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National Secretaries Day in India Essay Speech Quotes

National Secretaries Day in India Essay Speech Quotes

Whether it is a country’s government or an office department, it needs someone who has the knowledge, experience and skills to watch over everything. The person needs to make sure that the department performs its task perfectly. These responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of the administrative officers and the secretaries. To honor their services, the central government of India celebrates National Secretaries Day on a yearly basis. Though it is not an official holiday, still it is rather important for government officials.

Date of celebration

The National Secretaries Day is an annual event and is celebrated in all government as well as private offices on the 21st of April. Several events make the day important for those who occupy secretariat posts. It is call known as the Admin Day or the Administrative professionals Day.

Origin of the day

The origin of this day took place on the US soil. In the United States of America, the Secretaries Day is observed as a nation holiday. Once it became popular in the USA, several other nations also adopted the concept, but made some alterations according to their requirements. For instance, it is not a holiday in India. The deceleration was originally made by National Secretaries Association’s president, Mary Barrett, in during latter part of 1940s. After a lot of discussions and changes, the US government decided that the entire fourth week in April was to be observed as the National Secretaries Week. The Indian government selected 21st April as the official date in this country.

History of the day

It was between 1948 and 1950 that National Secretaries Association’s president, Mary Barrett decided that they needed a day that was dedicated to the administrative officers and secretaries. In 1952, Charles Sawyer, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce decided that one day was not enough, and decided to celebrate the first week of June as National Secretaries Week, and 4th June was declared specifically as National Secretaries Day. In the year 1955, a new bill was passed that shifted the National Secretaries Week in April. Since then, the last week is celebrated as the National Secretaries Week in the US. But in India, the government observes 21st April as the National Secretaries Day.

Objectives of the day

  1. Motivating the officers and secretaries – Secretaries and administrative officers have to take care of several important departments. They work very hard to ensure that every department performs perfectly. So, they need encouragement and motivation that will urge them to do more for the progress of the nation.
  2. Dissemination of information – The celebration of this day also offers the higher authorities to get a platform from where they can get provide information to the other employees about their functions.
  3. Recognizing their hard work – As these officers work very hard, it is necessary that we create a platform where they will get the gratitude they deserve. There is no other day that can be more appropriate for this task.
  4. Creating a platform for future secretaries – This day also provides juniors with the message that they too need to prepare themselves, as someday, they too will have to perform these tasks.

How is it celebrated?

  1. Organizing special meetings in offices – Special meetings are also planned in all government and non-governmental offices where the officers and secretaries get information about the success of the programs, which they implemented.
  2. Motivational speech for the secretaries – The administrative head of the state, country and all offices try to boost the confidence of the officers and secretaries with motivational speeches. These highlight the importance of their posts for the entire organization.
  3. Awarding their good deeds – The overall success of the department depends on the competence of the administrative officers and the secretaries. Thus, it is only just that they get awards their services. On this day, the selected secretaries and administrative heads get certificates and awards as token of appreciations.
  4. Small get-togethers to celebrate the day – No matter whether it is a government office or a private organization, the authorities arrange a small get-together to entertain the employees and the winners.

It is due to the importance of the administrative heads or the secretaries that it becomes all the more important to have a day that is dedicated to them. The day will not only highlight their importance in the office or the society, but will also provide them with the much needed encouragement, so that they keep up the good work.

Quotes on National Secretaries Day

  1. Without the administrative officers and the secretaries, the entire administrative structure will crumble within minutes.
  2. The secretaries and administrative officials turn the wheel, and maintain the functioning of all departments.
  3. The administrative heads are those who carry the burden of others, and play a pivotal part in making things run smoothly.
  4. Behind every effective team or department, there are several equally proficient secretaries who ensure that everything is done perfectly.
  5. Whether it is a government office or a private organization, there is no other post that is more important than that of the secretary.
  6. No department will flourish until it is placed in the hands of a experienced secretary.


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