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Dec 172019

What is Boxing Day? (Test Match, Meaning, History) 

The Boxing Day comes right after the Christmas Day and the 26th of December. It is a bank holiday. So the employees can spend a full day with the family right after the Christmas and the tradition is the family can eat the food that was cooked on 25th December. Let’s go back to the history in order to get an idea of the origin of this bonus holiday.

boxing day meaning

How did the name come?

In England people used to exchange gifts on Christmas and the gifts are called Christmas. The day after Christmas all the servants used to get a day off and they used to receive gifts of Christmas on that day. And on that very day the servants go home and give box full of gifts to their family members. Some assume this is the reason the day is referred as Boxing Day. On the other hand, there is another opinion regarding the day, and that is during Christmas time several people collect money in boxes for charitable purposes and the boxes are opened on the day after Christmas and this is how the name came. The third argument says that after the ships starts sailing to do business and most of the time ships contain boxes full of money for good fortune. The box is given to the priest on 25th to donate the money among the poor and the box is opened on 26th December and this is the reason the day is named as Boxing Day.

Activities on the day

When December emerges there is an aura of holiday. People start doing Christmas shopping and nowadays, several shops, brands offer discounts so that people can do shopping for Christmas. It is a day to get back home and reunite with the family. In most cases people get holiday before Christmas but there are people who serve on Christmas and get holiday after Christmas day. On 26th those people go to their home and spend a quality time with their family and give Christmas gifts to the family members.

On the day people take part in several sports to enjoy the time with their family and friends. For instance, in the British country side horse racing is a very popular sports among the people, you will see football matches are being held on the day. Apart from that you will see several bizarre sports are being organized by the people like fun run, swimming in the icy cold water, etc. Besides all these there are several charitable events are being organized as well.

History of a traditional sport

It is pretty clear that Boxing Day has always been interesting among the people and this is the reason they have invented unique sports for amusement. Fox hunting was a traditional sport until 2004. People used dress in red hunting dress and go to the forest in groups with hunting dogs. They used to chase the fox to hunt and now the game is banned so they enact the scene for amusement.

The current trend

Nowadays, you will find that people go to the malls or shops and shop. The stores give sale on the products and people go to the shop for fun experiences. Now there is a popularity of online shopping so the online sites offer sales and let the people fulfill their desire of shopping. There are shops that remain till mid night and let the people shop with their family. Some shops offer first come first grab offers so people rush to those shops to get things. You will also see shops are giving offers like ‘grabbing goods free’ so it is a lucrative offers to grab the best thing.

Now it is clear that Boxing Day is not associated with the sport boxing and it is a holiday time. People get the leave from their hectic work and spend a lot of time with their family. It is a time to cherish the winter with hot chocolate and Christmas cake with the family and friends. People go to watch game on the day with family and friends. It is also important to that different country celebrate the day different ways but irrespective of everything it is a homecoming day.

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