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UP Diwas Uttar Pradesh History Quotes Slogan

Uttar Pradesh  UP Diwas History Quotes And Slogan

India is a diverse nation. You will get to experience a new culture, lifestyle, language, customs and tradition when you cross the state borders and enter a new region. Each stat has something different to offer. They have their unique history that will give you a peek at interesting and unknown details. Uttar Pradesh is such a state that has a lot of surprises. To celebrate the vibrancy of this region, the current state authority has declared that it will henceforth celebrate Uttar Pradesh Diwas on an annual basis.

Uttar Pradesh UP Diwas History Quotes And Slogan

Name Of the Event or DayUP Diwas
Declared ByCM Yogi Aditya Nath
Date Of AnnouncementMay, 2017
Date Of UP Diwas24th January
Followed ByUttar Pradesh
First Celebrated On2018
Event Frequency Annual (Fixed day)
Upcoming Celebration Dates
201824th January
201924th January
202024th January
202124th January

When is the UP Diwas celebrated? (Date Of Celebration)

As per the official draft that has been published by the present ruling party, the Uttar Pradesh Day will be celebrated with pomp and grandeur each year on the 24th of January. The inauguration of this special celebration will take place for the first time in 2018. From then on, 24th of January, each year will be identified as Uttar Pradesh Diwas.  The state is taking all necessary steps and making preparations for making this special endeavor a success.

History of the day

The state of Uttar Pradesh was not always known by this name. When the nation was under the British rule and for many years after the country achieved its independence, this entire area was known as United Provinces. The need was felt to give this region a name that will represent its presence on the geo-political map of India. So, administrative steps were taken and then an official Gazette statement was published by the central government that forever changed the name of this state to Uttar Pradesh. This historical event took place on the 24th of January, 1950.

Who Announced the day?

To recognize the historical importance of this date, a special Cabinet meeting was held by the Chief Minister of this state, Yogi Adityanath and all this ministers in May, 2017. In this meeting, they took the all-important decision of celebrating 24th January as the official UP Diwas.

When the responsibility of running the affairs of the state was in the hands of the former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the governor of UP Ram Naik has placed the same request in his office. But steps were not taken to materialize this concept, which finally took shape, thanks to the efforts of Yogi Government.

Objectives of celebration UP Diwas

  1. Highlighting the rich culture of UP – UP Diwas will place the state on the tourism map, apart from giving the residents a special day, when they will be celebrate the initiation of their homeland. It will impart the commoners with information about the rich culture and heritage of the state.
  2. Highlighting the achievements of the government – The state government will use it as a platform from where the ordinary people will come to know about the achievements of the authority and schemes, which have already been implemented, for the welfare of common people. Each state authority department will set up stalls from where they will give out pertinent information.
  3. Informing people about future administrative plans – Apart from telling people what the state authority has done, UP Diwas is also a platform from where the government will provide the people with details about the schemes and programs, which the state will implement in the future.
  4. Theme for 2018 – The UP Diwas celebration will have a particular theme each year. In 2018, the central theme of this celebration will be “reforms.” The state was in a messy situation and the Yogi government has tried to uplift the condition with the implementation of several reforms.
  5. Organizing painting and essay competitions – The celebration of Uttar Pradesh Diwas cannot be complete without the participation of school children. Special painting and essay writing competitions will be organized, which will bring out unknown facts about the state and its history. The students who will make the cut shall receive special awards.
  6. Awarding special personalities – The state government has also declared that it will identify and encourage around 100 famous people, living within and working for the betterment of the state with special awards as well. These people will be chosen from all fields.
  7. Conducting sports events – The athletes hailing from UP have made India proud on several international sporting events. To showcase the success of sports, the state will organize such events wrestling, bodybuilding, kabaddi and gymnastics.
  8. Showcasing folk culture and handicraft – It is important to highlight the unique culture of the area and this can be done effectively by showcasing the handicraft of UP. Stalls will be set up by the respective government department to give a boost to this section.


On this day, the state authority as well as the common people will come together and celebrate the rich culture, heritage and history of the state. It will not only highlight the achievements of the present state government, but will also give commoners a platform to compare the achievements of this state in respect to the others. It is a day when the residents of the area pay their homage to the soil that feeds them.

Slogan and Quotes on UP Diwas

  1. It is about time we let the whole nation know about the rich culture and heritage of Uttar Pradesh. What can be a better way to do this than the grand celebration of UP Diwas, starting from 2018?
  2. The fete of the Uttar Pradesh Day will mark a new beginning that will complement the developing condition of the state.
  3. The UP Day will enhance the channel of communication between the state government departments and the commoners. The give and take of information will be the central agenda of UP Day.
  4. UP Day will create a legacy for the future generation.


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