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Anchoring Script Wedding Reception Sangeet Anniversary Quotes [Format]

Anchoring Script Wedding Reception Sangeet Anniversary Quotes

India is known for its diverse culture and colorful traditions. One ceremony that has a lot of importance is the wedding. The nuptial bond does not involve only the bride and the groom, but also marks the beginning of a new relation between the members of families on both sides. Weddings are joyous occasions, which need to be celebrated with pomp grandeur. We see a significant gathering at such happy occasions. But you need someone to tie everyone together.

The person needs to attract the attention of the family members, and bring them closer via jokes, interesting games or casual chitchatting. To play this role, you need someone who is aware of the people on both sides and has a good oratory skill. Yes! It is the responsibility of the anchor to do this. Any family member can play this part. If you are short on such bold relatives, then you can get the help of a professional.

Role of the anchor at sangeet ceremony

Close members of the family will be busy on the day of the sangeet. It is the night when both young and aged members of the family express their happiness with song and dance. While the women stick to singing, the young brothers, sisters, cousins and friends prepare dance routines. But you need someone to introduce the acts. You need a plan for everything to take place systematically. The anchor takes up this challenge.

Keeping it friendly

The speech should not be too long neither should it be preachy. The ambience is relaxed and so, the speech should echo the same feeling. The anchor needs to introduce himself/herself, before the people, and then offer some facts about the location (in case it is at a resort or a specific destination.)

By now, the anchor has the attention of the audience. It is the perfect time to share some info about the bride and the groom. Some tit-bits of information about the bride and the groom, their first meeting, their lover story will set the mood for the rest of the programs. Sharing funny details about the two will also make the environment lighter.

Introducing the acts

When the introductions are over, it is time to start the festivities. The relatives who will perform that evening have already prepared the sequence. The anchor needs to give information about the acts, who will partake in it. That way, family members on both sides will get to know everyone.

Interact with people in-between events

After each performance is over, the next group needs time to prepare themselves. The anchor must engage the others in interesting quizzes. The questions can be about the bride and the groom or other fun facts. Whatever the anchor does, he/she must not bore the people present there. The interaction session must be as interesting as possible.

Leave the stage for the stars performers

Once all the events are over, it is finally the time for the bride and the groom to take their place on the state. The anchor must introduce them once again, say something special for their life together, and invite them on stage to enjoy their very last dance before becoming a married couple.

There is no hard and fast rule that all these points need to be followed. People can try any new and innovative ideas. What is most important is that the anchor keeps it fresh. Two completely different families will come to know each other, without worrying about any formalities.

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