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Ram Navami Date 2019 Essay Information Quotes

Ram Navami Date 2018 Essay Information Quotes

Rama Navami is a festival that is celebrated by the people of the country in remembrance of Lord Ramas birth anniversary. The day begins by small prayer session in many homes with every one participating and praying for the well being of the family. On this day people also make a lot of offerings to the poor people and their relatives for their well being. They wear new clothes and visit the temple with their family to pray to Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama.

1FestivalRama Navami
2WorshipLord Ram
4OccasionRamas birth anniversary
5FrequencyOnce in year
6DateCahitra Masa – Shukla Paksha

Date of celebration

Ram Navami is a festival of the Hindus. It is celebrated as the festival marked for Birth of Lord Rama. The festival is celebrated as per the Hindu Lunar year on ninth day of the Calendar.  The day is celebrated and observed during the Cahitra Masa – Shukla Paksha. As per the English calendar the festival falls between the months of March and April.

According to the Hindu belief, Rama is one of the Avtars of Lord Vishnu who was descended to the Earth to battle against Ravana. The story of the Birth and Battle was originally narrated by Vaalmeeki during 4th Century BC.

Lord Rama as per the Hindu calendar had  been born and lived from 7th to 8th century BC and you can read more about him is the famous epic Ramayana.

Ram Navami Date 2018

FestivalWeek DayDate
2018 Rama NavamiSundayMarch 25th 2018

 History and Story behind the Festival

On the banks of the River Sharayu, was a country called as Kosal. King Rishi Manu was the well known king at that time who had founded the famous Capital city of Ayodhya. It was founded at the time of King Dasarath Reign. The Kingdom of Ayodhya was also known to have been a lot more prosperous as compared to other neighboring Kingdom during that time. Even after being prosperous, King Dasarath was not happy as he faced a very big problem- he was not gifted children.

He at that time had announced to make a big sacrifice named as “Ashvamedh” which in English is termed as “Horse Sacrifice”. To complete the rituals one had to follow strict and difficult rules and rituals. The King had also made the selection of Rishi Rishyashring for performing the rituals. It is also believed that this was one of the biggest events celebrated in Ayodhya.

The mantras were then recited and offerings were made to the Lord Fire “Agni Dev”. After this everyone including Rishis,sidhas, Munis, Gods and Gandharvas prayed to Lord Brahma.

During that time the Kingdom of Lanka was terrorized by Ravana and his bad deeds. People wanted to set free from rule of Ravana. Ravana was a demon king who had acquired power and prosperity from Lord Brahma. As per this he would be immortal and would not be killed by any gods, yakshas, demons or Gandharvas.

As Ravana was very powerful so he was not concerned about including the name of man in the list at the time of demanding blessings from Brahma. This was the reason Brahma had also decided that Ravana could only be killed by normal man. During this time, all gods requested Lord Vishnu to take birth in the house of King Dashrath as his son for his Three queens.

After this, Dashrath was blessed at the end of the sacrifice event by sons to his three queens as Rama, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrugna to Kaushalya, Kaikayi and Sumitra.

How is it celebrated?

  • People of the country celebrate Ram Navami in full glory focusing on the significance of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Rama. They chant mantras, recite songs and offer flowers to Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama in the place of worship.
  • They also organize festival fair at Ayodhya and celebrate and participate in Rath Yatras in the city. The chariot that is decorated with garlands and music holds the idols of Rama, Sita, Laxman and Lord Hanuma.
  • People also glorify the day by reciting Ramacharitramanas and for the entire day the temples are frequently visited by most worshipers. They offer fruits, sweets and flowers to the Lord and fast for their blessings.
  • It is also observed as Gazetted holiday in many states including Bihar, UP, Delhi, MP, Uttarakhand, HP, Sikkim and Odisha.
  • In south part of the country the day is celebrated for over nine days as Sri Ramanavami Utsavam. Suring this time thousands of tourists and devotees also visit the birth place of Lord Rama. The day is observed with equal excitement through out the country by people irrespective of their age, caste or sex.

Ram Navami Quotes

  • Lord Rama represents the Dharma (justice) and Veda Dharma. On this day it is best to act as the motivator of good governance and moral life.
  • It is important that you should enchant the name of the God Rama from the bottom of your heart so your body and soul could be cleansed.
  • You need to have life long patience to enchant the name of the god so it is important to cultivate all virtues of purity and honesty in your heart.


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