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World Kindness Day Essay Speech Quotes History Story

World Kindness Day Essay Speech Quotes History Story Celebration Date New Ideas

World Kindness Day Essay

The world we live in is a canvas filled with lots of colors. The man from all his wisdom has advanced this world the most, and has made it into a place of many different cultures, beliefs, interests and people. In that process he has also divided the world into various boundaries – sometimes geographical, sometimes racial and sometimes religious. While boundaries are necessary for development, they also create conflict of interests in many scenarios. So sometimes as humans we need to look beyond our self-serving nature and consider the  interests of other people as well. World Kindness Day, which is celebrated every year on November 13, aims to foster that spirit in everyone’s lives.


The day was first celebrated on 13th of November 1998 in Tokyo, Japan, when this East Asian country brought together many other like-minded nations on a single platform of World Kindness Movement.


The day of first World Kindness Movement Conference (November 13) became known as World Kindness Day (WKD). The event gained international popularity as more and more nations started celebrating it. Given below is a list of major milestones in its history:

November 1998First celebration of the day
November 2000Singapore celebrated its first World Kindness Day
November 2012First Global Flashmob event in 33 cities of 16 countries
November 2013Second Global Flashmob in 60 cities
November 2014Third Global Flashmob in 60 cities 


The day was actually founded by Small Kindness Movement on its 35th anniversary. The movement that began around 3 decades ago with an idea of encouraging “small acts of kindness” had by then grown large enough that it couldn’t be called “small” by any means. It had managed to bring many other nations on board to create a global movement of kindness.

That global movement came into being as World Kindness Movement, and the even at which countries willing to participate in it signed the ‘Declaration of Kindness’ became known as first World Kindness Movement Conference. It happened on November 13th 1998, and the first signatories included UAE, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, and of course, Japan. Today more than 25 nations are its members including Italy, India, China, Brazil, UK and USA.

NameWorld Kindness Day
OriginWorld Kindness Movement
First Celebration DateNovember 13, 1998
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind ofSocial Issue
Date TypeFix
 World Kindness Day Celebration DatesNovember 13, 2016
November 13, 2017
November 13, 2018
November 13, 2019
November 13, 2020

How it is celebrated?

Every country celebrates the day in its own ways. For example, USA organizes flashmob dance events and other cultural performances on the day. Canada celebrates the day by organizing concerts themed around kindness and distributing cards related to the topic. And in Singapore there’s a trend of distributing yellow flowers on the day.

New Celebration Ideas

While NGOs around the world celebrate this day by organizing various events and activities, you don’t need to be part of an NGO to celerbate it. All you need to do on this day is an act of kindness. Some ideas include:

  • If you’ve got some financial means, you can try paying for the education of poor but hard working students. Education is one of the most basic needs in anyone’s lives, and if you can help someone in gaining it then it can be the best deed of your life.
  • Adopt an animal or supply some needs of your local animal shelter. Animals are often ignored by humans, so if you love them, please show some compassion towards them.
  • And yes – don’t forget being kind to yourself as well. It may seem a bit odd at first, but in today’s busy lifestyles we don’t remain kind to ourselves even. So take a day’s break from your daily routine and relax with your family members, enjoy your favorite music or go for a medical checkup for any health issue that you’ve been ignoring so far.

Purpose of Celebration

The purpose of celebrating World Kindness Day remains to look beyond the boundaries created by religions, views and geographies and think of others in human terms. Because despite all the differences that we may’ve, in the end all of us are citizens of one large world.

Impact on society of World Kindness Day

Since this day encourages people to be kind to everyone and stop looking at regional and geographic boundaries, it fosters a great deal of unity among various sections of society as they celebrate it. It acts as one large campaign to bring societies closer in this multi-dimensional world.

Response of Society

Societies too have started taking it seriously and looking beyond the division of various things. People from various sections of societies help each other selflessly on this day, which creates an awesome legacy for future generations of society.

Pros and Cons

Brings people from all different walks of life together.Some people don’t take any interest in the idea of this event because they believe that kindness should rather be a part of everyday life.
Undermines the issues created by religious and political differences.Many times people start taking advantage of others on this day.
Makes people feel good as they involve in kind activities.While kindness is a good thing, sometimes it starts conflicting with logic. And in cases where logic matters more than emotions, it can play spoiler.
Increases donations to NGOs .Makes people more vulnerable to frauds.
Makes people more considerate towards all species, including animals.Nice and kind people are often considered weak in and taken for granted.
Makes people more self-confident as they help out others.Some people just can’t ever afford to be too nice and too kind (i.e. managers, leaders etc.)
Reminds people about one of the most important pillars of human society in today’s busy lifestyles.Caring too much about suffering of others leads to your own suffering as well, often in psychological (and sometimes even physical) terms.
Gives everyone a chance of making a difference in the world.Makes people feel very helpless when they can’t help someone who’s suffering.


World Kindness Day is a great event that reminds people about the similarities they’ve in this vastly different world. However, there’s a need to make these small gestures of kindness a part of our daily lives. And there’s also a need to teach people about protecting themselves from situations in which others can take their advantage, which makes it more important to integrate kindness in our daily lives (you don’t learn to swim until you dive into water). So we should continue to celebrate this day with good spirit and make its mission a part of our lives.


World Kindness Day Speech

The history of self-interest is longer than the history of human society. It’s something that’s seen not only in humans, but in almost all species living on this planet. Modernization and progress of our societies has only added to it by creating several points of diversion and disagreement. As a result, the self-centered world where we live in makes us more concerned towards ourselves than ever before, and in the process we often forget nice, small gestures of a happy world like being kind. We think about our interests, our families, our social and religious groups and at most about our countries only.

However, if we put these differences aside for a while and take a look at what similarities we’ve, we can find a lot of things in common. When we start looking at similarities, we start moving the world in right direction, the direction of collective development. That’s the path from which we can make this world a more united and peaceful place to live.

There’s a place for every religion, race, community and locality in this world. All of them justify their existence and pass on different views, knowledge and information to us, which are crticial for development. Rather than suppressing views we don’t agree with or social groups that we don’t like, we should look on the similarities between us. Because when we look at similarities, it developes empathy. And when there’s empathy, it allows us to see on things from other person’s point of view, thereby encouraging a friendly dialogue.

There’re already a lot of conflicts in our world. The need of the hour is peace and harmony, which can be achieved by being nice, generous and kind to everyone. Therefore, we should continue to celebrate World Kindness Day with as much enthusiasm as possible.


World Kindness Day Quotes Slogan

There’s only one language in the world that can be understood by everyone – the language of kindness.


Helping someone doesn’t require a reason.


Kindness never goes waste; it always results in some positive outcomes.


A few words of kindness can change someone’s whole day.


If everyone does at least one kind act everyday, the world may start heading into right direction.


Be kind to others, even if you don’t seem to have anything in common.


Even a small act of kindness is much better than the desire of doing larger ones.


Give someone a reason to smile and you’ll get many more for yourself.


Being gentle and kind is more difficult than hating, but it’s almost always the right thing to do.


In this short life that we live, be kind to others whenever possible.


One of the best thing that you can give someone is a reason to smile.


Don’t wait for others to be kind and generous towards you – initiate the good thing yourself.


Be kind to others even if they’re under serving – not because they’re nice, but because you’re.


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