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Save Tigers Essay Quotes and Slogan

Save Tigers Quotes and Slogan (Advantages Disadvantages ) Tiger Conservation

Tigers are unique exotic animals that are beloved by many around the world. But as intriguing as they are, these animals are endangered and have been threatened by nature and man alike over the years. It is important to watch for how people can save tigers around the world as there are numerous solutions that can be utilized to help with keeping tigers protected.

Save Tigers Quotes and Slogan (Advantages Disadvantages ) Tiger Conservation

Types of Tigers

There are many kinds of tigers that can be found all around the world:

  • The Siberian Tiger can be found in various parts of Russia. It has an orange and brown look with some white areas and black stripes. The rounded pupils in the tiger’s eyes are very noticeable to create an outstanding look.
  • The Bengal Tiger is found around the Southeast Asia region. The Bengal Tiger is heavier and larger size. The black stripes on the Bengal Tiger are also more pronounced than what is found on other kinds of tigers.
  • The Indochinese Tiger is lighter in weight and can be found in forests and mountains for the most part. This breed’s head is a little more rounded. It is not as prevalent in the wild as other tigers.
  • The White Tiger is loosely related to the Bengal Tiger but has a recessive color trait. The orange and brown tones of the tiger are not expressed in the white tiger’s genes.

How Many Tigers Are Left?

It is difficult to figure out how many tigers can still be found in the wild. The World Wildlife Fund states that in 2017 there are around 4,000 of these tigers found in the wild today. The WWF also says that tigers are being protected in many habitats and have been bred in some zoos and other conservation centers to help increase the populations of tigers.

A few subspecies of the tiger have gone extinct over the years. These include the Javan Tiger that was found on the island of Java and the Caspian Tiger who had a slight curve on its body. The other more common tiger subspecies are still being protected to this day.

Why It Is Important to Save Tigers

Tigers play a major role in balancing the world’s ecosystem. The tiger is one of the top animals to find in the food chain. They are carnivores that balance out the population of herbivores and other smaller and more commonplace animals. It is vital for them to keep the food chain organized as it can become imbalanced when the chain is altered in some way.

Tigers have to be protected to ensure that the ecosystem is secure and the food chain stays intact. As the ecosystem continues to function, all animals and plants are protected and the natural flow of life can be preserved.

The tiger has especially become important to India as the tiger is the national animal of that country. The tiger is seen as a symbol of power and beauty. It is also known as a symbol of bravery and courage. This makes the tiger all the more important for people to see in nature.

How Can We Save the Tiger?

There are many things that can be done to help with saving tigers:

  • Forests and jungles that tigers live in need to be preserved and secured. Part of this can entail reducing the use of products derived from forests as a means of keeping their habitats protected and intact.
  • People who do travel out to natural spots where tigers can be found in must ensure their habitats are not disrupted. This includes ensuring that tigers are not bothered and that any trees, plants or other items where they live in are kept intact. This is part of responsible tourism for ensuring that people will not hurt tigers as they travel to certain places.
  • The prevention of the tiger trade is something that must be explored. Tiger bones are often used in traditional medicine practices although it is uncertain as to whether they genuinely do work. Their skins are often traded as well. By preventing wildlife trade and supporting legislation to stop it, tigers can be protected.
  • There is also a need to establish protected environments where tigers might be found in. Part of this includes creating preserves and protected spots where human populations will not be able to easily access spots where tigers live in.

Saving Tiger Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of saving tigers is that doing so ensuring that the natural food chain in the wild is protected and that it is not disrupted. This also helps with keeping the population of this beautiful and unique animal intact and secure. It is also personal to many people around the world as the tiger is a symbol of power and honor. This is especially the case in India where the tiger is a highly respected and admired animal.

There are some issues that come with tiger conservation as well. It might restrict the development of certain land masses as tigers have to be protected. There are also concerns that tigers might be at risk of harming people if they get too close to them. Part of this could come from tigers aiming to protect themselves from others that they might see as being threatening to them in some way.

There are also concerns about how some tigers might be placed in captivity as a means of protecting them. Although this can ensure that tigers are in safe spots and can be observed by people, it might be difficult to understand how they behave while in captivity. This comes as the natural habitat that a tiger lives in might be hard to duplicate in such a situation as this.

Tiger Conservation

The tiger conservation efforts that are being utilized are vital for helping to keep these unique animals secure. Among the conservation measures being used today include the following:

  • Natural lands that tigers can be found in are being preserved and secured in many forms. Such spaces are set up with limitations as to where people can go when observing tigers. The goal is to ensure that the spaces tigers can be found in are secured.
  • Tiger habitats are regularly monitored to study how they behave and how they might mate with one another. This helps with understanding what tigers might do when in certain environments that they are to be protected in.
  • The establishment of laws that prohibit the act of hunting down tigers and other exotic animals needs to be considered. These include strict restrictions over how tigers can be utilized for commercial purposes. The goal is to keep tigers from being hunted down for their physical features.
  • Tracking is also utilized to help with identifying where tigers travel and any migratory changes that are taking place. The goal in such a case is to see that tigers are identified and can be reviewed in new spots so they will continue to stay protected.

It is vital that society does what it can to protect tigers and keep them safe. Tigers are among the most distinct and appealing animals in the world. It is up to us to ensure that they are protected and that they do not become extinct. These are very beautiful and intriguing animals and are important for managing the world’s food chain so it is very important to ensure that they are secured.

 Save Tigers Quotes And Slogans

“Shoot the tiger with a camera, not with the gun.”

“Paws to think for the future! There are just 1411 left. Save the tiger.”

“Let your children see the magnificence of the Tigers. Let them not become history.”

 “It is the nature of man to kill for its selfish needs. All a Tiger needs is a safe home. Join hands to save the Tiger.”

“Killing the Tigers for the fur is a sin. You must not make it unseen.”

“Tiger is the pride of the Jungle. Tiger lost, pride lost.”

“Stop buying Tiger fur. Be brave enough to let them survive.”

“A Tiger is a part of environment as well. Save the environment – one Tiger at a time.”

“We must cause uproar, or else we lose Tigers forever from this Earth.”

 “When a Tiger walks free in its natural habitat, nature feels proud. Save the Tiger. Save the environment.”

 “It is not whether animals will survive or not, it is whether man will let them. Make the right choice. Save Tigers…”

 “Let the stripes stay where it belongs… Stop Killing Tigers for fur.”

 “Killing tigers for their skin, a more unfortunate day has never been.”

 “Save tigers from greed, a fur item is not what you need.”


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