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Nov 192018

Divorce Essay [Causes, Effect on Children] Speech Quotes

The bitter sweet passing of the torch between every generation is a beautiful thing. After all, everyone in this world tends to get the perfect partner for themselves by getting married. While marriage might be a wonderful thing, certain scenarios lead individuals in partying ways, and that’s how the discussion of ‘divorce’ comes into being. Even though the partner is tremendously attached to his or her life partner, sometimes, separation is necessary. While separation is an unofficial term, divorce is nothing but the official license for the termination of marital relations which leads to the dissolution of the marital bond.

Divorce Essay

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

If someone isn’t certain about whether or not to go for a divorce, then one can always consider a legal separation. Talking about legal separation, it is quite similar to the divorce, but here the matter of negotiation takes place where the primary considering fact is the child’s custody. The secondary factors dependent on legal separation are spousal support, visitation and child support, and the division of the property. In a legal separation, one is still legally married to the person. What’s different is that the couple lives separately. The differentiating factor between a divorce and legal separation is that despite living separately, the couples are still legally married. Upon legal separation, if you decide to get divorced, then the legal steps need to be followed in order to terminate the marriage officially.

7 Common Causes of Divorce

Some of the causes of divorce have been mentioned right below.

  1. Money–The primary factor that affects any relationship is money. While certain financial goal stand to keep a relationship intact, the same goals might make obstacles in anyone’s life, especially in a relationship like marriage. You might have different spending habits, but it causes a power struggle, it can strain the marriage to its breaking points.
  2. Identity–Another responsible factor affecting any marriage is an extra-marital affair. While this is one of the most common factors causing divorce, anger and resentment are the most common reasons for cheating. Also, this is caused due to the differences in sexual appetite as well as a lack of emotional intimacy too.
  3. Communication Gap–One of the crucial factors massively dependent on leading a successful marriage is communication. Those who aren’t able to communicate effectively leads to frustration and resentment, thereby it impacts all aspects of marriage.
  4. Lack of IntimacyMarriage is all about living and growing with each other. But if the connection disappears, it leads to certain mental obstacles. This happens when you constantly give the cold shoulder to your partner. As a matter of fact, making a relationship intimate is always a responsibility of both the partners.
  5. Unrealistic expectations – Needless to say, it is always easy to go into the depths of making the relationship all the more lofty with higher expectations, it can itself put a lot of strain on the other person, thereby leaving you with disappointments.
  6. Lack of equality – When a partner feels that they can take more responsibility in the marriage, it apparently alters their view and lead to resentment. As a matter of fact, it is important for every couple to negotiate through a couple of challenges and find their own mode to live the life together as two equal people.
  7. Physical or Mental Abuse – There’s no denying how absolutely disrespectful and dejecting it becomes when your partner abuses you mentally or emotionally. Regardless of whatever the cause might be, abusing physically or mentally is nowhere acceptable.

Effects of Divorce on Children

While ramifications of every situation have a direct impact on every individual’s personality, there are certain situations where modification of the thought process is acquired negatively. Now that the world has become an independent place where many divorces are drawing the closure with a divorce, the negative effects of divorce are prominent on the children. And what’s prevalent is the child’s disturbing thought of being a single-parent-child. The negative impact of divorce can be brutal on children. Major behavioral problems are seen   in most of the children. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  1. Low school performances – This symptom is seen especially in the teenage children. If the divorce has taken place very recently in their lives and they aren’t habituated with the separation of their mother and father, then whoever taking the custody would notice certain behavioral issues in them. The most important one happens to be low school performance.
  2. Behavioral Issues – Behavioral issues occur in every child who has recently witnessed the divorce of the mother and father. This leads to anger and destructing nature.
  3. Anger Issues – With certain issues of anger, children are bound to get destructive. This leads them to become poor in judging someone or something. Children are also expected to get more impulsive.
  4. Impulsive Behavior – It is a duty of a mother or father (whoever is taking the custody) to check the behavioral issues of the children. Depending on the age, the negative attitudes may vary. This tends to low school performances, and they go through low self-esteem.
  5. Poor Social Skills – This often leads to stress and loneliness, which has a direct impact on the physical as well as mental health of the children. If the children are struggling in social situations, then there are possibilities that it can also affect the mental health.


The best remedy to overcome your divorce is by surrounding yourself with the people you love. With everything that has been going, you may feel like hiding away or locking yourself off from people. While this might stop the unnecessary mocks of the people, this situation might make you all the more depressive. In addition, one must concentrate on staying motivated by taking up new hobbies.


Thus, this gives the closure of the causes and effects of divorce. One has to keep in mind that it is essential to make the best possible attempt of keeping the relationship ahead of deciding to terminate the marital relation.

Divorce Quotes

  • Gary Chapman said that people don’t get married planning to get divorce. Planning a divorce is certainly the result of the lack of preparation for marriage. The failure to learn the skills of working concurrently leads to the termination of the marriage.
  • To Christina Aguilera, divorce happens to be a hard thing, and the ones who go through hard divorce can speak how hard the journey is.

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