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Dec 092018

Drug Abuse Facts Essay [Causes and Effects, Solution] Quotes Speech

Addiction considered an illness where the victim suffers from cravings for any particular thing as they cannot control it. Similarly, people become victims of drug abuse despite knowing its adverse consequences. Developing a drug addiction or becoming a victim of drug abuse is not a character flaw. Strong willpower is required to overcome the problems of drug abuse. The recovery may not be out of reach, but one has to go through several ways and solutions to get rid of the same. For a person who is part of drug abuse, the right, and effective treatment is essential and thus, changes are possible. Even if you fail in the first few attempts, you should not give up.

Drug Abuse Facts

Do not expect the road to recovery to be a smooth one as it would be full of distractions, pitfalls, setbacks, and others. Different remedial programs are available and depending on the nature of drug abuse, you have to pick the right treatment that will help you to get rid of the same quickly. Friends and family also play an important role in bringing the drug addictive person out of the situation and show them the way of a better life.

What are the common symptoms of drug abuse?

The signs of drug abuse can be different from one person to the person just like effects of drug abuse. Some of the common signs of the addiction are highlighted as follows.

  • Cravings – People may experience extreme urges or cravings for the drug as they start to get more addicted to addiction. In this way, they will reach a point where they will have no control over their cravings.
  • Physical dependence – Due to the influence of drugs, people’s physical dependence on drugs develop as people grow accustomed to the habit. Owing to this, certain changes are noticeable in the person that has a bad impact on the person. In addition, the functioning of the body system is also affected as the person is no longer addicted to drug abuse. Among physical appearance, enlarged pupils or red eyes are common.
  • Tolerance – After prolonged use of the drug, people grow a level of tolerance. It is further meant that they need more drugs until they get the desired effect. When they are unable to get the result, people often become victims of hyperactivity.
  • Withdrawal symptoms – These are common when the person who is a victim of drug abuse tries to get rid of the addiction. Due to this, the person also experiences a frequent change in his or her mood including other physiologic issues.
  • Ability to judge–With a change in behavior and personality, the person loses his ability to think rationally and therefore, he is unable to make any judgments.They also get involved in random lying in different situations to obtain more drugs and get the desired effect. It also does not stop the person from committing any crime that could land him or her in jail.
  • Drug-seeking – Due to excessive desire for the drug, they can invest any amount of time and energy to get the drug of their choice. It often involves activities like stealing money from others including other means to get the money for the drug.
  • Financial trouble – The victim of drug abuse will be financially drained as they go out of their financial reach to get the drugs. They spend a lot of money without considering the fact that they might get involved in excessive debt for the same.
  • Neglect responsibilities – The person who is a victim of drug addiction choose the habit over official meeting, personal responsibilities and other social associations. In this way, change in social circle and less number of friends are common symptoms of drug addiction. In addition, academic problems are also common.
  • Extreme feeling of isolationDrug addicts also tend to isolate themselves from social circles and find ways to hide and get involved in drug addiction. These are also accompanied by increased signs of depression, paranoia, anxiety and others.

Causes ofdrug abuse

Several factors contribute to problems of drug addiction. Some of the common causes of drug abuse are mentioned in the following.

  • Genetics – Depending on your genetics, a particular drug can start to show its symptoms. In addition, genetic traits can also speed up or slow down how the disease starts to become an addiction. Different drug has a different effect on the body and brain.
  • Environmental factors – These factors also contribute in cases of drug abuse like a group that indulges in too much of drug abuse, educational opportunities, your attitude, the presence of a drug in the house, when the family is involved in drug abuse. All this intensifies the problems of drug abuse. In addition, behavioral issues and deteriorating performance in school also contributes in such addition.
  • Cooccurring conditions – Drug abuse can initiate as a result of other issues such as mental illness. This illness is not enough to result in drug abuse. When a person is trying hard to overcome the problems of mental illness, he or she might get addicted to drugs.
  • Depression results in drug abuse – A person suffering from depression can become victims of drug abuse in order to escape depressive mood. Here, depression cannot be considered as the main cause of drug abuse, but it only contributed to the problem.
  • Combination of causes – Apart from the above mentioned one, a combination of some risk factors can also contribute to the problems of drug abuse. When there are genetic causes of drug abuse, it means of the parents might be involved in the same. Owing to this, an unpleasant atmosphere arises at home and this, in turn, results in psychological and emotional problems to take place. All these together can contribute to cases of drug abuse.

What are thepsychological effects of drug abuse?

Starting from social isolation, problem in personal relations to deteriorating performance in academics can contribute in cases of drug addiction. The impact of drug abuse can also result in problems of physical injury, alcohol, and others among teenagers. When it comes to considering the effects of drug abuse, some of them are permanent, while others can be remedied.

Any kind of addiction is related to mental problems. Also, suffering from mood swings or anxiety disorders are problems that can result in problems of drug abuse. The range of the addiction can range from mild to serious. At any point of time, the severity can bring in a negative impact on life. Some of the long-term mental problems are detailed in the following part of the article.

  • Depression – It is a common difference between depression and drug abuse issues including other mental disorders. It might also happen that preexisting depression can also result in drug abuse. Often, for self-medication of depression, people get involved in habits of drugs. The symptoms are aggravated with increased consumption of the drugs. In this case, withdrawal symptom is also common including problems of depression and mental issues that has the chance to complicate recovery of drug abuse.
  • Anxiety – Addiction can also be related to excessive anxiety and panic issues. The cause of anxiety can be difficult to understand and it can also have a different effect on different individuals. Depending on the rate of consumption of the drug, the effects can be different from one person to the other. In the case of drugs like benzodiazepines, there are symptoms of increased anxiety that is often part of withdrawal syndromes.
  • Paranoia –This feeling takes place due to the consumption of cocaine and marijuana. This in turn can aggravate the long-term effect of drug abuse. People who are a victim of drug abuse often feel that they need to hide or lie about their addiction. This might happen due to fear of being caught or other humiliations. This feeling paranoia can increase from excessive use of the drugs.

Mental disorders

  • Drug abuse can enhance the chances of developing mental problems. The risk of psychosis can be increased when the person is involved in smoking marijuana during early ages.
  • It is often seen that these mental disorders are genetic that can have a severe impact on the person. Both genetic and environmental conditions contribute to problems of addiction and mental disorders.
  • When a person with genetic issues of mental disorders becomes victims of drug abuse, it automatically enhances the chances of mental illness and its impact on the life of the individual.

What are the physical effects of drug abuse?

Along with mental disorders that can spring up from issues of drug addiction, there is several physical impact of drug addiction as well. The physical effects can vary depending on the period of time for which the person is addicted to drugs. Some of the effects are mentioned in the following part.

  • The Liver – Liver-failure is commonly known to generate from alcohol addiction. It can also show up with people who are suffering from opioids, steroids, inhalants and others.The liver is among the vital organs of the body that help to clear toxins and overindulgence in drug abuse can hamper the normal functioning of the organ. Resulting from this, the liver will be prone to several risks that can be life-threatening at the same time.
  • The kidneys – Drug abuse either effects the kidneys directly or indirectly. In addition, drug abuse can also result in problems of dehydration increased level of body temperature, muscle breakdown and others. All these together will contribute in kidney damage over time.
  • The heart – Drugs have the potentiality to cause severe cardiovascular issues and it can range from abnormal heart rate and increased blood pressure to myocardial infarction and other heart-related problems. In the case of an injection drug user, there is a risk of collapsed veins and bacterial infection in the heart.
  • The lungs –When you inhale drugs or get involved in smoking, the respiratory system is affected. In addition to this, drug abuse can slow down a person’s breathing capacity. Similar to this, consumption of heroin or prescription opioids can result in serious problems.

What are the behavioral effects of drug abuse?

The addiction is not only about the drug abuse but it is related to several behavioral problems as well. When individuals are victims of drug abuse, they start to get involved in activities that they could never imagine doing. Similar to this, people also start toile about their doings. Other than this, they also start to neglect their family and friends and in this way they get more involved with the wrong group of people and slowly addiction aggravates. 

Solutions of drug abuse

Ways to prevent problems of drug abuse can be different for teenagers and adults. For children and teenagers, some following steps can reduce the chances of drug addiction ion them.

  • Show love to the victim – Show love and affectionate for the victim and continue to do as they grow up. Try to get involved in spending quality time with children as nothing can be better than it.
  • Try to ingrain good experience – Try to instill sound experience and opportunities at home and make sure the same is available at their school as well. Sources of communication should be enhanced for getting involved with better feelings and thoughts.
  • Good family environment – Good family atmosphere that will be the primary source for the children to seek escape from the problems of drug addiction. Parents do not consider it important to sit and talk with their children until any serious problem comes up such as drug addiction and the like.
  • Parents should help children – Parents should show that they are extremely tolerant towards the mistakes of their child. Children should be involved in a discipline life routine. Children should be knowledgeable enough to know about growing issues such as drugs, crime, sexuality, and others prevailing in society.

Parents should not make the discussion a onetime thing. Instead, the children’s upbringing should be like they should remember where their parents stand and remember their social stand before they get involved in drug abuse. Thus, parents should give adequate space to their children so that they feel free to speak about every little detail of their life with their parents. The issues of drug abuse can become adverse if the children are impulsive. Some other steps for solving the drug issue are mentioned below.

  • Try to identify problem at home – It is necessary to identify the problem at home. If you can doubt about any addiction but unable to suspect it, it is better to consult a professional. Even if parents are medical professional, it might happen that they often miss out problems of drug abuse.
  • Have a detailed discussion with teenagers – instead of overlooking the problems, it is better to talk in detail with the teenager. Give them enough space and listen to their explanations. In due course of discussing the addiction, the children might become angry, hostile, non-communicative and defensive. Even if the teenager confronted the problem, he or she might deny giving details of the problem. If you can suspect, but still the children are not ready to speak out the matter, it is time to take your child to a professional who would help deal with the problems of drug abuse effectively.


Thus, to get rid of problems of drug abuse, it is better to get involved with remedial procedure from an early stage. The risk factors should be considered before planning the treatment plan that will be suitable to bring the victim out of the situation.   

Quotes on Drug Abuse

  • Drug addicts have no control over the addiction, and it is evident from the changes in behavior and mentality of the person.
  • The addictions become intimate and giving up habits of drugs are like killing a part of your existence that taught how to survive and deal in different situations.
  • Over-indulgence of any habit, even if it is pure enough, can result in problems of intoxication.
  • Any addiction starts with the feeling that it can adequately fill the emptiness within. Slowly, it results to bring in an adverse effect on the person.
  • You should know that you are born to be victorious and not to be defeated, depressed, guilty, or feel that you are not worthy of a single moment of happiness in life.
  • The effective means of recovery from the problems of drug abuse should be aimed for the persons who need it. It should be planned for the ones who want it to experience a better life once again.
  • Before you can cut off the habits of drug, it will be harder for you to deal with its increasing problem.
  • The recovery plans should begin from home and social circle that will be helpful for the drug addict to deal with the situations smoothly.

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