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Oct 082018

Anger Management Essay Speech Quotes Debate 

No matter how machine-oriented man has become, with issues concerning anger management, you can’t really deny how destructive you might turn out to be.Anger, thus, can only be described in one word as ‘destructive’, despite having its own set of constructive importance. Speaking of destruction, everyone who faces the same kind of issues has somewhere down the lane faced difficulty to control their anger, which only resulted in more complications.The focus here is not narrating about the complications that man faces with anger management, but to shed lights on the signs and symptoms of anger management and its prevention.

Anger Management Quote

What is Anger Management ?

In a world of fast-paced technology, man has become a machine. But that doesn’t draw the closure of man being literally a machine sans the natural human emotions. Nothing unlike other human feelings, anger is also referred to as one of the human emotions. While anger has the ability to empower humans in a constructive way, the chronic anger reflects the loss of power in the long run.Throughout the history, the negative effects of anger have been observed precisely. The modern times have translated the concept of controlling anger into anger management programs. Mentioned below are the types of anger which one must know.

Types of Anger

The types of anger have been mentioned right below.

  • Passive Anger – People who don’t say out loud or don’t acknowledge it, they have resistant or passive anger. This type of anger is difficult to identify, though.
  • Volatile Anger –You might be experiencing volatile anger only if you are prone to road rage. This type of anger is aggressive and is slightly more common in males.
  • Chronic Anger –In case you hold your anger longer than a couple of months, you are fitted in the chronic anger profile. Chronic anger weakens the immune system and causes cardiovascular diseases in the long run.
  • Vengeful Anger –Vengeful anger takes a toll on you both physically as well as mentally. This type of anger gives rise to health problems such as obsessive thoughts, increased risk for heart problems, and high levels of stress.
  • Petrified Anger –If you are stuck in your anger and suffer from a very hard time to overcome, then fitting the list of petrified Anger is absolutely a possibility. The key to overcoming this type of anger is by forgiving and forgetting.
  • Incidental Anger –When you can sense things out of getting angry, then you entirely fit incidental anger.
  • Empathic Anger –Empathic anger happens to be healthy anger which occurs when you get angry on behalf of someone else.

Strategies to Control Your Anger

Anger is caused either by external or internal events. Whether you are at your workplace or home or standing in a traffic jam, you might get mad at a person. But whenever you aren’t sure about controlling your anger, it is recommended that you must not let your anger get the better of you. Some of the strategies to follow have been mentioned right below.

  1. You must check yourself – Attempting to make smart choices when you have crossed the grip of powerful negative emotion might be a hard affair. And instead of talking to oneself down from the cliff, one must avoid climbing first off. You must try identifying the warning signs to get annoyed. In this way, you can cleverly check yourself.
  2. You must change the way you think –When having a conversation during the phase, one must try avoiding phrases like ‘never’ or ‘always’. Instead, utilize your logical thoughts and translate expectations into desires. While angry people tend to have a demanding attitude, one can always replace the idea of demanding with requesting.
  3. You must not dwell – There are people who tend to keep on rehashing the incidents that made them angry. This is undoubtedly an unproductive strategy; instead, one can resolve the issue which has angered you in the very first place. And one must also try to let go of the past.
  4. You must improve your communication skills –The worst thing when people are angry is that they always jump to a conclusion. And they utter the first thing that comes in their mind. So, one must try to stop reacting and in the first place should listen to the things told to them. As a matter of fact, the regular physical exercise will help you decompress and burn off extra tensionapart from reducing the stress that fuels angry outbursts.
  5. One must recognize one’s triggers – One must give some thought to the things that make you angry. If you have an arguing attitude, you must avoid bringing up contentious topics in the very first place. If you are constantly irritated about your kids not being able to clean the room, instead of reacting you must shut the door such that you don’t need to look at the mess.

Wrapping up Everything

Losing control and not knowing what one is doing is nowhere acceptable, especially to the passive people who can never get destructive out of their anger. But as they say, one’s temper is that one thing which one can never get rid of by losing it. For the fact that anger is a natural human emotion and is at times having valid reasons, isn’t something which people would take destructively. Experiencing frustrations over a situation at workplace or home might produce uncontrolled anger, and it just affects one’s personal relationships.

Anger Management Quotes

The anger management quotes have been mentioned right below. To know, keep reading on.

  • One’s temper is that thing which one can never get rid of just by losing it.
  • When your anger is intense, you are in a ‘blind rage’ and are not able to see the signals that indicate you to stop. The feelings related to anger also is in response to the situations where expectations come for other emotions.
  • Anger is never an evil thing because it helps you to sense that something somewhere is definitely wrong. If you have an anger-provoking incident, it is absolutely great. You just have to appropriately express it and then get over it.
  • One must never let the anger lead to hatred, for this is hurt oneself more than others.
  • With fraying temper, there’s shredding of sensibility.
  • Burning your anger is a great idea, especially before anger burns oneself alongside the peace and happiness.
  • Anger, at times, becomes righteous when one uses it for defending the rights of another person, especially sans nursing the selfish motive.

If you are confronting your enemy in anger, it will feed your ego, but, at the same time, it will diminish the chance of success, however.

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