has remained the same since time immemorial. Only its face has changed over the years.
  2. If the power passes into the hands of a good dynasty, then the nation will be able to progress in all ways.
  3. The greatest threat to the democratic government is the rule of any dynasty.
  4. Each person who establishes himself/herself creates an example for the others to follow. Every addition to the line lays the foundation of a dynasty, even if the people are not related by blood.


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