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Sep 142018

Digital India Importance Essay Speech Quotes

The Digital India program has been launched with the aim of making the country digitally empowered. It would also help to empower the society more. Under the conditions of the scheme, all government services would be made available to the citizen of India living both in the urban and rural part. The citizen would be aware of the government service by the implementation of the digital India scheme, and they would be able to access the same via the use of electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops and others. In relation to this, a unique ID would be created along with identification of the citizen such that they can avail the benefits of the digital India program.


Some projects under this program

  • in – This platform has been created in order to increases the engagement of the citizens in government matters through discussion, forums and other approaches. All these features would be provided in the application provided by the government.
  • Digital Locker facility – The main aim of this locket facility is that the citizens can use physical documents and share the same via the digital process. The documents would be shared via authentic websites ensuring that the documents are safe and secured.
  • Swachh Bharat Mission application – In order to achieve the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission, this application would be helpful both for the citizens and the government.
  • Online Registration System – This ORS would be used by the hospital management that would help the patients to make payments and opt for online registration under the hospitals. In addition, they can also get online diagnostic reports and look for the availability of blood online.
  • eSign framework – With the help of Aadhaar authentication, this framework would help the citizens to sign any document digitally via the online mode.
  • National Scholarships Portal – This is a solution for end to end scholarship process starting from the filling up of the application, verification of the same, and sanction of the same and it continues to help until the beneficiaries start to avail its benefits. The scholarships would be provided by the government of India.
  • Broadband highways – With the help of this service, citizens of India would be able to operate every service electronically. In addition to this, it would also help citizens the way they interact with each other. This can be regarded as one of the major pillars of Digital India scheme. By improving the methods of connectivity, with the help of technology, the government services would be easily delivered to the citizens of India.
  • Wi-Fi service– BSNL has taken the responsibility of the deployment of Wi-Fi connectivity through hotspot throughout the country. The citizens of India would be able to use the same through their smartphones and other electronic devices.

What are the impacts of implementation of Digital India scheme?

There are social, economic, and environmental impacts of the scheme and they have been detailed as follows.

Social impact

Under the digital India program, the healthcare, banking, education and other social sectors are able to reach out for the help of the citizens. Previously,  the citizens were unable to use the benefits in various social sectors due to different limitations such as poverty, ignorance, lack of information, investments and funds. All these have resulted in imbalanced growth both in the rural and the urban areas. The illiteracy rate cannot be improved in India due to lack of sufficient physical infrastructure both in remote and rural areas. However, under the Digital India scheme, it has been decided to provide improved education facilities to the citizens of India and it would also help to meet the lack of education facilities and lack of teachers with the introduction of smart classrooms and make the students aware of the e-learning procedure for their bright career.

Due to the increased use of internet banking and mobile, the financial situation can be improved in the city. These would help both the banking sectors to reach out to new customers along with the telecom operators who would be able to get additional revenues sources. Besides, the health care services can also improve by the implementation of the innovative ideas of m-health.

Economic results 

It has been estimated that under the Digital India plan, it can boost up to $1 trillion GDP by the year 2025. Apart from this, it can also play a vital role in the growth of GDP, labor productivity, employment generation, and other factors.

Due to this, India has become the second largest market that has witnessed excellent improvement in the telecom market with 915 million wireless subscribers. In addition to this, it has more than 259 million broadband users. This marks a huge economic opportunity for the country and the teledensity of the country is 45% in the rural areas where more than 65% of the population lives. Therefore, it can be expected that the telecommunication is going to progress in the future with an increased number of subscribers that can be expected both from the urban and the rural areas.

Environmental impact

The massive change in the technological sphere is only possible after certain environmental changes. There is a need to reduce the fuel consumption and it would in turn help to lower the carbon footprint. In addition, waste management, greener workplaces should be encouraged that would help to make the ecosystem greener and maintain a healthy atmosphere. There is also a need for efficient management and proper use of the non-renewable resources.

The final words

With the increased use of the internet even in the panchayats, it would help to make the benefits of Digital India spread throughout. With the help of optical fibre cables, panchayats would be able to access high-speed internet connectivity. In addition, the post offices would also be able to make use of the benefits of Digital India. Starting from delivering mails, to packages, they would be able to access the internet and make the task even smoother and faster.

Quotes On Digital India 

  1. Youths in India are debating over the choice of Android, Windows or iOS operating system as has been stated by PM Narendra Modi is relation to Digital India program.
  2. PM is further of the opinion that he wants to empower the country digitally by means of the benefits of Digital India scheme.
  3. Digital India is not to be thought as an elite concept instead it should be used to bring changes in the education and health department as per the words of PM.
  4. PM states that by the benefits of Digital India, it would be able to change the lives of people in all possible spheres.
  5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also thought of empowering the condition of the farmers and help them to get connected with Global market such that they can get expect better outcomes from agriculture.
  6. PM dreams of making the country more accessible to mobile and internet banking facilities for the ease of the citizens of the country.

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