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Amol Yadav Biography Caste (DGCA, Aircraft, Net Worth)

Amol Yadav Biography (DGCA Aircraft Company Net Worth)

Amol Yadav, is the talk of the town and Aviation Industry in present time. He is better known to having assembled an entire aircraft, all by himself on the roof top of his house in Mumbai. Amol Yadav have also stated that to develop and build the six seated aircraft at his roof top of the house took him over six years and nearly over two trials. Presently Amol Yadav is working for Jet Airways as Dy. Chief Pilot for the commercial liner company.

Amol Yadav Biography DGCA Aircraft Company Net Worth

Who is Amol Yadav?

Amol Yadav, 40 years by age and Dy. Chief Pilot (Jet Airways) is also an owner of the Thrust Aircraft Company for building his own aircraft. He is a Mumbai based citizen who lives along with his family in Mumbai Suburb area.

NameAmol yadav
 Family Information19 member in family
Marital StatusNA
Age40 year
Occupation  X  Deputy chief Pilot at Jet airways
Home townMumbai
Company nameThrust Aircraft
Contact Number099678 72539
Current Net WorthNA
Success journey
December 2011Submit aircraft registration application under experimental category to DGCA
July 2014DGCA delete experimental aircraft clause without any discussion
April 2017Maharashtra CM give information about project to PM
2018Maharashtra government  give Rs 35,000 crore to build aircraft.


Education, Job and Company

  • Amol Yadav, Mumbai based citizen and a commercial Chief Pilot for private Aircraft company, if a trained Pilot by profession with years of experience and degree in Pilot Training License.
  • He currently is employed with Jet Airways and is also an owner of Aircraft building company called as Thrust Aircraft Company (TAC). The company was officially launched by Amol in 2010 for building Aircraft under the banner Make in India.
  • The Aircraft was officially launched by TAC under supervision and advice by IIT B professor panel and Murali Sundaram (Air Chief Marshal).

Family Of Amol Yadav

  • Amol Yadav, lives in the Mumbai Suburbs with his family of 19 members apart from his parents and other members. He is based in Charkop area of the City and is presently living in 3 Bed room hall (BHK) residential apartment.
  • He is also well supported by all members of his family, financially and morally for his work and contributions made that he was in fact dedicated to spend his time building aircraft. Apart from this Amol also added that his family has been so supportive to Amol that they sold off their Gold Jewelry to purchase a Piston engine (Customized) for the aircraft along with a set of navigational suit for Amol.

Life Achievement

  • On 28th December 2011 Amol Yadav had officially submitted his application of request for completing the aircraft registration process. The application was officially submitted to the DGCA office for placing it under the experimental category.
  • On 9th July 2014, DGCA receives a petition regarding deletion of the Experimental clause submitted by GT Selvan – Bangalore DDG to the Civil Aviation Authorities.
  • 25th July 2014, DGCA removes the clause for experimental aircraft without any further objections or suggestions made. On 14th April 2017, CM – Maharashtra State Fadnavis writes a request to the PM Modi instructing and informing about Amol Yadav’s Aircraft.
  • After sending an official written application to the PM on 21st April 2017, Fadnavis Meets PM and briefs him about Amol Yadav and his achievements and request assistance from Singla (Private secretary – PM) for DGCA involvement.
  • On 2018 later Maharashtra government approves to announce a set sum of Rs 35000 crore to be given away to Amol Yadava for developing Make in India Aircraft for the country.

About His Aircraft

  • The aircraft was developed by Amol Yadav at his home on the terrace of the residential apartment. The process of building the aircraft took over 6 years and two testing to ensure the right type of materials.
  • The aircraft is also efficient to fly at a height of about 13000 feet and reach the top speed of around 1500 feet per hour. Amol has also designed the aircraft such that it can travel a distance of around 2000 KM and maintain a speed of around 185 NMPH.
  • The aircraft when fully loaded can carry a maximum load of 1450 KGs and is designed to carry maximum of 5 people excluding Pilot.

Net worth

As till present time, Amol Yadav net worth details are not much available online. His aircraft project is still waiting approval from the Civil aviation authorities. The state government of Maharashtra has announced to offer him with funds of Rs 35000 crore for completing his project.


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