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Sep 052019
Ranu Mandal Biography

Ranu Mandal Biography, Story, Date Of Birth, Age, Daughter Name The internet is raving about the India’s new singing sensation, Ranu Mandal. Since the news broke out people have become curious about her. Who is Ranu Mandal and why she is in the spot light? Ranu, the sixty years old used to sign at the […]

Jan 312019
Gender Equality Essay Speech and Quotes

Gender Equality Essay Speech and Quotes Gender equality indicates the condition when men and women are able to enjoy equal rights in every opportunity that they avail. In every sphere of life including economic participation both men and women needs are equally valued. Other than considering men and women as equal, gender equality offers equal […]

Jan 142019
Reservation System Essay Speech and Quotes

Reservation System Essay Speech and Quotes The reservation system is prevailing in India since long and according to the system people belonging to the backward classes are given preference over others. In addition, even after securing lower marks compared to others, the people in the backward classes will get opportunities both in educational and employment […]

Dec 292018
Mobile Phones & Towers  [Essay, Speech] Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones and Mobile Towers [Essay, Speech] With newer technologies implemented by this tech world for digitalization, the smartphones have become an integral part of every individual. The revolution started since man started sending letters to their close friends living out of the state or country. Upon this, landline came into […]

Dec 292018
Patriotism Essay Speech Quotes

Patriotism Essay Speech Quotes A person who supports his country and shows his or her love for the country is known as a patriotic. The feeling of the person for his or her own country can be termed as patriotism. It is further known that a patriotic person is indebted to the homeland. When talking […]

Dec 092018
Drug Abuse Facts Essay [Causes,Effects, Solution]

Drug Abuse Facts Essay [Causes and Effects, Solution] Quotes Speech Addiction considered an illness where the victim suffers from cravings for any particular thing as they cannot control it. Similarly, people become victims of drug abuse despite knowing its adverse consequences. Developing a drug addiction or becoming a victim of drug abuse is not a […]

Nov 222018
Cultural Development Day Celebration in India

National Cultural Development Day celebration in India Essay Speech Quotes  India is a country of different cultures. Every state has its own identity. The lifestyle, art, traditions, food, greetings and other aspects of people’s lives are guided by their respective cultures. Thus, the central government celebrates the cultural diversity of the nation, with an aim […]

Nov 222018
National Maritime Day Celebration in India

National Maritime Day Celebration in India Essay Speech Quotes  India has an enviable commercial shipping industry. Several Indian shipping companies assist in importing and exporting goods to other nations, via the sea. The shipping industry has helped the nation to acquire success in commercial aspects. Other than that, India has a strong naval force that is […]

Nov 192018
Divorce Essay [Causes, Effect on Children]

Divorce Essay [Causes, Effect on Children] Speech Quotes The bitter sweet passing of the torch between every generation is a beautiful thing. After all, everyone in this world tends to get the perfect partner for themselves by getting married. While marriage might be a wonderful thing, certain scenarios lead individuals in partying ways, and that’s […]