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World Animal Day Essay Speech Quotes Story History & Celebration Date

World Animal Day Essay Speech Quotes Story History & Celebration Date 

World Animal Day Essay


This planet is a home for the animals though their existence in this planet is being threatened by misusing natural resources and destroying forests. Illegal wildlife trade is abolishing the existence of animals in this planet. It is being estimated that almost 9 percent of all the species are becoming extinct every year. If this goes on, it won’t be too late till we see a mass extinction again. As a human being we are the friends of the animals and it is our duty and responsibility to protect them. World Animal Day began with such a mission of protecting the animals on October 4, 1931 and it is a day to honor all the animals in the world by the celebrators of this event irrespective of the cast, nationality of the celebrators.

World Animal Day Essay

Origin Of World Animal Day 

The world is losing about 9 percent of all the species every year. This rate is very threatening considering the earlier mass extinction of the world when the world lost the Dinosaur species. If another mass extinction happens, there will be no species of animals left in the world and the nature will eventually become gloomy without them. To save the animals and to highlight the difficulties of the endangered species, the World Animal Day was introduced.

Every year this day is celebrated globally to give priority to the importance of Animal Rights and Welfare. The animals are becoming extinct, and all of the citizens of the world should think about it seriously.

History Of World Animal Day 

World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4 every year. It is the feast day of the Francis of Assisi who was the patron saint of animals. The World Animal Day started on the year of 1931. A convention was held on the Florence City of Italy. A lot of ecologists were present in the convention and they proposed that the difficulties of the endangered species should come into light. Thus the collective decision made by the ecologists introduced the World Animal Day on 1931.

This day now reflects on the animals of this world and our involvement with them. This day is celebrated globally now to honor the respectful relationship of the humans with the animals.

Story Behind World Animal Day

The ecologists found over the years that half of the world’s animals have been declining and more than 33% of the animals have been endangered. The ecologists of the world recognized this fact and they decided that this matter should be handled with great care and thus they decided to arrange a convention in Italy. In the convention, the ecologists identified the problem. Actually, the general people were not aware of the condition and the difficulties of the threatened species of animals. Thus the ecologists agreed that the World Animal Day should be introduced to highlight the problems of endangered animals. The ecologists also ensured that they would give priority to the rights and welfare of the animals.

1.    NameWorld Animal Day
2.    Origin Florence City of Italy
3.    First Celebration Date 1931
4.    Celebration TypeInternational
5.    Kind OfImportant Day
6.    Celebration Day TypeFix

International Elderly Day Celebration Dates


 October 4

How is World Animal Day celebrated? 

Various types of event are held in the World Animal Day.

Types of EventDetailed Information
Awareness & Educational EventThe awareness and educational events are introduced to so that more people can know about the respectful relationship of human beings with animals.
Conference & WorkshopsConferences and Workshops are arranged so that people will exchange information about the day.
Concerts & Sponsored WalksThis event is held for fundraising. This fund is provided to help the animals.
Media EventsRadio & Television also arranges different events to inform the people about the importance of the animals.
Marching EventsPeaceful Marching Events are held on the day to persuade the government to announce animal protection legislation.

New Celebration Ideas

  • The students should be taken to a local animal shelter on the World Animal Day.
  • The ecologists should give a speech so that people will understand the real facts about the day.
  • An event should be held where people will get to see different types of animals along with the danger the animals are facing.

Purpose of Celebration 

CelebrationThe day is to celebrate the life of the animals in all the forms of it.
HonorThe day honors the relationship between the humankind and animal kingdom.
AcknowledgmentThe day acknowledges the roles of animals in our life. The animals are our companions and they bring a sense of wonder and joy to us.
ThankingThe animals are thanked in this day for their contribution of enriching our lives.

Impact on Society

The World Animal Day has impacted society by increasing awareness. The members of the society now acknowledge the importance of animals in our lives and the way they enrich our lives. The members of the society now know that they have their work cut out to ensure the existence of animals in the nature. The known members will now pass on the information to the unknown members.

Response of Society

  • Adults are supporting this day and they are passing on the information they know to the unknown people of the society. They are helping by doing workshops and conferences in the World Animal Day.
  • The social media has come forward by creating mass awareness.
  • A digital company has developed a website for this day where all information is available about the day.
  • Students and Teachers are contributing equally to the welfare of the animals by learning and teaching more about the day.

 Pros and Cons Of World Animal Day 

This day helps people to realize the importance of the relationship between humankind and animals.This day has not been spread thoroughly in each and every country, so most of the people are unaware about the importance of this day.
This day helps to acknowledge the contribution of animals to the world.Most of the people have not acknowledged this day because of not knowing practically about the day.
This day thanks the animals and supports their welfare and rights.Most of the members of the society are unaware about the rights of animals.


World Animal Day is a day to acknowledge the contribution of the animals and to realize the importance of the relationship between the humans and the animals.  Also this day is to highlight the condition of the endangered animals so the people of the world can know about them. This day is celebrated globally irrespective of the country, religion or caste of the celebrator. If we can create mass awareness and provide education about the day, we will be able to develop a culture which will then turn into a legal reform and then social progress will be made from all corners of the world to ensure animal protection.


World Animal Day speech

Speech On World Animal Day

None of us can imagine a world without animals in it. Different species of animals makes the nature creative to look at. If we want to ensure a better future for our future generation, we must ensure the existence of animals in the nature. Our future generation should also get the opportunity like us to share their joys with the animals. Actually we owe it to our future generation because they should also enjoy the beauties of nature.

The animals make our life beautiful and we could turn to them to share our joys whenever we need them. Thus, the friendship and relationship between the humans and the animals should be respected.

We should also realize that if we do not look after the animals of the world, they will eventually die as one third of them are already in danger of facing extinction form the world.  The animals are an integral part of the society. So, if we lose almost one third of the species of animal that will ruin the beauty of the nature and every people’s thirst to enjoy the wildlife. If the mass people can’t acknowledge the relationship of human and animal, the condition of the animals can’t be improved.

So, to improve the condition of the animals we should all celebrate World Animal Day together irrespective of our nationality, religion and political beliefs. We should know more about the animals and we should attend all the events in the World Animal Day so that we can also let others know about the importance of the day. We can’t enjoy the wildlife without the involvement of the animals and for this every person of the world should come forward and support this special day. We should remember the soul of a person can’t get enriched without the help of an animal.


World Animal Day Quotes status

Quotes & status On World Animal Day

The soul of a person has not awakened until he loves an animal.

Animals have a pure soul because having a soul means the ability to show love and gratitude.

If you pick up an animal and make him prosperous, the animal won’t bite you and this is the difference between humans and animals.

Animals are such a friend who don’t impose any question or criticize our actions.

A nation can be judged through their treatment towards their animals.

Humans have no right to abolish the existence of animals, as the animals were permitted by the creator itself.

Humans think animals won’t be in heaven when the reality is they will be there before all of the humans.

Human beings must free themselves to embrace all creatures and enjoy the beauties of the animals.

Unlike friends, animals return our love.

Animals are the only thing who loves you more than they love themselves.

A man can be judged by the way of treating his pet.

We all hope to go to the heaven of animals rather than the heavens of human being.


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    Dedicate this Thirukural to all our domestic animals.
    Domestic animals are the life givers to the human.Make us in tears by their sacrifices.wild animals may hunt only for their hunger,human hunt for luxury.
    Animals are better than human beings.

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