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Stephen Hawking Age Family Book Net Worth Quotes

Stephen Hawking Biography Age Family Book Net Worth Quotes

Stephen Hawking a physicist and a Scientist is a name that is well known in the world of science for his ground breaking contributions made in the field of relativity and Black holes (Space). Besides, he also a number of Popular science invention books to his credit including one of his most popular ‘History of Time’. Apart from this he has also made numerous contributions to the filed of education as most of his works are considered as best source of information by Researchers and students at school, college and University level.

Stephen Hawking Biography Age Family Book Net Worth Quotes

NameStephen Hawkins
Date of BirthJanuary 8th 1942
OccupationAuthor, Scientist and Physicist
EducationBA Hons Physics / Applied Math
Father NameFrank Hawking (Oxford Graduate)
Mother’s NameIsobel Hawking (Oxford Graduate)
BrotherEdward Hawking
Sister’sMary , Philippa
SchoolSt. Albans School
CollegeOxford University
UniversityTrinity University Cosmology (PhD).

 Birth Family And Children

Stephen Hawking – was born on 8th January 1942 and had earned his name as a famous British Scientist and Physicist. Stephen Hawking was born in England – Oxford. His father was a researcher in the field of Tropical medicine. His wife’s name was Jane Hawking. Jane and Stephen had three children’s whose names were Lucy, Robert and Timothy.

Stephen had met Jane in 1965 when they got married and later in 2006 they were separated after having three children.

Education And Occupation

  • He is also a renowned Author and a Professor. He has offered his unlimited contributions for Cosmology (Space Theory) and Physics. He studied his Space science (Cosmology) from Cambridge University.
  • Stephen Hawking was a student of BA Hons in Physics as subject in 1985 from Oxford University. As a student he was always marked as an extra ordinary student.
  • In 1962 (October) Stephen joined the Cambridge University of Cambridge for Cosmology research in Physics Theory and Applied Mathematics (DAMPT).
  • He gained his PhD in the year 1965 in the relevant work area for proving his applied thesis based on the expansion of the Universe. In 1969 he was also awarded with Distinction in Science at Caius & Gonville college.
  • In 1966 he was also awarded with Adams prize and joined Institute of Astronomy in the year 1968. Later in the year 1973 he had published his first book working as assistant researcher termed as “Space- Time Large scale structure”.

Stephen Hawking Challenges in Life

  • Through out his life Stephen Hawking was believed to have been diagnosed for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) condition.
  • The disease is also termed as Lou Gehrigs disease and in this condition the nerves that are regulating the body movement and reflexes are unable to work and coordinate such that the body muscles don’t move. In later stages of the disease patients start tripping and are unable to speak (Slur speech).
  • In 1969 Hawking was unable to move most parts of his body due to his disease and had to depend more on the Wheel Chair. In the later stages his physical condition even got worse and during his education time in college and University Stephen was helped by his family member for carrying out his work and other tasks.
  • His body could only feed him virtually while all other parts of his body and movement needed special assistance. Later in 1985 Stephen Hawking also lost his power of speech on account of tracheotomy and was always under nursing observation and care 24 hours a day. He was also assisted by a Computer program developed by a programmer that could be controlled by the eye and head movement. Hawking could now speak and communicate with others only via selected words in the computer program. Later in his life all his body parts had stopped functioning virtually and most of the reflexes could only be controlled by the computer program.

Stephen Hawking Career

  • In 1974 Stephen Hawking was also elected as the Royal Society’s Fellowship and as a distinguished scholar by Institute of Technology at California. In 1975 he also nominated himself as reader for DAMPT (Gravitational Physics) and later on was represented as Professor for Gravitational Physics in the year 1977.
  • From 1979 onwards till 2009 he was appointed as a Mathematics Professor. Throughout his life he worked on the applications of basic physics laws and Universal laws that govern the universe.
  • He was also the one who accompanied Roger Penrose to prove the existence and working of Einstein’s Relativity theory for time and space. He proved using the theory that the universe begins with what is termed as a Big bang and dies out as a Black hole which was proved in 1970.
  • He also worked and made his contributions towards Quantum Theory along with other scientific developments by the 20th He was also known to have prove the existence of Hawking Radiations that were emitted by the Black holes stating the existence and evaporation of these radiations.
  • Apart from this his theories also prove the existence of Universe as a place with imaginary time and boundaries. He was also associated with Black Holes research program explaining the existence in the Universe and their formation and extinction.
  • In 2018 Hawking was also associated with providing the explanation of the beginning and existence of the Universe. He made the explanation on the basis of Euclidean Theory and Quantum Gravity thus giving the way to the forth dimension, that is the concept of time.
  • At the age of 65 Stephen Hawking also explained the concept of space travel and time. During his research he was also able to explain the concept of weightlessness and the gravity (High G and Zero G). To his credit he is having three most important Theories of Physics – Big Bang Theory, Theory of Everything and Genius.

Stephen Hawking’s Awards And Achievements 

  • Professor Stephen Hawking, holds to his credit over Thirteen degrees and awards to his credit. In the year 1982 Stephen was awarded with CBE awards and in 1989 he was awarded with Honor of Companion award.
  • Apart from this he was also awarded with Presidential Medal of Freedom in the year 2009. Besides till date Stephen Hawking was also awarded with numerous prizes, medals and awards for his notable works in the field of Physics (Fundamental Physics – 2013), 2006 with awarded with Copley Medal and then later in 1988 was awarded with Prize from the Wolf Foundation.
  • He was also awarded with Fellow ship program for being a member of the Royal society and member at Pontifical Science Academy and US National Science Academy.

Stephen Hawking Books

Till date over past few years, Stephen Hawking had co-written or written over fifteen books for Physics and Cosmology including Laws of Universe. Some of his most famous books include:-

  • A Brief History Of Time – This book was from his 1988 publications. The book was considered as informative related to time and space travel principles. Apart from this the book also focused on the existence of Future and God. The book was considered as best sellers and was officially published I London Times list. Till date it has managed to sell over millions of copies in over 40 different languages.
  • Universe in a Nutshell – This was a book that was published in 2001 and relates to History of time and explains the Theories of Cosmology and Universe.
  • Briefer History of Time – A best seller in the year 2005 and explains time and relativity in simple terms. Apart from this the book also relates the tradition theories with Latest String theory concept. The book is also considered as Holy Grail for most research works in Physics and Cosmology. It explains the theory and existence of Entire Universe along with Big Bang theory in simple language. In simplified language the book also explains the existence of 11th Dimensions of the Universe with living proof. Apart from this the book is one best publication for explanation of Human colonization in the ever expanding universe. In other words it explains everything related to time travel and space concept.
  • Grand Design – The book was officially published in 2010 and is related to theory of science (Laws of Physics and God). The book argues everything in and against the real existence of Grand creator of the universe and its real origin. The work also gives a brief conclusion to the Big Bang theory and its existence in the Universe. Starting from basic concepts of Universe expansion to Laws of Gravity and Creation of Universe are explained by Hawking in the book in simple language. It also explains the existence of humans in the universe and the reasons behind its existence.

Stephen Hawking Movies

Stephen Hawking has made his guest appearances in a number of TV shows and other movie events. Some of his unforgettable moments include his appearance as guest star in Star Trek – The Simpsons and Late Night with Conan O’Brien show with Jim Carrey actor. He also voiced for Pink Floyd song (keep talking). He made his special appearance in ‘Big Bang Theory’ , ‘Genuis’ and ‘Theory of everything’. The film Theory of everything is all about the early days and life of Stephen Hawking and his days at the school, marriage and courtship.

Stephen Hawking Death

As per the sources it has been confirmed that Stephen Hawking lost his life on the morning of 14th March 2018 in Cambridge – United Kingdom.

Net worth

AS till date in 2018, Stephen Hawking net worth is worth USD 20 Million. Apart from this he is also one of the best seller author for Science and Physics theory and cosmology. He also holds his credit for being best author for publishing critical as well as Commercial books. As till last he collected a salary worth US 3 Million.

Stephen Hawking Quotes

Stephen hawking had quotes that varied from Scientific controversies to poetic.

Even if the universe is unified it is a still a combinations of equations and rules. No explanation derived from the mathematical ground can explain the existence of the universe in simple terms.


Throughout my entire life I have been attracted by the queries related to universe and its existence. To find answers I look towards the stars and wonder the reason behind its existence.


Scientists make a lot of predictions related to universe and theories. The creation of universe out of nothing is mere a chance and we are a part of it.


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