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Dowry System In India Reason Responsible Effects

Dowry System In India Reason Responsible Effects Solution Essay Speech Quotes Slogan

Dowry System Essay 


Now speaking of dowry, the first thing that comes to our mind is the valuables, ornaments, money and many other articles that is offered by bride’s parents to get their daughter married. The first question that comes to our mind when speaking of dowry is why is a girl’s family needed to pay such a huge amount of money to get their daughter married? Marriage, according to Indian custom is a sacred bond between two individuals, so if it is that sacred, then why does one of the families have to bear such a huge amount of expense? It happens a lot of times that the girl’s family is left in a huge debt after the marriage is completed. The groom’s family is not showing kind of mercy on the family of bride, so why shall the woman’s family pay all these? Now that being said, we also need to discuss about the root cause of the dowry system.

Dowry System Reason Responsible Effects Solution Essay Speech Quotes Slogan

This is one of the major social issues of the prevalent Indian society. There are certain legislative measures against the Dowry. But these measures have failed to create awareness or eradicate this social evil. Frankly speaking, let alone eradication, if the bride or the bride’s family is found complaining against the tortures done to her because of not giving away dowry, the limit of torture is increased. A lot of acid attacks and suicide cases in India are registered just because of this dowry issue.

The females in India and all over the world are numerically lesser than males. Frankly speaking the plight of Indian women is pitiable and they constitute as one of the largest oppressed section of the society. There are certain laws to prevent the abuse and torture of women. For instance the section 304B of the Indian penal code states that if the death of any woman is caused by the any burns or a bodily injury other than any normal circumstances within the 7 years of her marriage, then such death shall be considered as Dowry death. The husband or the relatives shall be accused of her death. The law is a good one for the protection of victims but there are no adequate practices for it.

Who is the main culprit behind the dowry system? (who is responsible For dowry system)

The concept of “women are inferior to men” has been prevalent among the minds of Indian people from a really long time. It has been ages. And this has continued even in today’s world. There is always a differentiation in the status of a boy and a girl. While a boy is playing with some machinery toys, a girl is made to play with some utensils. When a boy reads story books or plays cricket, a girl on the other hand is made to assist her mother on everyday household activity. And this is how the differentiation is created among a boy and a girl from childhood. When the boy thinks of being a doctor or engineer, a girl is made to dream about handling the household activities of her in-laws. More than four decades have passed but the condition still remains the same.

The modern day dowry and marriage system (Impact On Society)

It is real shame that even being the next generation people, or rather as we like to call ourselves the GEN X, we still have to discuss on the same issues. And the sole reason is, nothing has really changed within the society. The political leaders and many other social activists cry for plight of women and the women empowerment, but in actuality, this has not really worked out. The origin comes from male-dominance. Men in our societies cannot really accept the fact that women does not need to remain dependent on men for the finances. And since even in nowadays in some rural areas, they are made to remain dependent on men for the financial support, this gives rise to the dowry system. Because the man in turn wants to re-collect the amount he spends on the wife. This is the reason it is really important for the parents to teach her daughter to be financially independent.

The solutions for Dowry system

To eliminate the dowry system, the following steps are really essential.

  • The third factor is, female feticide, needs to be stopped immediately. For those individuals, who kill or abuse any girl child, shall be heavily punished so that this practice is completely eradicated.Fourthly, women need to be introduced in every sphere of work. They are not only there for the household activities.
  • Secondly, the female members of the society should be treated equally like the male members. And this must be done from the childhood by their parents.
  • The first thing is to make a girl not only literate, but educated. It must be made mandatory that women are allowed to take up schooling for at least higher secondary. So that they can have the basic qualification to get a job and become financially independent.
  • Fifth factor is job opportunities should be provided to all the women. There should NEVER be gender discrimination within different organizations. This will make them economically self sufficient. The problem of unemployment shall be solved to a certain extent and this will help in solving the issue of dowry to a remarkable extent.
  • The next factor is, there must be an eradication of the law related to marriage contracts. Women will have the option of unconditional marriage opportunity like men. Their intentions have to be given importance.


It must be accepted by the parents that their daughter is absolutely equal to their son. She has the same right and she needs to be made conscious about her rights, urgencies and necessities in the society. Only a few reservations of seats in buses and railway compartments are not going to solve this issue. The women have to capture their rights in the rightful way. The overall society needs to perceive the fact that women are not only born for marriage or household activities. The government needs to take strict and immediate actions to deal with the dowry right now.


Speech On Dowry System

Undoubtedly, dowry is one of the major social evils that India has faced from a long time and till date it is facing the same issue. The worst part is, even the educated parents expect their in laws to offer dowry for their sons. Basically the use of dowry is to get rich in a short cut. While torturing the daughter in laws, no one thinks about their own daughters. Though we have certain legislations to stop the dowry but these rules and regulations have failed to offer any security for the women. What is the use of such rules and laws if they cannot prevent an individual from being tortured? I believe this one to be the greatest curse of our society. Today I ask in this platform, what examples are we setting for our daughter? We as human being have become so much degraded that we don’t think twice before even torturing a girl/woman just because she couldn’t bring more dowry from her family.

It is because of the dowry system that the sacred and happy event of marriage has become such a saddening incident for a huge number of families. Basically the marriage turns into a business deal. And the worst part of the deal is, the richer is the groom’s family, the higher are their demands. Do we really think that a marriage life which starts with a business deal can become a happy life? We need to think as parents, what are we doing to our children? The parents create inhuman pressure to the bride for a handsome amount of dowry, which may be in cash or kind. All the noble virtues of human beings, like love, sense of quality, liberal motive affection and gentleness are just buried like nothing. This system is prevalent in both rich and poor community and it needs to be stopped immediately.


Quotes & Slogan On Dowry System 

“Any young man, who asks for dowry, not only discredits his education but also dishonors the respect of his wife and country.”


“Dowry is begging, if you are asking for dowry, you are begging for money, Say no to Dowry”


“As long as she is wise and good, a girl has sufficient dowry of her own”


“Misery follows a marriage to the bride’s family when the dowry amount is too large”.


“The whole world is a bride, superbly dresses and who weds her for a dowry, must pay his soul.”


“For any arranged marriage, the dowry, not the wife is actually the object of attraction.”


“Dowry is not only a devil; it is actually the mother of all the evils present in the society”.


 “Do not be a by stander, if you see something, say something, say NO to dowry, you don’t need to live for the acceptance from people”.


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