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April Fool’s Day History Facts Prank Quotes Books

April Fool’s Day History Facts Prank Quotes Books (How to make April fool)(अप्रैल फूल बनाया) [Online Ideas, Whatsapp, Facebook]

People all over the world celebrate days, which do not have any appropriate reason. Some countries observe these as holidays, while others are just dates on the calendar. One such day is the April Fool’s Day. It is also known as the All Fools Day. On this particular day, people all over the world are officially allowed to play jokes on others. These pranks and jokes are harmless in nature. People who are fooled by these practical jokes are called April fools. They take the entire even with a pinch of salt and it brings a smile on the face of the pranksters as well as the others. April fool’s day is an annual event and people celebrate it on 1st of April, each year.

April fool day

April fool’s day origin

Though many stories do the rounds, people are still not completely sure about the day when the day was first celebrated, or the exact reason why it was observed. Some say that it has a direct contact with the French calendar change, while others maintain that it is related to the engagement of England’s King Richard II to Anne of Bohemia. Still others have an opinion that it has its source Hilaria. All these indicate that there is no set story about the commencement of this day or this ritual.

April fool’s day history

Change in French calendar – People in France used to follow the Julian calendar, before the popularization of the Gregorian calendar. The French rulers and churches shunned the former in 1582. As per the older calendar, people marked the beginning of a new year from the 1st of April. With the new calendar, this date shifted to 1st January. But those who were not aware of this change, and continued to celebrate the New Year on 1st April, were considered foolish. Others played pranks on them and attached paper fish on their backs.

Celebrating beauty of nature – Generally the Spring Equinox marks the end of winter and the start of spring. It was time for colorful flowers to bloom. Thus, in several cultures, people see this date as the mark of this transition period, and a celebration of natural beauty.

Relation to Hilaria festival – In the ancient days, people living in Rome used to worship God Attis. During this celebration, which was known as Hilaria, people used to dress in unique attires, and masks were an essential part of the celebration. Due to this, people could take up disguises. Thus, historians and scholars link the origin of April fool’s day with this festival as well.

According to Canterbury Tales – The Canterbury Tales were published in 1392. One theory holds that the origin of this day came into existence due to a printing error. Another theory, pointed out in this tales, highlighted that Chauntecleer, the proud cock, was easily fooled by a fox.

Fish of April in France – Eloy d’Amerval was a French poet, during the 1508 that popularized the idea of April fool’s day. It was called the “poisson d’avril,” and translated into Fish of April. On the very first day of April, a high placed official send his foolish manservant to take care of some unimportant tasks.

History in Netherlands – During 1570s, Netherlands was under the rule of Duke Álvarez de Toledo. He was of Spanish origin, and in a fierce battle that took place in Brielle, during 1572, the king was defeated. According to a famous saying, the people of this region had a saying that on the 1st of April, Álvarez lost the glasses.

Ideas for the Day

  1. Empty gift box for your colleague – Wrap an empty box and leave it on the desk of a colleague, before he/she comes in. The person will be pleased to get the box, but will not be mad once you shout out April fool.
  2. Sew your partner’s socks halfway – You can sew the socks of your husband or wife from the middle. No matter how much they try, they will not be able to put it on.
  3. Put your neighbor’s plot on sale – For this, you need to wake up before the sun rises. Make a fake “for sale’ sign, and hang it on your neighbor’s plot. If some buyers show up, it will enhance the feel of the prank.
  4. Freeze kids’ cereal breakfast – Another harmless prank is to freeze the morning cereal. The milk will freeze, but will not look any different. Once your kids try to dip their spoon, they will be shocked.
  5. Serve jell-o as juice – Invite your friends over, and then serve them juice in glasses. Only the glasses will not have juice, but will contain Jell-O.

Books on April fool’s Day

  1. April Fool and April Fish: Towards a Theory of Ritual Pranks – This book was written by the famous author Alan Dundes in 1988. In this book, the author has tried to highlight all origin stories of this day. He has delved deep into the matter from several viewpoints.
  2. April fool’s Day – This novel was written by Bryce Courtenay, and it was published in the year 1993. The novel was dedicated to the life of his son, Damon Courtenay. He suffered from the fatal diseases hemophilia. During a session of blood transfusion, he was administered blood that was HIV positive. Thus, he contracted the disease and drew his last breath on 1st April, 1991. Primarily, Damon tried to pen down his feelings, but when he failed, he made his father promise that he would write the book on his son’s behalf. In the novel, the author tried to capture the essence of Damon’s character, his thoughts about love, friendship and how people should treat HIV patients.
  3. The Guardian Book of April Fool’s Day – This book was composed by Martin Wainwright, and published in the year 2007. In this book, readers will get a look at the way in which the phenomenon has developed over the years, and how the media is enchasing in on this. Apart from this, one will also get details about famous pranks, jokes and tricks.

No matter what the reason is, year after year, the popularity of this day is on the rise. Though it is still not declared as an official holiday in any nation, people do manage to find some time to play sweet and innocent pranks on friends, and family members, and enjoy the day.

April Fool’s Day Quotes (WhatsApp, Facebook)

  1. If you desire to cement your bond with family and friends, then the best way to do so is through harmless jokes.
  2. A small joke never causes any damage. But it can bridge mental gaps by bringing a smile on the faces of all.
  3. The April fool’s day is the perfect time to mend old wounds by playing a prank of people, followed by extending a hand for friendship.
  4. If you think you are smarter than others, then take necessary precautions to save your reputation from pranksters.
  5. Humans need to trust on one another. But one must not trust anyone on April fool’s day. Even your closest friend will try to make fun of you.
  6. Design a unique prank that will make the otherwise serious working day fulfilled and amusing.
  7. If you have the power to make a joke on someone, then you need to play a sporting role when someone else plays a prank on you.
  8. It is better to avoid serious conversations on April fool’s day. People might not believe you, and take it as a prank.
  9. You need not wait for 1st April to play a prank on your loved ones. All you need is a plan that will fool them, and then bring a smile on their face as well.
  10. Any day is an April fool’s day if you know how to pull off a prank.

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