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Technology Day India Essay Speech Quotes Theme 2019

Technology Day in India Speech Quotes

Every aspect of human life has been touched by technology. With time, scientific growth has paved the way of technologically advanced to cement its place in our lives. Without technology, communication system, education, transportation, medical facilities and defense structure, everything will crumble. Thus, it is just that we recognize the importance of technology, and celebrate its presence. So, the central authority in India celebrated National Technology Day with pomp and grandeur.

Technology Day in India Speech Quotes

Date of celebration

The celebration of the National Technology Day is an annual event. This means that the central government, technology departments and other related institutes celebrate this day every yea, on the same day. The National Technology Day is observed on 11th May in India.

Origin of the day

The first nuclear test was carried out in Pokhran on the 11th of May 1998. The entire test was guided under one of the brightest scientific minds, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The test was commissioned by them Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Once the test was successful, the central government realized that it was a magnificent achievement for the nation. So, in 1999, the PM declared that since then, the nation will celebrate National Technology Day every year on the 11th of May.

History of the day

India was treated as an underdog by other nations, which had already cemented their place in the atomic arms race. The entire scenario changed when India claimed her position in the list as the sixth nation to acquire nuclear weapons. The Indian Army Test Range in Pokhran trembled when three nuclear bombs were detonated by the atomic research department. On 11th May 1998, three bombs were tested successfully, and two more bombs were detonated on the 13th. On the very same day, Indian defense departments also carried out launch of Trishul (missile) and Hansa-3 (training air craft).

Objectives of its celebration

  1. Celebrating anniversary of Pokhran nuclear tests – The first nuclear bombs were tested in Pokhran. It was a successful attempt, and the Prime Minister proudly announced that India has attained nuclear arms as well. He also announced that India was not going to sign the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty. National Technology Day is celebrated to honor these events.
  2. Celebrating successful firing of Trishul missile – Along with the nuclear bombs, the Defense Research and Development Organization declared that they have successfully tested short-range missile quick-reaction, and surface-to-air missile named Trishul.
  3. Celebrating successful launch of Hansa-3 – On 11th May 1998, Hansa-3 an air force training aircraft was also flown for the first time from the army air strip in Bengaluru.
  4. Bringing the scientists to light – These magnificent achievements were the result of efforts of several scientists and technological experts. The main objective of the government was to bring these experts to the limelight, and honor them adequately.
  5. Providing ordinary people with pertinent information – The celebration of this day will also allow ordinary people to acquire information about past, present and future technological advancements, which the nation has in store for them.
  6. Creating a platform for further research – Encouragement to scientists and technology experts will urge them to do more research in future. The nation will also be able to offer them the right infrastructure for carrying out these activities.

How to celebrate the day?

  1. Events organized by Science and Technology Ministry – The Science and Technology Department of Indian government organize, several programs, which are associated with the scientific and technological advancements.
  2. Events in engineering colleges and institutes – All institutes, which impart technological education and engineering colleges, also celebrate the day. Students prepare slideshows, presentations and projects, which highlight the importance of this day.
  3. Awards for deserving candidates – The Science and Technology Ministry offers awards and honors to all scientists, who have achieved significant success in technological grounds.
  4. Dissemination of information – All events, which are organized by the government and the private instates highlight the requirement of making people aware of these advancements. The seminars and conferences bring students in front of scientists, and they get the opportunity to interact with them.
  5. Visits to labs and institutes – Most technical colleges organize trips for the students. These students can visit reputed labs, research facilities, and other centers, where they acquire information about ongoing discoveries.
  6. Active participation of parents – Apart from the government and colleges, the parents need to do their part. AS education begins from home, the parents must talk about the lives and deeds of famous scientists. This will instill an interest in the minds of the young students.
  7. Active participation of media – The media needs to come forward, and broadcast special programs, which highlight the importance of this day. Panel discussions with scientists are an effective way to make the public aware of the situations.

Themes of the celebration

Every year, the Technology Development Board or the TDB, which is placed under the central government, picks a specific theme for the celebration of the National Technology Day. The theme for 2016 was ‘Technology enablers of Startup India’ and 2017 celebrations highlighted ‘Technology for inclusive and sustainable growth.’ It wanted to put stress on the implementation of science and technology for sustaining progress.

Indian government needs to invest more money and efforts in development of science and technology. The celebration of this day will make ordinary people aware of the new and innovative creations and finds in the field of technology. The recent trend tells that technology will soon assist people to take care of their mundane activities as well.

Quotes on National Technology Day

  1. If a nation wants to develop in the true sense, then it has to depend on the spread and implementation of technology.
  2. Every nation should try to make technological advancements available to people from all sections of the society.
  3. Everyone has the right to benefit from technology. Its concentration in the hands of mighty will create havoc.
  4. Technology Day in India is an attempt to pay out tributes to all scientists who have dedicated their lives in the service of mankind.
  5. What once was knows as magic, now is called “technology.” Science has the power to make everything possible.


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