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Women Empowerment Importance Essay Speech Quotes

Women Empowerment Importance Essay Speech Quotes

Before delving into the topic of women empowerment and its quintessences it is important to have a clear understanding of what is meant by the phrase ‘women empowerment’. The United Nation states five elements to define the scope of women empowerment. They are enlisted below:

  • Generating a sense of self-worth for women
  • Right to determine their own choices for women
  • Right to have access to equal opportunities and all other kinds of resources
  • Right to regulate and control their own lives – within, and also outside their homes
  • Ability to contribute to the society and economy

Thus, as can be seen, women empowerment is just a recognition of basic human rights for women, so that they are not discriminated in anyway from the men of the society.

Why is women empowerment necessary in India

Sadly, women empowerment is a topic which needs a lot of attention especially in the developing countries. India, is one such nation which is taking a lot of measures for women empowerment.It may be asked that why women empowerment is grabbing so much of limelight. There can be questions as to why no one talks about men empowerment. This would need us to go back to history. Since ages, different customs and norms had been brought into existence so that the fairer sex of the society could be dominated.

Some of these customs and practices were:

  1. Sati pratha,
  2. purduh system,
  3. dowry,
  4. female infanticide,
  5. sexual harassment,
  6. sexual violence, and more.

Beyond these over the years women were subject to domestic violence. While the scenario has changed quite a bit, yet not much of these problems have subsided.

It is quite a paradox that, India being a nation that worships Durga, Lakhsmi, and Kali fails to abolish the evil practices against women. The main reason of these discrimination against women are the dominance of patriarchy in the Indian society. There are a lot of measures that the government is taking for the women empowerment drive, but the development is at a snail’s pace at present.

However, it is to be taken into consideration that women empowerment is an issue, the importance of which should be explained to the men of the society too. When men and women, both will realise the importance and work towards it together, the society will evolve in a way like never before. It was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who had once said: “You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.”

How to empower women

Education and awareness, and proper reforms can bring about a positive change in empowering the women of India. Women empowerment should be an all-round equality – politically, socially, economically. Education should be the starting point for every women to broaden their mind and know what they are entitled to. Beyond all, it is the women of the country who must realise their worth in the society, and stand up for themselves and all other fellow women. Women can eliminate the evils done to them by uniting up like a bundle of sticks, and fight for their own rights. After all, when a woman is determined to do something, there is not a soul that can stop her. Women need to understand that if they have the power to endure the discriminations against them, they certainly have the strength to negate those and rise above.

 Quotes on women empowerment:

Women, a lot of times, do not know their potential or worth. But they are like tea bags; one can only know their strength once they are put in hot water or adverse situations.


Women need to change the age-old tradition of being dominated. It is time they stand up for themselves; for their mothers; for their sisters; for their daughters.


No man or woman is complete or perfect. It is only when men and women take equal steps can the society run smoothly on the roads of success.


Do not suppress and violate women. They are the most beautiful things God has created ever.


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