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Alcoholism Essay [Effects, Causes, Treatment] Speech

Alcoholism Essay [Effects, Causes, Treatment] Speech

Alcoholism is one of the severe forms of alcohol abuse and in such a state the person loses control in his drinking habits. In case the harmful symptoms are left untreated for long, it can result in the severe condition. Therefore, a detailed study of the same has been elaborated such that the individuals follow the right path for the cure.


Causes of alcoholism

You may know about the details of alcoholism and have you ever thought about how does it initiate? Drinking occasionally is never that harmful but how does the same result in full-grown addiction for the individual? The answer to this may not be simple and therefore, the habit of addicted to alcohol can be said to be a combination of psychological, generic, social and environmental factors. With the increase in the risk factors, the person is more likely to become more alcoholic. The risk factors often tend to go out of the person’s control. Some of the causes of the addiction have been enlisted in the following part of the article.

  1. Start drinking early – In case the individual starts drinking at an early age, then it is likely to have a normal physical dependence as they grow up. They start to have an alcoholic problem from an early age only. As they start to grow, the intake level increases with the increase in the tolerance level of the body.
  2. Stress from the environment – It is not the case with most of the individual to turn alcoholic from stress but some of the definitely do. It can be either a stressful job or stress in the family that results in an alcoholic tendency of the person. People engaged in occupations such as doctor or nurse; lead a stressful day to day life. In order to lower the risk factor and becoming addictive toward alcohol, they can try out to de-stress their lifestyle by following some healthy methods. It includes exercising daily, reading a good number of books and taking proper sleep throughout the day.
  3. Depression – It is one of the common reasons for individuals to become addictive toward alcohol. It is also a mental disease that can happen across ages. It is further known that bipolar disorder; anxieties including others are the factors that contribute to the increase of the risk of alcoholism in the individual.
  4. Family history – Stressful problems in the family can often result in an alcoholic tendency of the individual. Other than this, if your parent or any relative is alcoholic, then the risk of alcoholism increases. It happens partly due to genetics and partly due to the environment that indulges the person to become alcoholic. When you start spending time with people who are addictive to alcohol, the chances are high that it might influence your addiction as well. There are multiple reasons that can influence the alcoholic tendency in an individual and they also play a strong role in the development of the tendency. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the same at the earliest.
  5. Alcohol with medicine – There are certain medicines available in the market containing highly toxic effect of alcohol. When the person continues to take medicine, the addiction starts to effect slowly resulting in some life-threatening results.

Effects of alcoholism on society

  • Effects on children – Fetal alcohol syndrome are one of the commonly known problems that take place due to consumption of alcohol by mothers during pregnancy. It is prevalent in the United States. Children with FAS show certain symptoms and they could be either life-long depending on its intensity. In addition to this, children who grow up in an environment where often see their parents indulging in alcohol, they are sure to grow an early interest in the same. From this, the children can also suffer from various emotional and psychological problems.
  • Effects on family – Amidst the large concern of the social impact of alcoholism on society, family is the place from where the problem starts and has impact on the financial condition gradually. Intimate partner violence also results in problem and financial issues. It further lowers the decision-making skills of the individual and ultimately leads to neglect of the child and its abuse at home. Therefore, in this way the domestic violence takes place.
  • Drunk driving – It is another common cause of alcoholism and according to research it can be said that one out of three car accidents takes place due to drunk drivers who are mostly among the teenagers. Due to this, the risk factors increase among the teens as they tend to drink and indulge in rash driving.
  • Health issues – One of the obvious reasons for alcoholism is chronic health issues and some of them are cancer, numerous cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric conditions, and digestive diseases. In addition to this, there are high risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke due to consumption of alcohol.

Solution of alcoholism

  • Detoxification – Detoxification means getting rid of harmful habits and the individual have to initiate by starting a normal lifestyle. Also, the person has to go through medical supervision as the process of detoxification can be challenging enough if not done in the right way. This would not only reduce the tendency of alcoholism in the person, but it would also reduce other severe symptoms of the diseases in the person.
  • Emotional Healing – Professional counselors takes therapy sessions such that the person can easily recover from intake of alcohol. In case the tendency has started from any emotional reason, the therapist would help to heal with the same. A detailed discussion with the counselor would help the person to heal from the condition early.

Other than this, physical healing and educating the person towards giving up the habit of drinking is also essential to bring the person out of the habit.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, the wellness of the body also plays a pivotal role in taking care of the alcoholic person. Healthy habits and peer support are essential to help the person bring back to a normal lifestyle and lead a healthy one. The suffering of the person at the earliest before the severities has gone too far from recovery.

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