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Cultural Development Day Celebration in India

National Cultural Development Day celebration in India Essay Speech Quotes 

India is a country of different cultures. Every state has its own identity. The lifestyle, art, traditions, food, greetings and other aspects of people’s lives are guided by their respective cultures. Thus, the central government celebrates the cultural diversity of the nation, with an aim of promoting development in this filed with the National Cultural Development Day.

National Cultural Development Day

Date of celebration

In India, the day is celebrated every year on the 21st of May. The decision has been taken after the announcement of the UNESCO that hence forth, the 21st May will be recognized as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. It is India’s version of celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity.

Objectives of the celebration

  1. Highlighting the importance of culture – During the celebration of the Cultural Development Day, the importance of our culture gets highlighted.
  2. Making people aware of their cultural background – Many youngsters are not aware of their culture and heritage. This day will offer them a change to attain detailed information about the rich culture and heritage of the nation.
  3. Encouraging people develop the culture – Apart from informing the people, the celebration of this day ensures that common people can take steps, which will bring forth development of that culture.
  4. Safeguarding rare cultural practices – Not all cultural practices are popular. There are some rare practices, which have still not come into the limelight. The National Cultural Development days gives a platform for bringing these cultures and traditions in front.
  5. Promotes initiatives from the central government – The Ministry of Cultural Development takes necessary steps to ensure that each culture gets the financial support that will go a long way to safeguard it from extinction. They also make new laws and implement it for cultural development all over the nation.

How is the day celebrated?

  1. Special meetings for creating awareness – The central as well as the state governments take part in the celebration of the National Cultural Development day by organizing special meetings and parades.
  2. Performances by students – The school and college students highlight the distinct nature of their culture with special song, dance and drama presentations. Each state takes part in these presentations.
  3. Special conferences at educational institutes – The best way to promote development of culture is by creating awareness among the students. Thus, during the celebration of the National Cultural Development Day, educational institutes organize special talks, where pupils can acquire more information about their culture.


An Indian can travel out of the nation, but it is impossible to separate the person from his/her culture. It is impossible for an individual to forget his/her roots. Without proper resources, the native cultures will not be able to survive for long. Thus, the central and the state governments should join hands to not only uphold the identity of each culture, but will also offer it a proper platform to develop as well.

Quotes on National Cultural Development Day

  1. A person who strays for his native culture will not be able to respect another’s culture as well.
  2. The culture that you inherit is an inseparable part of your life. It plays an important role in shaping your mentality.
  3. The culture of each state highlights the lifestyle and heritage of its inhabitants.
  4. Each person should contribute towards the development and elevation of his culture. Only with this will one be able to bring holistic development of the nation.
  5. A quick look at the different cultures, present in the Indian subcontinent, will help you to form an idea about the several hues of India.

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