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National Civil Services Day In India History Speech Quotes

National Civil Services Day In India History Speech Quotes Theme 2018

A vast democratic nation like India has to maintain the national operational mechanism. It is not possible for the national leaders at the political at the headquarters to look at the function of levels. For this, the nation requires educated and trained professionals, who can stand up to the challenge, and take necessary action to preserve the status of the country. Thus, the central government celebrated their efforts each year. On this day, Indian government celebrates National Civil Services Day.

National Civil Services Day In India History Speech Quotes Theme

1Event NameNational Civil Services Day
2Observed On21st of April
4Key PeopleIndian Civil Service officials

Civil Services Day In India Observed On (Date)

The National Civil Service Day is celebrated in India on the 21st of April. It is an annual event, and is celebrated each year, at national as well as state levels. Civil service departments operate at state and central level to ensure smooth running of the country. If the civil service system collapses, the entire operational structure will fail as well.

Origin of the day

The British government started appointing people of Indian origin at high administrative posts. But it was only after 1947 that the Civil Service Department was officially set up in the nation. Immediately after the country attained its freedom, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel gave an official speech to motivate the first batch of Indian Civil Service officials. According to him, only civil servants have the power to unite all parts of the nation, and bring about holistic development in the administrative sectors. These officers form the backbone of the administration.

History of the day

Even the British government was aware that without the assistance of administrative heads, and so, Warren Hastings was the first to lay the foundation of this department in India. But it was restructured and developed under the rule of Charles Cornwallis. Thus, he is recognized as the “Father of Civil Service in India.” He stressed on the presence of Higher and Lower Civil Services. The implementation of Government of India Act 1919 saw the development of two separate sections in the civil service department – All India Services and Central Services branches. Only after the partition movement and India’s freedom in 1947 did the central authority realized the without a strong Civil Service structure, it was impossible to run necessary operations.

Objectives of the celebration

  1. Motivating civil service officers – The main objective of the celebration of this day is to offer proper motivation and appreciation for the civil servants, for their efforts. The task is hectic, and a little appreciation will give these officers the energy to put their best foot forward.
  2. Evaluating the work of different departments – The central government also used this opportunity to evaluate the task done by civil servants, stationed in different parts of the nation. The official task repost is also published that gives them an idea about planning and implementation of several reforms.
  3. Platform to reward the deserving candidates – Another objective for the celebration of this day is to bring all selected civil servants under one roof, and reward the winners who have made a mark in the administrative field.
  4. Talk about the future plans – Another objective of this celebration is to create a platform where the central administrative heads can hold talks about future plans, new reforms and implementations.

How it is celebrated?

  1. Motivational speech from the PM – During the celebration of this day, the PM of the nation addresses all civil servants. His objective is to motivate the individuals, so that they continue to serve the nation and its people.
  2. Appreciation for a task well done – During the official speech of the PM, he puts stress not only on the amount of work that has been completed in a financial year, but also highlights the excellent performance of civil servants in all departments.
  3. Presenting awards to deserving candidates – Motivation is also provided to the deserving candidates by presenting them with awards. These awards are given by the Prime Minister, and each year, 10 districts get the award for excellence for implementation of several government policies.

Awards that candidates get

Awards are given under different categories, and civil servants acquire these for personal performance and on group or departmental basis as well. Winners receive a certificate of honor, which is popularly known as the scroll, a medal and money prize. When any civil servant gets an award on a personal basis, he/she will get an award of Rs. 1 lakhs. When a group of civil servants or any department is elected as the winner, they will stand a chance to win a money prize of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Theme of National Civil Services Day 2017

In 2017, the theme of the National Civil Services Day celebration was “Making New India.” As the name suggests, it works closely with the PM’s dream of building a better nation. It put stress on the development of civil service sector, and to place more power in the hands of the officers, so that they can work towards the betterment of the people. The government is working on the theme for 2018 celebrations as well.

The government cannot operate without the close cooperation of the civil servants in all departments. They play the main role in running the nation. From analyzing the present situation of the nation, to planning and implementing the acts, everything depends on the operation of these people. So, the celebration of a day like this instills confidence in these civil servants, and they acquire the motivation to do more.

Quotes on National Civil Services Day

  • A country that has strong civil service departments will be able to excel in all fields with ease.
  • The central government only passes the bills. But the planning and implementation is the responsibility of the civil service officers.
  • If you want to serve the nation and its people, and offer them a good future, then you must try to join the civil services departments.
  • The task of a civil servant is not only to provide the best services for the countrymen, but also to uphold the integrity and dignity of the nation in every manner.


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