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Shivam Mavi Biography Bowling Speed Height IPL

Shivam Mavi Biography Bowling Speed Height IPL

Shivam Mavi is a young Indian cricketer who played in recent matches for U-19 category. The young cricketer is better known as Indians renowned fast paced bowler. With his unbeatable performance in the U-19 world cup matches, Shivam managed to prove himself by bowling at super lightening speed of 140 Km/Hr speed.

During his matches Shivam also managed to gain attention and popularity amongst his fans in the crocket world. Shivam was born on 26th November 1998 and is around 20 years of age (as on 2018). The 175 cm in height cricketer has already proved his performance in bowling.

Shivam Mavi Biography Bowling Speed Height IPL

Personal Life and Education

Mavi coming from the Gujar family of Hindu origin, belongs to the Noida sector of the Uttar Pradesh state by birth. He has also been studying his BBA education in Business administration in the state university. He is presently studying in the second year of his university. It is also known that Shivam has completed his education in Al-Falah University in Faridabad district. His early schooling has been done from Noida itself at City Public School. Shivam’s mother is a house wife while his father is a professional businessman.

Family Information

Belonging to the Hindu Gujar family, Shivam’s father’s name is Pankaj Mavi. His father is a local businessman in Noida, while his mother is a homemaker. Not much details about the family members are updated online officially. He was officially trained by his coach Phoolchand Sharma for over 11 years of his career.

Style (Batting and Bowling)

  • Battling style – Being an al rounder by his game play Shivam has managed to display some of the best skills with his batting order. He managed to play the game as Right handed batsman and has also managed to score average run rate.
  • Bowling style – Shivam Mavi has also mad his mark as a fast paced bowler using his Right arm technique. When speaking of his recent contributions he has managed to maintain a fast paced bowling consistently through the entire match. Some of the innings he managed to bowl as fast as 140+ KM/Hr. at the time of U-19 matches he managed to bowl at speed of 146 Km/Hr and placed himself as second fastest bowler in the series after Nagarkoti.

Debut Matches

Shivam Mavi had made his first international Debut match while playing against the Team England in the year 2017 for U-19 team. The match was played on 23rd July at the Chesterfield stadium. It was the same year when Shivam also managed to take over 9 wickets at the Zonal level when playing the Challengers tournament.

Under19 world cup performance

  • When playing the Under 19 world cup series, Shivam Mavi was one amongst the top five players of the team who had performed their best. For the world cup series the Uttar Pradesh bowler was also known to have open with bowling for most matches.
  • He was also known to have bowled second fastest bowler in the series after Nagarkoti for the entire U-19 series of World cup. In the U-19 matches Shivam had also managed to take over 8 wickets in exchange for an average run rate of 124 runs. With this the fast paced bowler managed to score a average rate of 4.09 runs for every over during the series.
  • He also displayed the best of his bowling when playing against Australia in the same series offering them with 3/45 dismantling the entire team for its batting line.

IPL 2018

  • With his performance in the world cup series Shivam Mavi had managed to make his place in the IPL matches for teh2018 cup. In recent news it was showcased that Shivam managed to be a IPL super star.
  • Apart from his outstanding performance in the ICC U-19 matches, the Indian fast paced bowler has also managed to join the list of well in demand cricketers.
  • For the next IPL season 2018 Shivam was auctioned for Rs 3 crore by the MI while earlier he was auctioned by the KK for U-19 matches for Rs 3 crore as well.

Career Status

  • UPC – Mavi has been associated with UPC for cricket since 2014 and has also been engaged in a number of U-19 matches. In his cricket career he has played his matches for India U-19 team from the Uttar Pradesh side.
  • WC (U-19) – He also represents the Board XI for Indian Cricket. The Right Armed fast pace bowler has debut his match against Australia U-19 series that was also first of his International matches played so far. As far as his test debut is concerned Mavi has not managed to gain any till date.
  • Zone level – Shivam Mavi has also been representing the Railways (Zone Railways) for the U-19 team from the UP state which was added to his U-19 Debut as well.
  • IPL series – Next Shivam Mavi can been seen a lot in action for the IPL series in 2018 when MI has just managed to auction the player for signup with the Team club.


  • India (U-19) ODI record – Out of 8 matches played so far, Mavi does not hold his record for battling side in ODI. For bowling his average is around 15.21 with 14 wickets at hand.
  • Indian (U-19) Test Record – out of 2 matches played so far, Mavi holds his record for 136 runs in 3 innings with battling average of 136. His bowling averages to around 19.50 with 10 wickets at hand.


After seeing the performance of the young cricketer in the recent U-19 matches it is obvious that Shivam Mavi has definitely managed to make his place in the Cricket super stars of tomorrow. With his fast paced bowling techniques Mavi will manage to emerge as the lead players of our country in the IPL series.


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