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Feb 222018

Avani Chaturvedi Biography (first women pilot to fly the MIG 21)

Avani Chaturvedi is the first women pilot to fly the MIG 21 test fighter plane. History was created by Avani Chaturvedi on 19th February 2018, when she was ranked as the first women Pilot from the country to fly the MIG 21 Fighter Jet. The history paved its way for Avani Chaturvedi when the Girl from Madhya Pradesh took an initiative in the Indian Air force to fly the solo flight of MIG 21 in open Indian Air Space.

According to latest updates from the Aircraft base, Avani had taken the initiative to fly the mean machine alone. With this she also managed to place herself in the category of licensed women Airforce Pilot. The authorities have also stated that after this initiative Avani Chaturvedi will be under going her professional training for a period of two years to complete her Fighter Pilot training course to be ranked as a fully licensed Fighter Jet Pilot of the Country.

Earlier to this Mohana Singh from Bihar had taken the initiative of being ranked as the fighter Pilot.

Personal Information

  • Avani Chaturvedi, Daughter of Dinkar Chaturvedi was born on 27th October 1993 and is Indian By birth. Father is a professional engineer while not much details of her mother are updated online.
  • She is ranked her place as first Lady Fighter Pilot of the country and a local resident of Reva. She is also a graduate student from her home town university.

Family Information

  • Avani Chaturvedi, who is a local resident of Reva, was born and bought up at her home town by parents. By profession her father is an engineer who works at the water resources department. Avani’s mother is a home maker and her elder brother is offering his services to the Indian Armed Forces.
  • Avani was very much inspired by her elder brother and so she decided to join the Indian Air Force. Avani was already inspired by flying classes at her college and joined the official flying club and later on was selected by Air Force.
  • As a sports person Avani enjoys playing Tennis and chess and is also very much fond of Painting and sketches.

Education background

  • In the earlier years of her life, Avani was studying in primary level schooling at Madhya Pradesh Shahdol district- Deoland. During her later years of schooling she managed to graduate from Banasthali University in Rajasthan in 2014.
  • Avani managed to join the Indian Air Force for completing her professional Air Craft Pilot training from Hyderabad Academy of Indian Air Force. This is where she decided to dream of being the first women Pilot to fly the MIG Solo flight.


  • To her credit, Avani who is first of the women Jet fighter Pilot managed to earn the title early in 2016 when she was already opting for her Pilot Training course at the Hyderabad Air Force Base.
  • On 19th February Avani also managed to gain the title of flying the Fighter Jet solo just when she was only 24 years of her age. She gained the title flying a professional MIG 21 Fighter Jet as women Pilot of the country.
  • Now in the later stages Avani is also planning to participate in a training program at Karnataka where she will be given with her Stage 3 training. Once her training period has been completed she will be able to fly other superior jet fighters like Tejas and Sukhoi.

Other women working for IAF

Apart from Avani Chaturvedi, two other women Fighter Pilots are under going training at the Air Force base. These are Kant and Mohana Singh, who have also managed to complete the professional level Pilot training. Presently Indian Air Force has also employed over 1500 women cadres in different sections at the base. But the trio have managed to create history by making section of a very unique career. In present time women Pilots are also hired for flying professional transport Helicopters.


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