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Army Day India Essay History Quotes Speech

Army Day India Essay History Quotes Speech

Each nation must have some sort of defense mechanism that will not only man the international borders but will also wage a full scale attach on the enemy that exists, both inside and outside the nation. The responsibility to protect the international borders of India is placed in the hands of brave soldiers of army, navy and air force, who have pledged their lives in the service of the motherland. It is only just that the nation gives them the reorganization and respect they deserve. What can be a better way than to dedicate a day to celebrate their bravery and selfless deeds? That is why; the Indian government celebrates the National Army Day with pomp and grandeur.

Army Day India Essay History Quotes Speech

Date of celebration

The National Army Day is an annual event that is celebrated on the 15th of January. Coming year, in 2018 India will celebrate the 70th National Army Day with all its glory. It is an event that marks the achievements and bravery of the solders and also salutes then for their sacrifices.

History of the Indian National Army Day

When India was under the British rule, the army was also placed under the charge of British generals. But all this was about to change with the declaration of India’s freedom. Just two years after the nation broke the chains of servitude, the British government officially handed over the charges of the Indian army into the hands of able Indian military personnel.

It was in 1949, on a cold 15th January morning that the papers were signed and the charge of Indian army passed into the hands of Lieutenant General K. M. Cariappa. From that day onwards, he was to perform the duties and responsibilities of India’s 1st Commander-in-Chief. Before this, the Indian army was commanded by General Sir Francis Butcher.

The day was very important in the history of Indian post-freedom movement. A nation becomes truly independent and capable of manning her borders when it has an army at its disposal. The Indian army has preserved the sovereignty and freedom of the nation intact on several occasions. Be it the war after partition or the Kargil wars, these brave hearts proudly hoisted the Indian national flag after banishing the enemies.

To remember and honor the deeds of these brave soldiers, the central government as well as the every army headquarter celebrates this day vigorously. The main celebration takes place in front of the President, Prime Minister and all other constitutional heads at India Gate, near the Amar Jawan Joti. Many programs take place to add to the celebrations.

How is the day celebrated?

  1. March past and parade – Both at New Delhi and at all army headquarters, dotted all over the nation, National Army Day celebrations starts with the official march past and parade. This is an event that on one should miss. It shows the coordination, discipline and confidence of the soldiers.
  2. Displaying their armory – During the celebration, the army also displays its excellent and modern armory. The high tech weapons and missiles are placed on display vehicles and shown to the public. It gives people an idea about the strength and capabilities of Indian army, navy and air force.
  3. Rewarding them for their service – At the end of the parade, the soldiers who have demonstrated immense courage in the face of adversity, or achieved something commendable are awarded for their services and bravery with medals and certificates. Posthumous medals are also handed over to the family members of deceased army personnel.

Objectives of celebrating the day

  1. Highlighting feats of the army – The foremost objective of celebrating the National Army Day is to highlight the several achievements of three sections of the armed forces. The common people are reminded of their services and sacrifices.
  2. Creating awareness among the commoners – The Indian Army has a specific motto. On this day, they parade in front of the people and make them aware that there is no greater honor than to serve the motherland. It also encourages youngsters to join the army.
  3. Recognizing bravery of soldiers – On this day, valiant soldiers are recognized for their brave deeds and other achievements in the field of sports and social service as well.
  4. Displaying the strength of the nation – Another objective of this celebration is to display the power of Indian armed forces. It is not done with the intention of striking fear in the hearts of other nations. It is a way of making the statement that we are capable of protecting our international borders.
  5. Honoring the martyrs – It is a day when the soldiers as well as the entire nation salutes the brave hearts who fell on the line of action. They laid down their lives but did not abandon their post. It is only just that the nation pays them respect in whatever manner it can.


The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have been serving the nation since their inception. They do not think twice before marching on the battle field. They are ready to die or kill to protect the international boundaries. The government as well as the common people should do their part in giving the respect that these brave individuals deserve.

Quotes on National Army Day in India

  1. The citizens can enjoy all festivities with pomp and grandeur and have a peaceful night’s sleep as they know that the jawans on the borders will keep any treats out of the nation.
  2. Soldiers of the Indian Arm play an important part to keep the freedom and sovereignty of the nation intact.
  3. The soldiers who fight and lay down their lives on the battle field are the greatest heroes of all times.
  4. If you cannot respect the sacrifices of the members of the armed forces, then it is a direct insult to the nation.
  5. Each Indian Army jawan prioritizes service to the motherland more than his life. It is a gesture that only the true brave can make.

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