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Who is Pakalu Papito? No Of Twitter Followers, Net Worth

Pakalu Papito Biography Twitter Followers Net Worth

Pakalu Papito in today’s time is one of the famous and most searched profile over the Twitter accounts. Presently when searching the stats, he is believed to have millions of fans followers. The profile name exists over the Twitter account and is believed to create tweets that are ridiculous and hilarious, including few to his create that are considered as being sensible.

NamePakalu Papito
Real NameNA
Gender Not Known
What is this in realA Twitter account
This  Twitter account start  on12th July 2013
Pakalu Papito Facebook Page start on22nd September 2013
His  first  tweetHello twitter I am single
His total tweet2689
His Twitter followers5.86 M

Who Is Pakalu Papito ? And His Real Name

Speaking of Pakalu Papito (Not his real identity) is a personality online who has managed to create a database of millions of fans online over his tweets. This is besides the fact that he is not a marked celebrity or personality. When searching the internet, you may be astonished that there are millions of fans who are searching his profile online. A lot speaks of the search terms used on Google for Pakalu Papito.

What Did he Do?

According to the latest updates from the online resources and mainly from tweeter posts, it is revealed that Pakalu Papito is a randomly created tweeter account with an aim to create controversy by a store clerk who was well known to post tweet jokes making use of the irrelevant humor and puns online. According to latest updates from online resources, Pakalu Papito is single and managed to gain tweets and re-tweets for his posts online along with 17K plus tweets and 6K Plus likes. The online fan base has also marked him as a store clerk who is engaged in intimate relationship with one of his pet camel.

About his Social accounts, memes and followers.

  • As per the latest updates, Pakalu Papito tweets were launched online on 12th July 2013 in which his first of the kind tweet mentioned that he was single. These were also the tweets that managed to collect a fan base over 17000 tweets just within 2 year time frame.
  • Apart from this he also managed to collect over 6K likes from his followers and fans globally. Later on the same tweets managed to collect a fan base of over 739 K followers. He is also marked as 7/11 of the time.
  • Pakalu Papito had launched his Face book social media page and made repost and retweets using @pakalupapito. Within a period of two years he managed to receive over 478K likes from his fans globally.
  • Just on 5th October he was marked for crashing his pet camel into the bridge by Urban Dictionary. Later on tweets were made on 17th March 2017 along with his posted screen shots. A tweet posted by Redditor Zealousear was submitted as a screen shot stating him as Kanye West’s Brother @Indianpeoplefacebook.
  • Later on 4th May his blog was officially launched that reflects the screen shots of his tweets from his Pakalu Papito Tweets account.

Net worth

  • According to online search Pakalu Papito has a number of profiles Live on Face Book, Tweeter, social media and insta gram. He has managed to collect over 2.13 million fan base to his credit and the number is still growing.
  • Apart from this each of his tweets also manages to collect re-tweets that are already thousands in number and liked by his fans globally. Apart from this he already has a number of personalities and celebrities following him online.


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