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World Development Information Day Essay Speech

World Development Information Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogan History Story Origin Date

World Development Information Day Essay


Development is one of the serious challenges that the world faces today, especially the developing nations. The primary impediments that the developing nations face is that of information dissemination, trade barriers, poverty and others. People often go unheard in developing nations because ruling governments fancy their own thoughts are representative of people’s need. These challenges have seriously crippled the overall development of the world as a whole. The World Development Information Day intends to fight this challenge.

World Development Information Day Essay Speech Quotes Slogan History Story Origin Date


World Development Information Day aims for gathering public opinion on developmental issues and trade issues so that those opinions can be utilized towards the greater objective of internationally agreed upon goals for development. The whole idea stands on the pillar that increased international cooperation is required for dealing with development challenges the world faces. The idea here is that general people represent a pool of information and suggestions that can be harnessed and implemented for growth and development objectives drawn at bureaucratic levels.

The World Development Information Day is not a holiday. It is a day of observance. It is observed globally and is a recurring event that takes place on October 24 each year.


The World Development Information Day originated at United Nations. This day, i.e. October 24 as World Development Information Day was instituted during the 27th UN General Assembly session.


Looking back into history, it turns out that the World Development Day and United Nations Day coincide with each other. Both days are celebrated or observed on October 24 every year. Interestingly, in 1970, October 24 was the date when the Second United Nations Development Decade’s International Development Strategy was adopted.


A few important things were decided upon during the institution of the World Development Information Day. It was decided to harness communication technology’s potential to achieve the development goals that have been decided upon by international bodies. It was decided that more investment should be made towards rapid expansion of internet and penetration of mobile technology so that universal access to information can be granted in general public in multiple languages. It was also agreed upon that internet should be internationally managed and should be kept democratic, transparent and multilateral.

World Development Information Day at a Glance

1NameWorld Development Information Day
2OriginUnited Nations
3First Celebration DateOctober 24, 1973
4Celebration TypeInternational
5Kind ofSocial Issue
6Date TypeFixed
7Upcoming  World Development Information Day Celebration Dates
8October 24, 2016
9October 24, 2017
10October 24, 2018
11October 24, 2019
12October 24, 2020

How is World Development Information Day Celebrated?

There are many ways in which World Development Information Day is celebrated.

  • Direct campaigns are organized in various areas to spread awareness about UN is doing to improve trade conditions globally and to aid development.
  • Magazine, newspaper, TV and radio journalists are informed about the works of UN.
  • Advertisements are run on televisions and newspapers and radios too.
  • Posters are used in public places, highlighting the problems of development.

New Celebration Ideas for World Development Information Day

  • Attempts should be made to reach grass levels by including representatives of rural and urban areas.
  • Youth should be engaged in community level decision making as they are not only educated but are also dynamic to come up with new ideas for development.
  • Internet should be utilized as a platform to gather suggestions from global community.

Purpose of World Development Information Day

The primary purposes of the World Development Information Day are to:

  • Draw attention of general public about the development issues that are plaguing the world.
  • Explain to people the necessity of international cooperation to deal with development as well as trade issues.
  • Explain to people the importance of technology such as mobile phones and internet for dissemination of information.
  • Explain to people the role United Nations plays in world development.

Impact on Society of World Development Information Day

As far as the impact on society is concerned, the World Development Information Day is yet to reach its full potential. From whatever reach it has attained over years, a few things have floated up that are worth mentioning:

  • Information access has increased globally through mass usage of internet.
  • People are today aware of various developmental issues that cover the developing nations.
  • People have access to information about the steps taken at national and international levels to deal with pressing issues like poverty, human rights, hunger, trade liberalization and more.

Response of Society


If we talk of the pros of World Development Information Day, there are not many to speak about except that:

  • Awareness about development issues has increased.
  • People stay informed about the development goals of different countries and millennium development goals for the world as a whole.
  • Attempts to spread information across demographic and cultural boundaries have helped dissemination of technology as well.
  • Private companies have helped too by making mobile technology user-friendly and cheap (despite the fact that they are always driven by capitalist agent of profit).


Just like there aren’t enough pros to discuss, there is a shortage of cons too. However, no matter how limited these cons are, they are serious and should be addressed properly if the World Development Information Day is to true succeed. Here are the cons:

  • It is more bookish than being practical. It intends to harness information and suggestions from general public but no concrete steps have been taken. For instance, there should have been a global platform that could work as drop box for general public opinion on matters like trade and development.
  • Increased spying by security agencies, especially US-based agencies like NSA, CIA etc. on online activities of users worldwide is a direct intrusion on people’s privacy. This is deterring many people from communicating freely on internet.
  • While RTI or right to information is one of the major areas where governments need to work on, the basic problem is often suppression of information by governing bodies. If information dissemination is the primary objective, information suppression never helps.


The World Development Information Day is a good idea in books. On practical grounds it makes sense only and only when people are directly engaged. Running advertisements and telling people stories about UN’s work is not going to motivate youth. They are motivated by opportunity of direct participation. They are motivated when they are heard. Much work has to be done in that field. Speaking development is easy, doing development requires grass root involvement.


World Development Information Day Speech

The world development information day is marked as the day that is designed for offering the opportunity for conveying the attention on the importance of developmental changes. The world today is facing innumerable issues, starting from the global warming effect to the differences of caste creed and religion. And this is where the importance of world developmental changes comes in. The day of world developmental information is marked as the as the day of creating international awareness and co-operation to overcoming the major issues the world is facing right now.

The objective of this day is to improve the dissemination of the information and then mobilize the public opinion. The mobilization needs to be done among the youth of any country considering they are the future of the nation. The day of October 24th is marked as the world development information day. This day is actually created for the awareness of the problems to develop a nation. This will also emphasize on the national security. And that can only be assured if the economic and social welfare of the people are assured. Almost every group within the UN is focused on some aspects of development. These groups are united by the United Nations Development Group.

We need to help inform others and also inspire them to act for the greater awareness for the development from problems that the world is facing. Youth can be the first and foremost catalyst that can bring a change for the further international co-operation and development. This day is observed as the opportunity for the promotion of efforts within the sphere of international co-operation for development. This is a resolution that was first taken up in the year 1972, on October 24th, but it is now our responsibility to carry this forward.


World Development Information Day Quotes & Slogan

“With so much information these days people are much more informed but with lack of common sense”.


“Thinking for the betterment is the hardest work out there and that is the reason very few people tend to engage in it”


“Development Information is not just a mere scrap of information; the key is to listen, build and engage”.


“One day when technology surpasses the human touch, only information prevails, we are going to have a whole bunch of idiots”.


“With information technology restructuring the work situation, we are abstaining from the thought, but focused merely on action”


“Getting information bluntly is just exactly like quenching your thirst from the water of a fire hydrant”


“Some people tend to sit down and ask what is it, while others tend to ask what I can do with it.”


“You have the information for development, then be focused on informed, don’t be opinionated too fast”


“Once a new development information rolls over you, you become the part of the road, chose your road wisely”


“The fog of information can drive out knowledge, got information? Get its knowledge, don’t shun one out for another, you cannot improve what you cannot measure”.


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